The story of the long-established Dorayaki expanding the circle of Ginza with the corona sword and becoming a charity T-shirt “Mono-tsunagu Project Exhibition”

December 1st (Tuesday) -December 6th (Sunday) Matsuya Ginza 8th Floor Event Square-The connection will be restarted from Mr. Amon Miyamoto-

The "Ginza Monotsugi Project" was started by Mr. Daichi Saito, the third generation of the long-established Japanese confectionery store "Kobikicho Yoshiya", in an attempt to cheer up the city of Ginza, which has lost its vitality due to the corona disaster. This initiative, which conveys the appeal of participating stores through bartering, received ale from people who saw SNS in the city of Ginza, and at the same time, connected the circles of the city and strengthened the ties.

From December 1st to March, the "Ginza Monogatari Project" and Matsuya Ginza will jointly carry out an initiative to re-distribute the charm of the city of Ginza.

The first is the "Mono-Connecting Project Exhibition". We will exhibit and introduce the products of 100 connected companies and messages related to Ginza and projects.

What is the Ginza Monotsugi Project?

98th connection of things August 3, 2020 Front row left: Mr. Daichi Saito, center: Managing Director Matsuya Takehiko Furuya

Mr. Daichi Saito, the third generation of the long-established Japanese confectionery store "Kobikicho Yoshiya" (3-chome, Ginza, Chuo-ku), founded in 1922 (Taisho 11), tried to overcome the predicament caused by the new coronavirus with the bonds of the city. A project that has been underway since the 2nd. From "Kobikicho Yoshiya", the famous "Dora-yaki" will be presented to Ginza Kikunoya, "Fukiyori" from Ginza Kikunoya will be presented to the Italian restaurant "Vomero", and the store's products will be presented in a relay format. This is a project aimed at creating a "ring of mutual help" by introducing it in.

Matsuya Ginza participated in the 98th exchange. At the 100th "UNIQLO Tokyo", we will sell T-shirts that can be made by combining the logos of participating companies.
The proceeds returned to the project will be donated to the development of the city of Ginza.

Comment from Mr. Daichi Saito

~ A 132-day trajectory that connects things and traces bonds ~

I am the third generation of a small Japanese sweets shop in Ginza.
My playground, which I grew up in the city of Ginza from an early age, was exclusively on the rooftop of Matsuya. Birthday gifts are at the toy department on the 6th floor. If you are hungry, the restaurant area on the 8th floor. And if you want souvenirs, go to B1F. It's still my favorite place.

At our shop, which receives a lot of branding irons from various companies, we have come to hear every day that the management of shops and companies is difficult due to the influence of corona. Thinking that it would be useful in the city of Ginza at such times, we will connect the items between the shops by bartering and introduce them on SNS, and when the corona converges, we will visit the shop "Mono connection project" Invented.

The project, in which Ginza worked hard to restore the vitality of the past as soon as possible, led to Matsuya-sama, the 98th company. And in August, the circle reached the 100th company and became a big and powerful "city vaccine".

We hope that this exhibition will commemorate the 100th anniversary, make a new start from the 101st exhibition, and give you an opportunity to learn more about the stores in Ginza and the efforts of the city.
We would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who supported the Monotsugashi Project.
I wish the end of Corona as soon as possible.

2020.12.1 Daichi Saito


■ Event name: Monotsugi Project Exhibition ■ Date: December 1st (Tuesday) to 6th (Sunday), 2020 ■ Venue: Matsuya Ginza 8th Floor Event Square ■ Free admission

[Simultaneous holding: Gift locker connected by GINZA]

■ Session: December 4th (Fri) -6th (Sun), 12th (Sat), 13th (Sun)
■ Venue: Matsuya Ginza 8th Floor Event Square Entrance ■ Participation fee: 1,000 yen including tax You can open your favorite locker and receive Christmas gifts from the Monotsugashi Project.
Part of the proceeds will be donated to "Japan Heart," a non-profit organization that conducts medical support activities.

[Bonus: Ginza Monotsugi MAP & GINZA Migratory Card]

(1) Visitors will be presented with a special MAP that lists all the stores that participated in the Monotsugi Project.

(2) "GINZA migration card" is available for some exhibitions. If you show your card at the target store, you will receive a wonderful service.

(One case)
・ "Kobikicho Yoshiya" … A gift of connecting dora-yaki for purchases ・ "Hyatt Centric Ginza Tokyo" … Original goods for meals at "NAMIKI667" on the 3rd floor of the hotel ・ "Cineswitch Ginza" … Admission fee is 1000 In a circle ・ "Tricolore main store" … Baked confectionery gift ・ "Ginza Cozy Corner" … Madeleine gift at Ginza 1-chome main store ・ "Mikasa Kaikan" … Italian bar LA VIOLA standing drink Ela 1 cup of espresso service

③ Each store has a Matsuya Ginza card, and if you bring it to the event square on the 8th floor, you will receive a special mask case.

* Limited quantity. Ends as soon as it runs out


Future plan

After consulting with Mr. Saito, who has decided to continue the project until the corona converges, we will make efforts to re-distribute the charm of Ginza with Matsuya Ginza as a hub. The city of Ginza, which is not visited by foreign tourists. Now is the time to take this as an opportunity for people in Japan to learn about the charm of Ginza, and starting with the Christmas season, we will develop an event where you can rediscover the goodness of the city and stores every New Year, Valentine's Day and Saijiki.

December 1st (Tuesday) to 6th (Sunday) "Mono-Tsunagi Project Exhibition"
Saturday, December 5th. 6th (Sun), etc. "Gift lockers connected by GINZA" Christmas gifts from participating companies January 2nd (Sat) and 3rd (Sun) First sale Lucky bag Support from the city of Ginza Lucky bag Various sales February Valentine fair "Ginbura" Passport (tentative name) "
March "Ginza Monotsugi Market (tentative name)"


List of 100 participating stores

(1) Yoshiya Kiboricho "Dorayaki" → (2) Ginza Kikuhirosha "Fukiyori" → (3) Vomero "Wine" → (4) Mao Kanahara "Tenugui" → (5) JRA Winds Ginza "Original Goods" → (6) Ginza Food Sales “Rice” → (7) Ginza Kimura Family “Anpan” → (8) Hyatt Centric Ginza Tokyo “Original Goods” → (9) Steak House Hama Ginza Store “Curry” → (10) Suzuki Florist "Kochoran" → (11) Albion Dresser Ginza store "Beauty liquid" → (12) Cooking Nakajima "Roast beef" → (13) Magazine house dancyu editor Hiroo Ueno "Dish" → (14) MUJI Ginza store "Curry" → (15) Ginza Matsuzaki Roasted Mochi "Roasted Mochi" → (16) Ginza Natsuno "Chopsticks" → (17) Ginza Kuroda Toen "Dish" → (18) Ginza Yoshizawa "Canned Hamburger" → (19) Shochiku / Kabukiza "Kabukiage, etc." → (20) Ginza Senbiya "Jelly" → (21) UNIQLO Ginza store "T-shirt" → (22) Mikasa Kaikan "Leaf pie" → (23) Seigetsudo main store "Most "Medium, etc." → (24) Le Noble Ginza "Mug Cup" → (25) Quintessa Hotel Tokyo Ginza "Remote Ticket" → (26) Nail Salon Luxe "Treatment Ticket" → (27) Ginza Crystal Dental Office "Whitening Ticket, etc." → (28) Ginza Motoji “Bathroom” → (29) Ginza Tenshodo “Broach” → (30) Soraya “In the middle” → (31) Fukuhara Group “Stasher” → (32) Ginza Green Juice Stand “Blue” Soup ”→ (33) Bar Lucky“ Sake ”→ (34) Bunkoya Ozeki“ Wallet ”→ (35) Madras Ginza Store“ Shoe Care Set ”→ (36) Morioka Bookstore“ Ginza Photobook ”→ (37) Fugu Club Miyawaki "Meal ticket" → (38) Ginza Nitto corner "Product set" → (39) Baker Street "Whiskey, etc." → (40) Nukaga Gallery "Prints" → (41) Ginza West "Baked sweets" → (42) Slim Beauty House "Body Cream, etc." → (43) Hong Kong 1997 "Gourmet" → (44) Pies Monte "Baked Confectionery" → (45) Ginza Pierce Building "Champagne" → (46) Ginza Yasuda Matsukeido "Shuju" → (47) Fujiya Gallery "Drawing" → (48) Tokyo Hatoido "Insect Repellent" → (49) Ginza Yoitaya "Soda" → (50) Toshin Group “Air Purifier” → (51) Ginza Sawamoto “Necktie” → (52) Akara 1000 Ginza “Teaware” → (53) Tokyo Ryogetsudo “Baked Confectionery” → (54) Restoration號 Ginza Main Store "Meat Man, etc." → (55) Ginza Iseyu "Japanese Accessories" → (56) Bayunagi "Tomato" → (57) Ginza Yoshida "Tote Bag" → (58) Iwasaki Glasses Store "Museum Glass" → (59) ) Ginza Mannendo Main Store "Japanese sweets, etc." → (60) Onoya Shoten "Grated Gane" → (61) Nanban Ginzaitei "Meal Ticket" → (62) Yoshikawa Dental Clinic "Electric Toothbrush" → (63) Ginza Tanizawa "Card case" → (64) Space trust "Hamagori" → (65) Ando cloisonne store "Cloisonne Inoguchi" → (66) Ships Ginza store "Y shirts" → (67) Nissan Motor "Limited goods" → (68) Shiratsuru Sake Brewery "Japanese Sake" → (69) Sestadical Latch "Ring" → (70) Tokyo Gallery "Figure" → (71) Ginza Masumoto "Japanese Sake" → (72) Ginza Borg Hat Salon "Hat" → (73) GC Press "Stationery set" → (74) Ginza Cave Fujiki "Red wine" → (75) Kizuna "Meal ticket" → (76) Ginza Kanameya "Fan" → (77) Cineswitch Ginza "Movie admission ticket" → (78) ) Brick Tei "Curry, etc." → (79) Ginza Mikawaya "Assorted popular products" → (80) Ginza Isamiya "Underwear, etc." → (81) Physical Lab Ginza "Training Ticket" → (82) Ginza Pepian "Blouse" → (83) Namiki Building "Rental Conference Room Ticket" → (84) Ginza Fujiya "Bathroom" → (85) Tokyo Metro "Original Goods" → (86) Claim Phrase Genoise "Cake" → (87) Ginza Eikokuya "Necktie" → (88) Tricolor Main Store “Coffee Ticket” → (89) Ginza International Hotel “Accommodation Ticket” → (90) Japanese Animation “Character Goods” → (91) Dwango “Nuigurumi” → (92) Sushi Tatsumi “Meal Ticket” → (93) Ginza Kanematsu “Coin Case” → (94) Ginza Cozy Corner “Baked Confectionery” → (95) Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation “Limited Goods” → (96) Tokyu Hands Ginza Store “Towel” → (97) Tokyo Tower "Stuff" → (98) Matsuya Ginza "Scandinavian magic bottle" → (99) Designer Shin Takahashi Mr. Masa "Illustration of the city of Ginza" → (100) Uniqlo Tokyo "Charity T-shirt"