Introducing eight supporting artists from the Pola Museum of Art Foundation in the first and second semesters “Pola Museum Annex Exhibition 2021 -Subject and Object-” Until February 7 (Sun)

Group exhibition by young artists

"Pola Museum Annex Exhibition 2021-Subject and Object-" is being held at Pola Museum Annex (Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo).

In this exhibition, the works of artists who have been selected as a grant for overseas training of young artists at the Pola Art Foundation will be exhibited. The event will be held with the intention that the presentation of the work at the Pola Museum Annex will be utilized in future activities.

Continuing from last year, under the supervision of Shunsuke Kijima, the director of the Pola Museum of Art, we will introduce a total of eight artists in the first and second semesters. This time, which is the first half of the year, we will exhibit works by Yugo Isaji, Hiroki Ishikawa, Mei Tanimoto, and Tsuneji Wakita under the theme of "subject and object". The second half will be held from March 18th (Thursday) to April 18th (Sunday), 2021.

The Pola Art Foundation's subsidy program for overseas training of young artists aims to support overseas training for artists under the age of 35 and encourage more active creative activities. It has been.

Exhibition overview ∥
Exhibition Name: Pola Museum Annex Exhibition 2021 – Subject and Object –
Date: January 15th (Fri) – February 7th (Sun) [24 days] * Open all year round Venue: Pola Museum Annex (3rd floor, Pola Ginza Building, 1-7-7 Ginza, Chuo-ku, 104-0061)
Organizer: Pola Art Foundation Opening Hours: 11:00 – 18:40
Free admission / Advance reservation system via the web (Admission is possible without reservation only if there is space in the admission slot)

Supervisor profile ∥
Shunsuke Kijima: Director of the Pola Museum of Art. Born in Tottori prefecture in 1939. Graduated from Keio University Faculty of Letters, majoring in aesthetics and art history. Studied at the University of Florence, New York University Graduate School, and the Institute of Art History. He has served as the director of the Museum of Modern Art, Gunma, the director of the Museum of Modern Art, Gunma, and a professor at Kyoritsu Women's University. Currently, he is an emeritus professor at the same university and a producer at Tokyu Bunkamura The Museum. His major books are "The World of Beautiful Tokisho" (Chuokoron-sha), "25 American Contemporary Art" (Shueisha), "Picasso Changed by Women" (Chuko Bunko), and "Women Loved by Masterpieces". "Painter and Model Story" (Shueisha), "Klimt and Vienna"
(Rikuyosha), translations such as "European Decorative Arts All 3 Volumes" (Chuokoron-Shinsha).

∥ Overview of activities of the Pola Art Foundation
The Pola Art Foundation, a public interest incorporated foundation, provides subsidies to young artists in the art field and professional art staff. Research activity themes are widely solicited from the general public in order to enhance the specialty of the Japanese art field, and are adopted by a selection committee composed of experts.
[Reference material: Reiwa 2nd year grant adoption content]
(1) 17 subsidies for overseas training of young artists 46.22 million yen
(2) 12 grants for research by museum staff 21.64 million yen
(3) 12 subsidies for international exchange related to art 19.9 million yen

∥ Writer profile ∥

Yugo Isaji

Yugo Isa "bowl" 2015 Ceramic bowl, Kintsugi 130x120x50

Born in Gifu prefecture in 1985
2008 Graduated from Tama Art University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Sculpture
2019 Pola Art Foundation Overseas Trainee (Sweden)
(Major exhibitions)
2020 Solo Exhibition "Second Hand World" Art Center Ongoing (Tokyo)
"Please give me a kiss" Comet Club (Kanazawa)
Solo exhibition "rehabilitation" Gallery Bageriet (Sweden / Gothenburg)
2018 Solo Exhibition "SHOW CASE GALLERY" Yokohama Civic Gallery Azamino (Yokohama)
2017 Solo Exhibition "Isaji Pattern 3" Art Center Ongoing (Tokyo)
"Transportation Art" Ibi Aesthetics Taichung Art Space (Taiwan / Taichung)
"New works" The Drawing Room Gallery (Philippines / Makati)
2016 Solo Exhibition "things behind things" The Drawing Room Gallery
(Philippines / Makati)
2014 Solo Exhibition "Isaji Pattern 2" Art Center Ongoing (Tokyo)
2013 Solo Exhibition "Such Technology" Gallery Coexist-Tokyo (Tokyo)

Hiroki Ishikawa

Hiroki Ishikawa "Arrhythmia" 2019 3 Channel video installation

Born in Ibaraki prefecture in 1987
2011 Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, Department of Sculpture
2014 Completed the Department of Sculpture, Graduate School of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts
2017 Nomura Foundation Scholarship Grant (UK / London)
2019 University of London Goldsmith MFA Completed
2019 Pola Art Foundation Overseas Trainee (UK / London)
(Major exhibitions)
2020 Solo Exhibition "Temporary Satisfaction" Fitzrovia Gallery (UK / London)
2019 “ Nakanojo Biennale'' Former Hiromori Sake Brewery (Gunma)
"Sea2_serafim" Seager Gallery (UK / London)
"APT open studio" APT (UK / London)
"Black Swan arts open" Black swan arts (UK / Fromm)
2018 “ Surge'' East wing Biennale / The Courtauld institute of Art / Somerset House (UK / London)
"Gold X" Deptford X (UK / London)

Mei Tanimoto

Mei Tanimoto "Ay [Ceramic drawings # 1]" 2020 13 × 20 × 8cm Ceramic

Born in Tokyo in 1991
2014 Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, Department of Painting, Department of Oil Painting
2015 Kamiyama Foundation Scholarship Student
2016 Completed Mural Painting Laboratory 2, Graduate School of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts
2017 Currently enrolled in the Department of Mural Painting, Oil Painting Research Area, Doctoral Program, Graduate School of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts
2019 Pola Art Foundation Overseas Trainee (Turkey)
(Major exhibitions / activities)
2020 solo exhibition "Ay" Rana Pastaneleri (Turkey / Eskisehir)
2019 Toshima Ward Toilet Art Project in Komagome Park (Tokyo / Komagome)
2018 Sculpture Symposium "Knot Stone Carving Symposium in Takasago" Matsushita Stone Store (Hyogo / Takasago)
2017 "Dunhuang, China Silk Road Stay Production" Dunhuang Silk Road Hotel Works Installed (China / Dunhuang)
"Chankake Objet" Grand Work Mishima Mt. Fuji / Genbeigawa Workshop Project (Shizuoka / Mishima)
Group Exhibition "Materials and Expressions" China-Japan Exchange Exhibition Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts (China / Xi'an)
2016 Group Exhibition) Solo Exhibition "Umi no Yurikago" GALLERY Bossa (Tokyo / Yanaka)
"64th Tokyo University of the Arts Graduation / Completion Exhibition" Tokyo University of the Arts (Tokyo / Ueno) Governor of Tokyo Award
2015 Special Exhibition "Beginning from Keiichiro Kume-History and Present of Medical Art & Illustration" Tokyo University of the Arts Faculty of Fine Arts Painting Building Art Space (Tokyo / Ueno)
Excavation of the Bishop of Tross, participation in the mosaic restoration project (Turkey / Fethiye)

Tsuneji Wakita

Tsuneji Wakita "Garden" 2020 1345 x 900mm Inkjet printing

Born in Aichi prefecture in 1983
2006 Graduated from Osaka University of Arts, Faculty of Arts, Department of Art Planning
2019 Pola Art Foundation Overseas Trainee (Germany)
(Major exhibitions)
2018 Solo Exhibition “Portrait Series_2“ Color ”, Portrait Series_3“ Light ”” Cafe zum Löwen (Gerswalde, Germany)

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