[Winter gourmet of GINZA SIX] Strawberry & cheese special feature! Greedy sweets where you can enjoy both strawberries and cheese together, luxury menu where you can enjoy the deliciousness of cheese, etc.

At GINZA SIX, the largest commercial facility in the Ginza area, we offer winter gourmet foods that use "strawberry" and "cheese" luxuriously.

Many varieties are becoming familiar, the taste is rich in individuality, and the variety of ways to enjoy "strawberry" and "cheese" is increasing, and the first-class makers have high-quality sweets and rich individuality. We will deliver it in a special menu.

① Greedy sweets where you can enjoy both strawberries and cheese together

Harmony of "strawberry" and "cheese" such as adorable tart with plenty of fromage blanc and strawberry butter cream, beautiful parfait with luxurious Amaou from Fukuoka prefecture, dessert made from sweet and sour ripe strawberry into cold soup We have a lot of sweets that you can enjoy.

Strawberry fromage cupcake (patisserie Ginza Senbiya)
Price: 750 yen per piece

A moist baked Genoise dough topped with a rich berry sauce and squeezed with fromage blanc and strawberry butter cream. Enjoy the two layers of cream and the gentle melting sweetness. The pistachio ashes studded in the finish and the sweet and sour fresh strawberries enhance the taste. The deliciousness of a specialty store that knows all about fruits.

Sale period: From January 4th to February 14th * GINZA SIX limited menu

Amaou and Fromage Blanc Parfait from Fukuoka Prefecture (THE GRAND GINZA)
Price: 2,800 yen 10% service charge not included

A beautiful parfait that uses Amaou from Fukuoka prefecture in a luxurious way and layers of carefully selected ingredients. Pycrum, Fromage Blanc, White Chocolate, Ganache Montephrase, and Strawberry Confit were layered on top of a dice-shaped strawberry-floating jelly, and shanti cream and strawberry chocolate were added to finish. Each taste is exquisitely mixed, and you can enjoy a delicate mariage. It is delicious to feel the skill of the pastry chef.

Offer period: From December 26th to February 23rd * GINZA SIX limited menu

Strawberry soup with fromage blanc mousse (Bistro Ozami)
Price: 800 yen

A dessert made from sweet and sour ripe strawberries in a cold soup that condenses the deliciousness of the season. French fromage blanc mousse is floated on the soup, and blueberries and raspberries are brilliantly treated. The taste of fresh and juicy strawberries and the refreshing acidity and richness of Fromage Blanc melt in your mouth. With a light and refreshing taste, it is a perfect dish for a French dessert.

Offer period: From December 26th to February 23rd * GINZA SIX limited menu

② Luxury menu where you can enjoy the deliciousness of cheese

We have a wide variety of cheese menus such as risotto using 3 kinds of Italian cheese luxuriously, creative skewers using cheese, special menu of the finest red beef with cheese sauce kneaded with plenty of Untan. I prepared it.

A blissful cheese risotto (Bicerin) that melts three types of Italian cheese
Price: 1,260 yen

A luxurious risotto with Gorgonzola cheese from Piedmont, Taleggio from Lombardy, and Parmigiano Reggiano from Emilia-Romagna. By deliberately cutting the cheese into large pieces, we finished it so that you can enjoy the mellow aroma and texture. The gentle sweetness of the dry raisins with branches on the toppings matches the saltiness of the cheese. Please enjoy it with the crispy baguette.

Offer period: From December 26th to February 23rd * GINZA SIX limited menu

Omakase course (Daruma Kiwa taste)
Price: 3,680 yen to 13,000 yen

A lineup of creative skewers using cheese is a popular course that you can order from 6 to 30 pieces according to your request. "Quatro Formage" with parmigiano and honey on top of taleggio cheese skewers, roasted with cheddar cheese and blue cheese, "raw uni and goda cheese gratin" with luxurious domestic eel, bacon Three items, "Bacon and roasted cheese," which is made by putting mixed cheese on fried skewers and finishing it fragrantly.

Offer period: From December 26th to February 23rd

Special beef tongue of red beef, assorted 2 kinds of grilled chateaubriand with sea urchin cheese sauce (Kumamoto red beef shabushabu koume)
Price: 8,500 yen

A specialty store that specializes in the finest class of red beef grown in the magnificent nature of Kumamoto and Aso. A rare special beef tongue, also known as tankarubi or tangen, which weighs only 100g from one cow, and a medium rare grilled chateaubriand, sprinkled with cheese sauce with plenty of sea urchin. The deliciousness of red beef with a lot of lean meat and the rich sauce are entwined. It is a luxurious dish that you can eat only meat or enjoy it with sauce.

Offer period: From December 26th to February 23rd * GINZA SIX limited menu * Reservation required by the day before

* All prices do not include tax.
※The above is an example.

■ Pop-up shop for a limited time



A chocolate tree by Arnaud Larher, a pastry chef and chocolatier who has been selected by MOF and CCC and is said to be an unforgettable taste once you taste it, will appear for a limited time. Attention is the Japanese-only bonbon chocolate "Mon Petit Prezier". The caramel, which has its roots in the Brittany region, which is known for producing high-quality salt and milk, is combined with the flavors of orange, strawberry, marron, and sesame.

[Deployment period] February 2nd (Tuesday) -February 28th (Sunday), 2021

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