[GINZA SIX Spring Gourmet Information] Gourmet of “pink” and “spring vegetables” that feel the arrival of spring, cherry blossom viewing deli & sweets, “honey” sweets!

At GINZA SIX, the largest commercial facility in the Ginza area, you can enjoy gourmet gourmet food made with strawberry, ruby chocolate, cherry blossoms, etc. in the color "pink" that symbolizes spring, a plate with beautiful spring vegetables, and cherry blossom viewing. We will develop sweets, gourmet foods, and special menus that you can feel the arrival of spring, such as deli & sweets that you want to bring with you, sweets that use "honey".

① Color "pink" gourmet that symbolizes spring

You can enjoy the look and taste of afternoon tea, where you can enjoy food and sweets made with ruby chocolate and strawberries, assortment of four cute raw pound cakes that are perfect as souvenirs, and Stollen with salted cherry blossoms and liqueur of cherry blossoms as accents. We have a lot of pink gourmet.

Pink afternoon tea with ruby chocolate and strawberries (THE GRAND GINZA)
Price: 4,620 yen

The popular afternoon tea is now available for Valentine's Day and White Day. You can enjoy all 14 kinds of food and sweets using ruby chocolate and strawberries. THE GRAND GINZA's signature sweet "Strawberry Millefeuille" is also available in half size. All of them have an authentic taste created by a French chef and pastry chef, and drinks include 13 types of <TWG> tea and a large lineup of coffee.

● Offer period: From February 26th to April 11th ● GINZA SIX limited

Rose Assort (Patissley Pavlov)
Price: 1,900 yen

Assortment of 4 kinds of cute raw pound cakes. From the front, clockwise, "Sakura" with cherry-flavored mousse and pound cake, "Rosé Franboise" with dry framboise, "Rose Rose" with cream sandwiched between pound cake and decorated with ruby chocolate, at the shop It is a "rose phrase" that is an arrangement of the popular "berry berry". All of them are gorgeous and springy, and are perfect as souvenirs.

● Sales period: From February 26th to April 11th ● Sales quantity: Limited to 5 sets each day ● Limited to GINZA SIX

Cherry Stollen (Viennoiserie JEAN FRANÇOIS)
Price: Hall 1,922 yen / Half 950 yen / Slice 540 yen

Stollen, which is popular every Christmas season, changes into spring colors. The luxurious taste of nuts such as almond slices and walnuts, as well as plenty of dried fruits, has been preserved, but with salted cherry blossoms and liqueur of cherry blossoms. The sweetness of dried fruits matches the salted cherry blossoms, and you can enjoy the taste that changes as it ages. The powdered sugar in the finish is also a faint pink color, adding a spring-like atmosphere.

● Sales period: From February 26th to April 11th ● GINZA SIX limited

② Colorful "spring vegetables"

The protagonist is spring vegetables that you can enjoy the taste of the season, such as French, which is a dish of the deliciousness and rich colors of spring ingredients, fresh daily vegetables that you can enjoy with Shinshu miso, and a combination of high-quality red meat and spring vegetables. We have prepared a menu.

White asparagus and cherry salmon and scallop terrine with spring salad (bistro ozami)
Price: 1,760 yen

A French bistro-like dish that condenses the deliciousness and rich colors of spring ingredients into one dish. The main character is terrine, which is made by surrounding fresh scallops and cherry salmon with white and green asparagus, wrapping them in spring cabbage, and hardening them with the consomme that <Bistro Ozami> is proud of. Next to it was a salad with a bittersweet spring accent, such as rape blossoms and edible wild plants. The foamy beet vinaigrette adds an accent to the color and taste.

● Offer period: From February 26th to April 11th ● GINZA SIX limited

Assorted vegetables produced by Tomi with miso (Ginza Sanada SIX)
Price: 1,760 yen

A seasonal restaurant that offers all the deliciousness of Shinshu, including its proud soba, vegetables, sake and wine. Introducing a popular menu where you can enjoy fresh daily vegetables sent directly from a contract farmer in Tomi, located in the eastern part of Nagano prefecture, with two types of Shinshu miso. All of the organically grown vegetables that are particular about soil preparation have a strong and strong taste, and you can feel the seasonal flavor. We have prepared two types of miso, buckwheat miso, which retains the texture of buckwheat, and dahan miso.

● Offer period: From February 26th to April 11th

Chateaubriand low-temperature cooking and silver ankake of spring vegetables (Kumamoto Aka beef shabu-shabu Koume)
Price: 5,800 yen

A red beef specialty store with a high-quality lean flavor that fills your mouth every time you chew. Chateaubriand, an ultra-rare part of the fins that weighs only 600-800g from one cow, is cooked at low temperature to make it cherry-colored. Attached is a combination of seasonal colorful spring vegetables such as tara sprouts, wild plants such as bracken, spring bamboo shoots and spring carrots. Sprinkle silver sauce finished with bonito and kelp soup stock to make a shining dish. Enjoy with yuzu pepper or wasabi if you like.

● Offer period: From February 26th to April 11th ● GINZA SIX limited

③ Cherry-blossom viewing deli & sweets

The lineup is perfect for enjoying a spring time, such as the Kumasu bento packed with seasonal ingredients, macaroons made with salted cherry blossoms and cherry leaves, and new-style Japanese sweets that combine Japanese and Western styles.

Spring enclosure (Oginoya)
Price: 3,024 yen

An exciting spring Kumasu bento that is carefully finished with a focus on seasonal ingredients. To accompany your loved ones for a spring time.

● Sales period: From February 26th to April 10th * There is a possibility of early termination depending on the condition of ingredients ● Sales quantity: Limited to 10 meals a day ● Limited to GINZA SIX

Macaron Printemps -SAKURA-
Price: 4,320 yen

Using salted cherry blossoms and leaves, you can feel the scent and saltiness of the cherry blossoms. The cherry blossoms, which are also a symbol of Japanese culture, and the Western confectionery macaroons are crossed to create FRANCK MULLER's original sweets.

● Sales period: March- (planned) * Spring only ● Sales quantity: Due to the small number of arrivals, advance reservation is recommended ● GINZA SIX limited

An butter dorayaki (KUGENUMA SHIMIZU)
Price: 302 yen

Dorayaki is a fluffy dough that is carefully hand-baked one by one on a copper plate. The elegant sweetness of Hokkaido azuki beans and butter go great together. Please enjoy the new sense of Japanese sweets that fuses Japanese and Western styles.

* Reservation required at least 2 days in advance

④ "Honey" sweets

We have sweets using honey, such as cheese x honey pudding that is irresistible for cheese lovers, financier with a moist texture and gentle sweetness, and confiture made only with high quality honey without using any sugar.

Left) Shonan Gold and Honey Cream Cheese Pudding
Right) Domestic navel and honey cream cheese pudding (marlowe)
Price: 1,080 yen each

The pudding dough uses cream cheese pudding, which has a rich cheesecake-like texture and deep taste that is irresistible for cheese lovers. Instead of caramel, I laid domestic honey on the bottom.

(Left) Kanagawa Prefecture's specialty fruit, Shonan Gold puree and sliced honey pickles are placed on the decoration.

● Sales period: From February 20th to April 11th

(Right) Slice the navel orange from Setouchi into slices, and put the special additive-free orange slices that are carefully simmered so that you can eat the skin with only acacia honey (a blend of domestic honey and Hungarian), fruit sugar, and lemon juice. I finished it.

● Sales period: From February 20th to March 15th

Citri Financier (Honey)
Price: 1,296 yen

A financier with a moist texture that you can easily tell the origin of the name by mouth. After the honey scent spreads, the taste has a gentle milky feel. We use Hokkaido honey.

Honey Confiture Strawberry (L'ABEILLE)
Price: 110g 864 yen / 220g 1,404 yen

A special confiture made by boiling domestic strawberries using plenty of high-quality honey without using any sugar. If you make it with honey alone, the sweetness is modest, and it's more like a strawberry sweet than a jam. Strawberries are packed tightly and it is enough to eat. Although it is a standard product, it is the most popular item in the confiture series. Also for yogurt, toast, pancakes, French toast, and tea.

* All prices include tax.
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