Carefully selected products that “make you feel a little happy”! “A little good thing.” Held at Tokyu Hands Ginza store

At the Tokyu Hands Ginza store, from March 15th (Monday) to April 30th (Friday), 2021, under the theme of "a little bit good", you can feel relieved while practicing a new lifestyle. We will hold a special feature that gathers together products that will make you feel a little happy. The staff at the Ginza store carefully selected products that can be incorporated into everyday life under the three themes of "color," "Japanese," and "Western."

Held on the 6th floor of Tokyu Hands Ginza store

Introducing some of the products from the special feature of "A little good thing. "                                              

1. Mizuhiki earrings Rose color 3,080 yen <br /> Accessories with the motif of traditional Japanese crafts, Mizuhiki. Umeknot is said to have the meaning of "bond", "amulet", and "improvement of fate".

2 . 5108 (Kotoba) necklace 3,080 yen                              
An accessory that allows you to freely express the mysterious power and fun of words and share the fun.

3. Sakura Fuji Tanzakura Blessing Cup 1,650 yen <br /> Sakura is the beginning of things, and Mt. Fuji is the tallest in Japan, so it is a lucky charm.

Four. Fukufuku Lip Moon Rabbit Red Pink 1,100 yen                                  
"Fortune comes to moisturized lips." A lip balm in a cute Japanese pattern amulet bag.

5. Oisesan Purifying Salt Spray 1,100 yen <br /> A fragrance purifying spray that allows you to enjoy the scent and purification.

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