[Tokyo Midtown Hibiya] “HIBIYA BLOSSOM 2021” will be held to send content that brightens and energizes Japan from Hibiya with the energy of flowers.

-A flower garden that you can enjoy with social distance appears in the plaza-

Tokyo Midtown Hibiya will hold "HIBIYA BLOSSOM 2021", which brightly colors the city of Hibiya with spring flowers, from March 26th (Friday) to April 18th (Sunday), 2021.

In addition to the "HIBIYA BLOSSOM GARDEN" garden where you can feel the spring with gorgeous flower decorations and the flower marche, the park view garden on the 6th floor will display art works related to spring. We welcome you.

In addition, on March 29th (Monday), the anniversary of the opening of Tokyo Midtown Hibiya, we will be offering a "Spring Flower Gift" for the first 500 people. With the arrival of spring, the many beautiful flowers that appeared in the city of Hibiya will aim to bring brightness and energy to everyone's hearts.

[Summary of implementation]
■ Period: March 26th (Friday) -April 18th (Sunday), 2021
■ Venue: Hibiya Step Plaza, Atrium, etc. ■ Host: Tokyo Midtown Hibiya, Hibiya Area Management, etc.

Event main visual

* The period and contents may be changed or canceled depending on the situation.


Date: March 26th (Fri) -April 18th (Sun), 2021 * Canceled in stormy weather Venue: Hibiya Step Plaza Host: Tokyo Midtown Hibiya, Hibiya Area Management

"HIBIYA BLOSSOM GARDEN", ​​a garden where you can enjoy the arrival of spring with flowers, is now available at Hibiya Step Plaza. Based on the concept of "the beginning of a bright daily life," the flower designer who won the Grand Prix at the "Flower Art Award 2020 in TOKYO MIDTOWN" will welcome everyone who visits Tokyo Midtown Hibiya. Sit on a bench with a social distance and soak up the energy of the flowers.
The decorative image of flowers changes between the first half and the second half of the event. The first half is a gorgeous pink color that makes you feel the elegance of spring, and the second half is a color centered on white and green that imaged the refreshing cheerfulness of spring, so that frequent visitors can experience the charm of flowers that are different. ..

[First half] March 26th-April 6th

A powerful and graceful image of spring flowers in full bloom
Image color: Pink, Red, Gray

[Second half] April 7th to April 18th

An image full of vitality to enjoy the refreshing cheerfulness of spring
Image color: White / Green

◆ Arrangement flower material image (the type may differ from the actual one)

From the left, "Sakura", "Magnolia", "Hybrid lily"

From the left, "Casablanca," "Anthurium," "Monstera," and "New Sairan."

[Flower design charge]
■ Daiichi Engei Koji Arai, Chiaki Hoya Matsu
Flower Art Award 2020 in TOKYO MIDTOWN Grand Prix Winner

<Introduction of the points of interest of this work>
After a harsh winter, a wonderful spring will come. I feel that the meaning of spring is even greater because of this era. Spring when trees sprout and flowers bloom with overflowing energy. I would like to deliver to everyone who visits the strength of such plants, which is not bound by the frame made by humans. I hope that the long winter is over and that everyone who sees this work will have a brilliant spring.


Date: April 16th (Friday) -April 18th (Sunday), 2021
Venue: Tokyo Midtown Hibiya 1st floor outdoor space (in front of Hibiya Nakadori)
* In case of rain or stormy weather, it will be held at the underground arcade on the B1 floor. Holding time: 11: 00-17: 00
Host: Tokyo Midtown Hibiya

A flower marche that allows you to enjoy the colorful "flowers" that bloom in spring will be available for a limited time.
In addition to purchasing a wide variety of spring flowers and bringing them home, we also sell products that allow you to enjoy and feel spring in your daily life.


■ Store openings
BIANCA BARNET BY OASEEDS (Tokyo Midtown Hibiyauchi store) and others


Date: March 29, 2021 (Monday)
Venue: Atrium Holding time: 11: 00-First 500 people * Ends as soon as it runs out Host: Tokyo Midtown Hibiya

To coincide with the 3rd anniversary of Tokyo Midtown Hibiya (March 29th), we will give a gift of spring flowers to the first 500 customers who visit us with a feeling of gratitude to our customers.



Date: March 26th (Friday) -April 18th (Sunday), 2021
Venue: Tokyo Midtown Hibiya 6th Floor Park View Garden * Canceled in stormy weather Host: Tokyo Midtown Hibiya Planning Cooperation: Tokyo University of the Arts Title: Invisible Cooperation

This year, new spring x art content will be released. An art work based on the concept of "awareness of spring" will appear in Parkview Garden on the 6th floor. Sculptures that move with solar energy and wind are installed on the lawn, and small mirror-finished parts are installed around the lawn so as to cover the lawn. Through the work, you can experience the arrival of spring and ponder the relationship between nature and people. It is a special space.

Invisible Cooperation image

[Author profile]
■ Hokoi Takashi
Artist, part-time lecturer at Tokyo University of the Arts. Conducting exhibition production activities in Japan and overseas on the theme of the relationship between people and energy and nature <Author's comment>
Despite being in the center of the city, Parkview Garden, which overlooks the best nature in Tokyo such as Hibiya Park and the Imperial Palace, is a perfect place for people to face nature. The recent threat of "viruses" has reminded us that we are being used in nature. By confronting human technology and nature, both sides sometimes collide and sometimes collaborate. In the warm spring breeze, I want to create time to ponder the relationship between nature and people in the center of the city.

Implementation of measures against the new coronavirus at this event <br /> The event is being implemented with an effort to ensure social distance.
We ask the staff at the venue to do the following.
・ Wearing a mask ・ Wearing disposable gloves when serving customers ・ Frequent hand washing ・ Thorough disinfection of hands and fingers ・ Temperature measurement of staff ・ Thorough disinfection of products and equipment Please check the website for details https://www.hibiya.tokyo -midtown.com/jp/news/4997/

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