[45th Anniversary of Birth Anniversary Nezumi-kun’s Waistcoat Exhibition: Yoshio Nakae, Noriko Ueno’s World] Matsuya Ginza’s first online exhibition (live distribution) will be held! [6/1 19: 00 ~]

The picture book "Nezumi-kun's Waistcoat" (published by Poplar Publishing Co., Ltd. in 1974), which is loved by generations. The popular work, which has exceeded 4 million copies in the series and continues to 37 volumes, was created by the collaboration of the writer Yoshio Nakae and the painter Noriko Ueno. To commemorate the 45th anniversary of the birth of this masterpiece, the "45th Anniversary Nezumi-kun's Waistcoat Exhibition: Yoshio Nakae, Noriko Ueno's World" was held in Kanagawa and Shizuoka last year, and in Osaka in January this year. It will start in Matsuya Ginza from Wednesday, June 2nd to Monday, June 14th.

Prior to this, an online exhibition will be held live from 19:00 on June 1, 2021 (Tuesday) as the first attempt of this exhibition.

・ The highlight of the online exhibition

■ Dream co-star! The author, Yoshio Nakae, and "Nezumi-kun" will guide you through the venue!

At the online exhibition, the writer Yoshio Nakae, the author of the picture book "Nezumi-kun's Waistcoat," will be shown live by the teacher and puppet Nezumi-kun from the Matsuya Ginza venue. Coupled with the venue full of the world view of picture books, it creates an atmosphere that makes the viewer feel as if they were in the story. In addition, it is a participatory online exhibition where you can experience more realistic communication by using the chat function to comment and write questions to Professor Nakae.

■ In addition to the introduction of the exhibition, Mr. Nakae himself will also introduce episodes that can only be heard here.

A video about the story behind the birth of the picture book "Nezumi-kun's waistcoat", which can only be seen at the venue, will also be specially released at this online exhibition. You will appreciate some of the 180 exhibited works such as original picture books and sketches. In the introduction, Mr. Nakae himself will talk about episodes that can only be heard here. Also pay attention to the interaction with the mouse.

■ Fun projects such as "Nezumi-kun Quiz!"

In the online exhibition, we will not only introduce the venue and exhibits, but also hold a "Nezumi-kun quiz!" That will give you a quiz from the picture book "Nezumi-kun's waistcoat"!

In addition, the "Nezumi-kun's Picture Book" series has been made through a collaborative work by Noriko Ueno, based on the rough sketches of the teacher, Yoshio Nakae. In this exhibition, not only the original picture books but also rough sketches by Professor Nakae are introduced. Therefore, in the online exhibition, following the introduction of the last sketch exhibition, we have set up a drawing corner to draw "Nezumi-kun"!

Why don't you join us with your children?

■ You can appreciate the exhibited works as if you were in the exhibition hall.

Noriko Ueno's fine pencil touch, which can only be seen in the original picture, is also introduced using the zoom of the camera. You can enjoy the images you see in the real exhibition hall. Immediately send your impressions to Mr. Nakae and Mr. Mouse at the venue in the comments! You can feel as if the teacher is watching it together right next to you.

In addition, Mr. Ueno's desk is also reproduced in the venue, and you can see the state of the workplace.

■ Screenshots of the photo spots in the exhibition hall! You can also create memories of online exhibitions

At the exhibition hall, we will reproduce popular scenes in picture books, and prepare various experience spots such as photo spots where you can take pictures as if you were in the picture book with the characters who appeared, including Mr. Mouse. I have.

These spots will also be introduced at the online exhibition. We are also planning a shooting time where you can take a screenshot of the screen with the puppet Mouse.

■ Introducing recommended goods!

With a waistcoat-shaped cover!

In addition to introducing recommended goods from about 200 goods, we will also introduce goods that interest you in response to the requests of the participants.

This online exhibition not only introduces the contents of the exhibition with digital images, but also provides communication effects everywhere so that you can "directly" interact with the original author's teacher and the characters of the picture book, for both children and adults. However, it is an exhibition where you can experience an unprecedented immersive feeling. It is recommended not only for those who are interested in this exhibition, but also for those who have seen it once at the Yokohama exhibition and want to experience the excitement once again.

・ Overview of online exhibition

Event name: Even online! Mouse-kun's waistcoat exhibition Yoshio Nakae, the world of Noriko Ueno <br /> Date: June 1, 2021 (Tuesday) 19: 00-20: 00 (18: 00-opening)
Holding method: Online LIVE holding <br /> Viewing method: Advance ticket purchase system / details / ticket purchase (URL: https://nezumikun45th.zaiko.io/ )
Participation fee: 800 yen (tax included)
Ticket sales period: May 20th (Thursday) 12:00 to June 4th (Friday) 21:00
Archive distribution period: After live distribution until 23:59 on June 4th (Friday)

* The event may be postponed or canceled in a hurry due to changes in the status of new coronavirus infection.

Please check the online exhibition event page ( https://nezumikun45th.zaiko.io/) for the latest information.

・ About viewing

To purchase tickets and watch videos, you need to register with the electronic ticket sales platform ZAIKO. The delivery URL can be viewed only with the purchased ZAIKO account.

* Please check the communication environment *

・ A high-speed and stable internet connection is required to watch videos. Be sure to check in advance whether the area is out of service area or where the signal is weak, and whether there is packet remaining capacity. If you are using shared Wi-Fi, please take measures such as turning off the Wi-Fi of the terminal you are not using and placing no obstacles between it and the router. Also, avoid crowds and areas surrounded by concrete.

・ Recommended environment for watching videos Smartphones and tablets: iOS 11.0 or later (Safari latest version)
Android OS 5.0 or later (Google Chrome latest version)
PC: Windows 10 or above / MacOS 10.9 or above (latest version of Google Chrome, Safari, MS Edge,
Please be sure to have one of Firefox) ready when you watch.

・ Author Yoshio Nakae ・ Noriko Ueno Profile

The "Nezumi-kun's Picture Book" series has been made for 45 years in a three-legged race style in which her husband, Yoshio Nakae, a picture book writer, thinks about the composition and Noriko Ueno draws a picture. The common theme is "compassion" and "humor". What is important for children living in this era is drawn.