[Loft] Re-edited the charm of Japan, held at “Super Markit!” Ginza Loft. The first is Markit in “Ehime Prefecture”! Development of collaboration menus using food, miscellaneous goods, and seasonal fruits

Ginza Loft will hold "Super Markit! EHIME" from June 1st (Tuesday) to 20th (Sunday), 2021. "Super Markit!" Re-edits the charm of the region, focusing on things and things all over Japan.
This time, we will take up Ehime prefecture as the first step. In addition to selling foods and specialty products using citrus fruits that Ehime Prefecture is proud of, "FRUITS LAB" in collaboration with Rakuno Kenkyusho Co., Ltd. (Kita-gun, Ehime Prefecture) will open for a limited time in the cafe space on the 1st floor. To do. We have a selection of discerning items for regional revitalization and cyclical cultivation.

<[Super Markit! EHIME] Overview>
◆ Period: June 1st (Tuesday) to 20th (Sunday), 2021
◆ Venue: 1st floor special venue, LOFT FOOD LAB (cafe space)
◆ Planning and Producing: Ace Merchandise Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo)
◆ Cooperation: Ehime Prefecture
◆ Number of products available: 254 types (97 types of food, 157 types of miscellaneous goods)

There is a reason for good things. Ehime SDGs items * All prices include tax. The cafe menu is the price at the time of eating and drinking in the store

– God of the island lemon and Omishima enable compote (Lucknow Institute) … ¥ 1,296 compote using the Island of God lemon and was brought up take advantage of the Ehime Prefecture Omishima abandoned farmland of. Limited edition now.


· Yaetoco (Yaetoko) (no Chacha Gardens)
A cosmetics brand that uses citrus fruits from Muchaen, Ehime Prefecture.
We have family hand creams (starting at 660 yen) and bath salts (starting at 275 yen) made from essential oils and distilled water from citrus fruits grown without relying on pesticides as much as possible.

Family hand cream

An example of "Tomochika Selection" selected by Mr. Tomochika , the Iyo Tourism Ambassador from Ehime Prefecture


・ Madonna Mix (Okubo Farm) ・ ・ ・ 1,890 yen Tomochika visited Okubo Farm, which grows pesticides in Uwajima, Ehime Prefecture, and planned for this time. Fruit magazine No. 28, Harehime,
Citrus juice specially blended with Satsuma mandarin.

Madonna mix

・ Tariki rice (Tariki application) ・ ・ ・ 900 yen to 3,000 yen Ehime rice, which is characterized by cyclical cultivation using organic fertilizer made from squeezed mandarin orange juice.

collaboration cafe "FRUITS LAB (flu Tsurabo)" limited time open!
Rakuno Kenkyusho Co., Ltd. (Kita-gun, Ehime Prefecture) x LOFT FOOD LAB collaboration cafe "FRUITS LAB", which contributes to the revitalization of agriculture in Ehime Prefecture, sells menus using seasonal fruits from Ehime Prefecture. To do.

Ehime Fruit Parfait・ ・ ・ 880 yen Blancmange flavored with Oshima navel orange.

Ehime Fruit Parfait

・ Ehime Fruit Sandwich・ ・ ・ Citrus 550 yen, Strawberry 660 yen, Mix 1,100 yen Adult fruit sandwich using mascarpone cheese and fresh cream. 3 types.

Ehime fruit sandwich

・ Very lemonade・ ・ ・ 660 yen A rich sweet and sour lemonade that uses plenty of lemon from God's Island.

Very lemonade

[Super Markit !] Is planned and produced by Ace Merchandise Co., Ltd. A brand that focuses on things and things all over Japan and re-edits the charm of the region. Make efforts that lead to the sustainable development of the region and producers.