A space to experience “Ross Flower” is now available in Yurakucho Marui! June 7th (Monday) -July 12th (Monday), 2021

At Yurakucho Marui, we are co-creating with RIN Co., Ltd. to develop a space where you can experience "loss flowers" (flowers that are scheduled to be discarded) at the entrance on the 1st floor.

■ About the experience space of loss flowers <br /> By co-creation with RIN Co., Ltd., an experience space using loss flowers has appeared!
At Yurakucho Marui, the entrance on the 1st floor is always an exciting place for customers to relax, and we have prepared a space where you can experience Ross Flower with the hope that you will feel cheerful. The flowers that were scheduled to be discarded due to the cancellation of the event and the paper that was scheduled to be discarded at the printing company were redesigned by breathing new life into them and revived as a production. A table and chairs are installed in the center so that you can actually experience the loss flower from the stage.
Please feel the loss flowers close to you and experience the gorgeous and beautiful flowers.

<RIN Co., Ltd.>
Our mission is to "reduce flower loss and make life with flowers a culture." We call the flowers that are to be discarded while they are still beautiful "Ross Flower" and are working with various companies to breathe new life into them.
RIN Co., Ltd. https://lossflower.com

① (Upper left) You can see the loss flower close to you from the stage ② (Lower left) Reusing the paper to be discarded by the printing company ③ (Center) Looking directly above from the place where you actually sat State. You can see the overwhelming view of the loss flower in full view ④ (upper right) ⑤ (lower right) You can see the atmosphere of various flowers depending on the viewing place and angle * The photo may differ from the actual color Masu

▼ The loss flower story

■ Materials used <br /> For the flower part used on the stage, the flower that is scheduled to be discarded is used, and for the paper part, the paper that is scheduled to be discarded is reused by the printing company.
Due to the postponement and cancellation of various events and concerts caused by the Corona disaster, and the shelving and simplification of ceremonies such as weddings and funerals, the demand for commercial flowers has diminished and many flowers are discarded unused. Unfortunately, by reusing the flowers that were scheduled to be discarded, I hoped that the flowers that were originally supposed to be unveiled in front of many people could be spotlighted, which led to this production.

■ Outline of the event

  • [Venue] Yurakucho Marui 1F Entrance
  • [Date and time] From now on until July 12th (Monday)
  • [Holding time] 11: 00-20: 00
    * Business hours are subject to change.

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* Business hours are subject to change. Please check the above HP for the latest information

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