[MUJI HOTEL GINZA] Summer limited art gallery room

– Hiroshi Awatsuji's heart art "Apple", "August", "Jitensha" in the guest room-

At the hotel "MUJI HOTEL GINZA" (Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo), where you can experience the ideas of MUJI throughout your stay, 3 guest rooms designed like an art gallery will be available from Saturday, July 10 to September 5 for a limited time. It will be expanded until the day (Sun).

The "Art Gallery Room" to be prepared this time is an exhibition "Life in Art Exhibition" (sponsored by Ryohin Co., Ltd.) of the "Life in Art" project, which aims to make art more familiar in daily life. It will be developed as one of the planning / IDÉE Life in Art project secretariat).

Art moves people's hearts, and art changes people's aesthetic sense. A change in aesthetics will change the quality of life. We believe that changing quality of life will bring about a better world for ourselves, our families, our communities, our society, and our environment . -Life in Art Official Website https://www.idee-lifeinart.com/

There are three art gallery rooms to be developed this time: "Apple", "August", and "Jitensha". This room uses the designs of "Apple", "August", and "Jitensha" of the heart art series by textile designer Hiroshi Awatsuji for linen and walls in each room.

Guest room accessories such as slippers have also been changed to Mr. Hiroshi Awatsuji's design. You can take home the slippers, laundry tote bag, and coaster that were made exclusively for this time.

From the manager of MUJI HOTEL GINZA

"I hope that not only those who like art, but also those who usually find art difficult or distant, can enjoy a stay with new discoveries and discoveries in a space like an art gallery."

[Life in Art Exhibition] Art Gallery Room

-August- (TYPE C: Double 1-2 people)
A room using "August" (produced in 1973) with a bold arrangement of one motif. The interior is based on red with the addition of "Mado" (produced in 1986).

-Apple- (TYPE C: Double 1-2 people)
Accented with the red line of "Apple" (produced in 1978), the monotone textiles of the pop patterns "Pool" and "Mado" (produced in 1986) are used.

-Jitensha- (TYPE D: Twin 1-2 people)
Guest rooms mainly composed of textiles produced in the 1980s.
The "Jitensha" (produced in 1982) used for the bedspread is a rich and soft color that reflects the time.

"Life in Art Exhibition" will be held in the entire "MUJI Ginza" building where MUJI HOTEL GINZA will be located (July 9th (Friday) -September 5th (Sunday), 2021). During the period, art will appear around the front of the hotel and at the restaurant WA. You can enjoy art throughout the building.

In addition, MUJI HOTEL GINZA will hold a photo contest "Living with Art" on Instagram from July 9th (Friday) to July 31st (Saturday), where you can post photos with art in the art gallery room and the front floor. .. Winners will be presented with accommodation invitation tickets.
Details: https://www.instagram.com/p/CQzj2aFsWNQ/

■ [Life in Art Exhibition] Art Gallery Room Sales Overview Offer period July 10th (Sat) -September 5th (Sun), 2021
Room name / price / reservation URL
[Life in Art Exhibition] Art Gallery Room -August- (TYPE C): 31,900 yen
[Life in Art Exhibition] Art Gallery Room -Apple- (TYPE C): 31,900 yen
[Life in Art Exhibition] Art Gallery Room-Jitensha- (TYPE D): 37,900 yen
* 1 room for 2 people, including tax and service charge

■ Profile of Hiroshi Awatsuji
Born in Nishijin, Kyoto in 1929. A leading figure in the textile design world, incorporating epoch-making expressions and pushing Japanese textile design to the world level. It features vibrant colors and a bold composition that combines traditional Japanese art and Western textile design. In his later years, he continued a wide range of activities as a surface design "surface design" such as color planning of architectural spaces, furniture, tableware, etc., without being bound by the frame of textiles. The most well-known work throughout his life is a series of products created in collaboration with Fujie Textile, especially the works that prevailed as the "Heart Art" brand. Also, since the 1970s, he has been a member of the Japan Design Committee and has made an effort for good design. (1929-1995)

During the Life in Art Exhibition, art exhibitions will be held in various places as "Life in Art Satellite Gallery". Art will be exhibited at satellites at HAMACHO HOTEL and Jimbocho Book Center, which are the same UDS group as MUJI HOTEL GINZA.

Life in Art official website, Instagram
Web Site: https://www.idee-lifeinart.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ideelifeinart/

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