Sony Park Exhibition “② Music is a journey. 7/13 (Tuesday) Start | Tamio Okuda “Cantabile IN THE PARK” to release new songs / Music experience to listen to songs that feel like a “journey” selected by more than 130 artists

From Tuesday, July 13th to Saturday, July 24th, 2021 <Admission is free, reservations are required on weekends and holidays, reservations are accepted on Friday, July 2nd> #Music is a journey

Ginza Sony Park is the second hands-on event of the "Sony Park Exhibition" in which artist Tamio Okuda participates. "② Music is a journey. Will be held from July 13th (Tuesday) to July 24th (Saturday), 2021.

Ginza Sony Park (Ginza Sony Park) will start construction work for the "new Ginza Sony Park" scheduled to be completed in 2024, before October 2021, Sony will work on six diverse fields "game, music, The final program "Sony Park Exhibition" will be held from June 26, 2021 (Saturday) with the theme of "Movie, Electronics, Semiconductors, Finance" with the participation of 6 groups of artists belonging to the Sony Music Group. is.

This time, the second hands-on event "② Music is a journey. With Tamio Okuda" will be held from July 13th (Tuesday) to July 24th (Saturday), 2021 with the participation of artist Tamio Okuda. .. Reservations are required on weekends and holidays (there is an admission slot on the day) so that customers who come to the park can enjoy themselves with peace of mind. We will start accepting admission reservations from noon on July 2nd (Friday) today. You can enjoy it on weekdays without reservation (free admission).

Music is an entertainment that reflects emotions that you cannot notice and actively releases your emotions, and can create the driving force for people to live their lives through music. In the process of creating music, artists repeat dialogues with themselves, and the thoughts they put into facing music shake our hearts. Ginza Sony Park thinks that music embraces the preciousness of a journey, as artists create music while wandering, wandering, and wandering inside themselves, as if they were traveling for a long time. , "Music is a journey."

For Sony, which has been working in the field of music since 1968, it was also a "journey" to create diverse music culture with many artists and fans. For this exhibition, more than 130 groups of artists related to Ginza Sony Park, such as Tamio Okuda, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, Daiki Tsuneta, and others who have appeared in "Park Live" which has been held since the opening of the park in 2018, will be exhibited. I selected my own songs that I feel "music is a journey".

In the main exhibition "And music goes on a journey", these songs are installed in a baggage-like box that gathers at the airport baggage claim. You can enjoy a music experience only here by inserting the headphone jack and listening around. In addition, you can listen to comments from some artists who talk about the background of the song selection. Why don't you relive at the venue what kind of songs the artists chose, which artists are commenting, and the "journey" that the artists felt in the process of composing.

In addition, the stage of Tamio Okuda's 2010 public overdubbing recording "Hitoto Cantabile" will be reproduced in the park. For the two days of July 13th (Tuesday) and 17th (Saturday), Okuda himself will carry out the composition work, which can be said to be a "journey" for the artist. Two new songs will be produced. This will be delivered as Park Live. You can see the equipment set that Tamio Okuda actually used for performance and recording as it is during the period, and you can also see the video of the pattern being composed. Objects of familiar characters will also be exhibited by fans.

"② Music is a journey. with Tamio Okuda ”Overview

Title: Sony Park Exhibition "② Music is a journey. with Tamio Okuda ”
Period: July 13th (Tuesday) -July 24th (Saturday), 2021 11: 00-19: 00
* The first day, July 13th (Tuesday), is from 12:00 to 19:00
* Admission to the 4th basement floor is restricted on July 13th (Tuesday) and 17th (Thursday) * Reservation start date: July 2nd (Friday) 12:00 noon
Location: Ginza Sony Park (PARK B2, B4 / 2nd basement floor, 4th basement floor)
Fee: Free admission (advance reservation required only on weekends and holidays / admission on the day)
Hashtag: #Music is a journey #sonypark exhibition

Advance reservations <br /> You can enter without reservation on weekdays, but advance reservations are required on weekends and holidays. Reservations can be made once per person (per email address) for each period, up to 2 tickets. Please see the reservation page for details.

* Please note that admission may be restricted on weekdays to avoid congestion.
* The contents of the exhibition may change depending on the status of the new coronavirus infection emergency declaration.
* We are implementing infection prevention and diffusion prevention measures in the park. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in temperature measurement, hand disinfection, wearing masks, etc. Please refrain from visiting the park if your body temperature is 37.5 degrees or higher, if you have a cold or illness, or if you suspect that you have close contact with a person who is positive for the new coronavirus infection.

・ "② Music is a journey. with Tamio Okuda ”Exhibition Contents

Music that reflects emotions that you do not notice, and becomes the energy (driving force) to live by noticing and releasing your emotions. Ginza Sony Park thought that such music was created while wandering around itself, just as artists would make a long "journey".

Music is a journey.

Music that has the feelings of an artist. Our people were shaken to resonate with that thought,
Feeling warm and shedding tears.

The artist has many dialogues with himself,
Face the music.
Just good, wander, wander. It's like a long trip.
We are attracted to the preciousness of that journey
Isn't it looking for music?

Sony's music
In 1968, he embarked on a new journey as CBS / Sony Records.
It's with a lot of artists and a lot of fans
It was a journey to create a diverse music culture.

Created by Ginza Sony Park and artists
Please enjoy the music experience like a journey around the artist's thoughts.

Ginza Sony Park

Okuda people live comment

"Music is a journey" is correct for me because music has always been attached to me since I was a kid. I would like to record the sound on the day like the diary of the day.

And music goes on a journey.

With the theme of "Please tell us your music that makes you feel that music is a journey", Tamio Okuda, musicians who appeared in Park Live at Ginza Sony Park, and musicians who participated in and collaborated with experimental programs, etc. More than 130 artists will participate.

Please insert the headphone jack that you will receive at the reception into the BOX gathered at the venue like a baggage claim at the airport. It is the beginning of a small journey that can only be experienced here, listening to various songs that the artist himself considers to be a "journey" in his own songs. You may also come across comments made by the artist himself. Experience at the venue what kind of songs the artists have selected and which artists are commenting.

Participating artists (in no particular order): Tamio Okuda, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, Daiki Tsuneta (King Gnu / millennium parade), Ayase (YOASOBI), Creepy Nuts, Okazaki Physical Education, Shuta Hasunuma, Fumitake Ezaki (WONK), U-zhaan, SASUKE, Ichiko Aoba, BIGYUKI, AAAMYYY, UA, Hyui Ishizaki, Non, Sakura Fujiwara, Motoi Kawabe, nakayaan (Mitsume), Moeka Shiozuka (Hitsujibungaku), Black Boboi, DJ Misoshi and MC Rice, Art・ Lindsay and others

Tamio Okuda "Cantabile IN THE PARK"

Tamio Okuda's public solo overdubbing recording "Hitoto Cantabile" stage is reproduced on the 4th basement floor of Ginza Sony Park for a limited time. On July 13th (Tuesday) and July 17th (Saturday), Okuda himself will actually make a new song publicly. This will be streamed live on Ginza Sony Park's official YouTube channel as Park Live.

On this stage, objects and sofas of the familiar Ramen Curry Music Record character "Hero Diggin" will be placed, and you can see the equipment set actually used by Tamio Okuda during the period. Please feel the "journey" of Tamio Okuda's composition work while watching the video of the new song production activity that took place here.
* Admission to the 4th basement floor is restricted on the day of Park Live.

Park Live
Date / Time / Delivery URL:
Scheduled for Tuesday, July 13, 2021 from 17:00 to 19:00
Scheduled for Saturday, July 17, 2021 from 17:00 to 19:00
Cast: Tamio Okuda ⁠

What is "single cantabile"?
An unprecedented public overdubbing recording tour "Hitoto Cantabile" that has been held since March 2010. This is a special event where Tamio Okuda will record a new work by himself and convey the joy of recording while carefully explaining the process from recording work such as drums, guitar, bass, vocals and chorus to sound mixing work.
・ Tamio Okuda (RAMEN CURRY MUSIC RECORDS) Official YouTube channel:

Special site (online content)

We will open a special site where customers who cannot come to the park due to various reasons can enjoy a virtual walk-through experience and online events in which artists appear.

We will provide a walk-through experience at the "Sony Park Exhibition" venue that can be enjoyed even from a remote location.

Preview / Interview Video by Tamio Okuda <br /> Prior to the public release, Tamio Okuda himself will preview the venue, enjoy the exhibition, and release a video containing a special interview. (Scheduled to open during the session)

Park Live
On July 13th (Tuesday) and 17th (Saturday), the state of "Cantabile IN THE PARK" will be broadcast live as Park Live. (Scheduled from 17:00 to 19:00)

"Cantabile IN THE PARK" original goods sale <br /> We will sell "Cantabile IN THE PARK" original goods such as work shirts and key chains online on a special site. Product details will be announced on the special website at 12:00 noon on Monday, July 12th.
・ Detailed announcement: Monday, July 12, 2021 12:00
・ Sales start: July 13, 2021 (Tuesday) 12:00

Tamio Okuda Profile

Born in Hiroshima in 1965. Major debut with a unicorn in 1987. In 1994, he started his solo career with the single "For Love" in earnest, collaborating with various artists and demonstrating his talent as a producer. There are various types of activities such as band style "MTR & Y", singing style "single crotch trip", and home recording style DIY analog recording "Easy Cantabile". "Easy Teletabire", where you can connect with guests by telework and talk and perform, and "Easy Virtual Chabile", which you play in a virtual background, are released one after another on YouTube. It is loved not only by listeners but also by musicians for its unique activities.

・ Tamio Okuda (RAMEN CURRY MUSIC RECORDS) Official YouTube channel:
・ Related links:

・ Outline of "Sony Park Exhibition"

The "Sony Park Exhibition" is the final program to be held as the current Ginza Sony Park before October 2021 when construction work for the "New Ginza Sony Park" scheduled to be completed in 2024 will begin. The six fields that Sony is currently working on, "games, music, finance, movies, semiconductors, and electronics," will be converted into playful event themes. Six groups of artists, Taiiku Okazaki, Tamio Okuda, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, millennium parade, YOASOBI, and Creepy Nuts, will join this theme to develop a number of creative projects.

In addition, Sony's Purpose (meaning of existence) of "filling the world with excitement with the power of creativity and technology" will also hold three events with the theme of technology and design. In addition, as a symbol of unchanging DNA, "Bar Morita" will be opened to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Akio Morita, who was one of the founders of Sony and founded Sony Building.

Period: June 26th (Sat) -September 30th (Thursday), 2021
* There is a rest period for preparation. Please be careful.
* The date and time of the event may change due to unavoidable circumstances.
Location: Ginza Sony Park (PARK B2-B4 / B2-4F)
Fee: Free admission (some advance reservations required)
Special site:

■ About Ginza Sony Park

Ginza Sony Park inherited the concept of "a facility open to the city" from the beginning of the former Sony Building, and opened on August 9, 2018 for a limited time before rebuilding the Sony Building. It is an "experimental park that keeps changing" in the city, where various events and live programs that make you feel surprised and playful throughout the year are held. I am. So far, more than 8 million customers have visited the park (as of the end of June 2021).
The park will be open until September 30, 2021. After that, rebuilding work will proceed, and the final form of "Ginza Sony Park" will be completed in 2024.

Ginza Sony Park Official Website / SNS Account

SNS: @ginzasonypark #ginzasonypark #Ginza Sony Park

Efforts to prevent infection and requests to customers

In order to protect the health and safety of our customers and staff, we are implementing infection prevention and diffusion prevention measures in the park. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

・ Please cooperate with the body temperature measurement at the reception. Those with a body temperature of 37.5 degrees or higher may be refused admission.
・ Please wear a mask in the park.
・ Please cooperate with hand sanitizer at the time of admission.
・ Please cooperate in securing the space between customers.
・ Install your rubbing alcohol.
・ The hand dryer in the toilet is stopped.
-Strengthen disinfection and ventilation of areas with frequent contact such as handrails and doorknobs.
・ Staff will wear masks, measure temperature before going to work, gargle frequently, wash hands, and disinfect fingers.