[National Film Archive] Announcement of the screening project “In Memory of the Dead Filmmaker 2019-2020”

A memorial screening project in memory of more than 70 filmmakers

At the National Film Archive of Japan, a project "In Memory of the Dead Filmmakers" was held for two years to commemorate the regrettable and dead filmmakers by showing their representative works, which has built a brilliant history of Japanese cinema. It will be held for the first time. In the last two years, Japanese cinema has lost many irreplaceable people.

In this special feature, we will take up the people who passed away between January 1, 2019 and December 31, 2020, including Machiko Kyo, Tetsuya Watari, Azuma Morisaki, Nobuhiko Obayashi, actors, producers and directors.・ We will review and commend the achievements of more than 70 filmmakers, including the staff who worked on scriptwriting, shooting, lighting, recording, art, etc., through the screening of the works.

During the exhibition period, all 57 works of various genres such as feature films, documentaries, and animation will be screened in 55 programs.

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Screening works with people in memory of this special feature (in alphabetical order)

(* Marks are designated by adults. Women-only seats will be provided for the screening.)

Kyoko Aoyama (actor): "Benten Kozo" (1958)
Tomohiro Ijichi (Production): "My SEX White Paper Climax" (1976) *
Etsuko Ichihara (actor): "Warabino Ko Warabi no Kou" (2003)
Masaki Iwana (Director): "Charlotte-Susabi" (2017)
Yasuro Uegaki (Director): "Pink Curtain" (1982) *
Ryuzo Ueno (Pseudoto): "Battle Without Honor" (1973)
Banjiro Uemura (Production): "Message from Space" (1978)
Yuya Uchida (musician / actor): "Call! Women's Obscene Song ”(1981) *
Yasukiyo Umeno (actor): "Midnight Face" (1958)
Tatsuo Umemiya (actor): "Hanafuda Tosei" (1967) "Battle Without Honor and Justice" (1973) "True Account of Ginza Police" (1973)
Hajime Oikawa (art): "Spy Sorge" (2003)
Yutaka Osawa (Director / Production): "Haruka Naru Koshien" (1990) "War and Youth" (1991)
Nobuhiko Obayashi (Director): "Nihon Marujoden: A Group of Weird Two People" (1988) "Futari" (1991) "In the Storm of Love" (1978 / Appearance)
Yusuke Okada (producer / actor): "Message from Space" (1978) "Disturbance" (1980)
Junkichi Orimoto (actor): "A Japanese Demon Satori" (1973) "Message from Space" (1978)
Chiho Katsura (Screenplay): "Futari" (1991)
Takashi Kawamata (photographed): "The Shadow Within" (1970)
Jiro Kawarazaki (actor): "A Japanese Demon Satori" (1973) "Gassan" (1979)
Fumiko Kishi (edit): "The White Haired Girl" (1950)
Shiro Kishibe (Talent / Actor): "In the Storm of Love" (1978)
Machiko Kyo (actor): "Beauty and the Thief" (1951) "Ugetsu Monogatari" (1953) "Osaka no Onna" (1958) "Nuregami Botan" (1961)
Goro Kusakabe (Production): "Battle Without Honor" (1973)
Akira Kume (actor): "Disturbance" (1980)
Casey Takamine (speaker / actor): "Haruka Naru Koshien" (1990)
Tsugunobu Kotani (Director): "In the Storm of Love" (1978)
Toshio Kobayashi (Production): "Survey on Common Love" (1992)
Mieko Kondo (actor): "Benten Kozo" (1958)
Sunao Sakagami (Production): "Disturbance" (1980) "Poppoya" (1999)
Kiyoshi Sasabe (Director): "The Stars Converge" (2003) "Poppoya" (1999 / Assistant Director)
Junya Sato (Director): "True Account of Ginza Police" (1973)
Masaru Shiga (Actor): "Battle Without Honor and Justice" (1973) "Kishiwada Boys Be Ambitious" (1996)
Joe Shishido (actor): "A Colt Is My Passport" (1962) "Like a Shooting Star" (1967)
Ken Shimura (comedian / actor): "Poppoya" (1999)
Matsunosuke Shofukutei (Rakugoka / Actor): "Kishiwada Boys Be Ambitious" (1996)
Yoko Sugi (actor): "Husband and Wife" (1953)
Hajime Suzuki (Recording): "Kishiwada Boys Be Ambitious" (1996)
Seizo Sengen (photographed): "The Execution Game" (1979)
Tadao Takashima (actor): "Bochan and One-Man Relatives" (1959)
Masatsugu Takase (Gito / Director): "Call! "Girls Obscene" (1981) * "Bee Bop High School High School Yotaro March" (1987)
Kogi Tanaka (Director / Production): "Kemeko no Uta" (1968)
Masashi Tara (Tone): "Kishiwada Boys Be Ambitious" (1996) "Spy Sorge" (2003) "Warabi no Ko Warabi no Kou" (2003)
Shigeichi Nagano (Photographer / Photographer): "Nihon Marujoden: A Group of Weird Two People" (1988) "Futari" (1991)
Kazuko Nakamura (animator): "Firebird 2772 Love Cosmo Zone" (1980)
Naoya Narita (Production): "Angel Guts Red Dazzle" (1988) *
Yoshinobu Nishioka (art): "Benten Kozo" (1958)
Ryo Nishida (Actor): "Battle Without Honor and Justice" (1973)
Takashi Noguchi (Actor): "Battle Without Honor and Justice" (1973)
Kensuke Nozaki (Director): "Video Review Yoshio Nishina, Father of Modern Physics" (1991)
Gakuya Nomura (Director): "Traditional Craft Technology Record Movie Series-28-Yuntanza Hanaui-The Work of Yonamine Sada" (1960)
Izumi Hagiwara (photographed): "The Man in the Fog Night" (1968)
Chisako Hara (actor): "Women's college student I will compete" (1959) "Warabi no Ko Warabi no Kou" (2003)
Go Haraguchi (actor): "A Japanese Demon Satori" (1973) "Spy Sorge" (2003)
Akira Haruki (art): "War and Youth" (1991)
Yasuo Furuhata (Director): "Poppoya" (1999)
Honda Kei (Recording): "War and Youth" (1991)
Yoichi Matsue (Production): "Dodes'kaden" (1970)
Norihito Matsumoto (Lighting): "The Backwater" (2013)
Yuichi Minato (actor): "Wet Peony Five Bad Men Assault" (1970) *
Mariko Miyagi (Actor / Director): "The Silk Tree Ballad" (1968)
Susumu Miyasaka (Production): "The Blood of Doremifa Musume Makes a Noise" (1985)
Tetsutaro Murano (Director): "Gassan" (1979)
Azuma Morisaki (Director): "Stray Dog" (1973) "Kuroki Taro's Love and Adventure" (1977)
Etsuko Yagyu (costume): "Romance Daughters" (1956)
Nobuo Yajima (SFX): "Message from Space" (1978)
Kaoru Yachigusa (actor): "Madame Butterfly" (1955)
Sumiko Yamada (actor): "Kishiwada Boys Be Ambitious" (1996)
Shohei Yamamoto (actor): "Wet Peony Five Bad Men Assault" (1970) *
Hatsuo Yamaya (actor): "A Japanese Demon Satori" (1973)
Tatsu Yoshida (Production): "True Account of Ginza Police" (1973)
Michiko Yoshitake (Production): "Yuki and Nina" (2009)
Shu Wada (actor): "Disturbance" (1980)
Makoto Wada (illustrator / director): "MURDER! (1964) "Mahjong Horoki" (1984)
Yoshinori Watanabe (Production): "Message from Space" (1978)
Tetsuya Watari (actor): "The Heart of Hiroshima" (1966) "Like a Shooting Star" (1967) "Zenka / Temporary Release" (1969) "Stray Dog" (1973)

Outline of the event

In memory of Iker filmmakers 2019-2020 (In Memory of Film Figures We Lost in 2019 -2020)
Date: July 20th (Tuesday) -September 5th (Sunday), 2021 * Closed on Mondays Venue: National Film Archive Nagase Memorial Hall OZU [2nd floor]
HP: https://www.nfaj.go.jp/exhibition/yukeru202106/
Inquiries: 050-5541-8600 (Hello dial)
Fees: General 520 yen / High school / university students / 65 years old and over 310 yen / Elementary / junior high school students 100 yen / Persons with disabilities (up to 1 attendant in principle) / Campus members are free [P code: 551-490]
* From July 13th, every Tuesday from 10:00 am, advance reserved seat tickets for the next week's (Tuesday-Sunday) screening will be sold at Ticket Pia. Please note that the release date of the same work will differ depending on the screening date.
* Only reserved seat tickets sold in advance will be sold. Tickets are not sold in the hall.
* Persons with disabilities (up to one attendant in principle) and Campus members of the National Film Archive of Japan are also required to purchase reserved seat tickets in advance.