BAR TIMES STORE Ginza store 3rd anniversary project A booklet “Akari” packed with the charm of the bar will be presented!

It has been three years since BAR TIMES STORE, a bar goods specialty store operated by Kitazawa Planning Office Co., Ltd., moved from Iidabashi to Ginza. At the BAR TIMES STORE Ginza store, as a 3rd anniversary project <3rd>, we will present a booklet "Akari" packed with the charm of the bar to all customers who come to the store during the period.

・ BAR TIMES STORE Ginza store 3rd anniversary project <3rd>

● Details: Free gift of the booklet “Akari” to customers visiting the store during the period ● Target period: October 6th (Wednesday) to October 10th (Sunday), 2021

* A free gift will be given to customers who come to the store regardless of whether or not they have purchased it.
* Limited to the Ginza store. Net stores are not included.
* Limited to one book per person.
* Even during the period, it will end as soon as the "light" disappears.

・ What is the booklet "Akari"?

This booklet was produced by BAR TIMES, which can only be read at bars distributed to bars all over Japan in January 2021. When thinking about what bar culture is, in Japan it is a bartender itself, and from the thought that it is the spirit and technology to set up such a place, the title of the booklet is with the meaning of "tradition" and "light". It was called "Akari". This book is packed with the charm of the bar. At the beginning of the book, Mr. Ittetsu Narita's work "Warm and Nostalgic Flame-Match-" is posted. In addition, valuable long interviews with Araki Joh (manga story writer), Shiho Tanimura (novelist), and legendary bartender Takao Mouri are included. There will also be various scenes of bars, liquor, and cigarettes in novels, manga, movies, and theatrical performances. This book is not available at bookstores and will be appreciated by bar lovers.


Address: Ginza MS Building 6F, 5-1-8 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Business hours: 12: 00-18: 00 (open all year round)
tel: 03-6801-6767 (Reception hours 10: 00-18: 00)

* No reservation is required when visiting the store.
* Customers who do not wear masks will not be allowed to enter the store.


A bar tool specialty store operated by the bar culture media "BAR TIMES". We offer a wide variety of bar tools, mainly made in Japan. There are about 100 shakers, about 90 major cups and bar spoons, and about 280 glasses. All kinds of bitters can be tasted. There are also original items that can only be obtained here. The Bar Times Store is a bar tool shop trusted by bartenders around the world.

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