Italian cashmere brand FALCONERI opens a roadside store in Ginza

Italian cashmere brand FALCONERI opens its second roadside store in Japan in Ginza

FALCONERI, a traditional Italian cashmere wear brand, is opening a roadside store in Ginza, a charming city that blends history with a modern cityscape.

The Ginza store, which will be the second roadside store in Japan, is a fusion of Italian and Japanese traditions, and is based on the ancient Japanese saaya-shaped pattern with the wishes of "continuous longevity" and "prosperity." The calm atmosphere of the store, which has an open space from the 1st floor to the 2nd floor, has a wide selection of new Falconeri items and basic items for both men and women.

With its sophisticated style, FALCONERI offers a wide range of items at a reasonable price while maintaining high quality. Both men's and women's are made from natural materials, all produced in Italy and carefully crafted with traditional craftsmanship in every detail. In addition, knits using the signature superior cashmere are loved all over the world for their wide variety of styles and colors.

When you go to Ginza, please enjoy the feel of traditional high-quality cashmere at the Falconeri Ginza store.

FALCONERI Ginza store
Opened on Friday, October 15, 2021 1st Pole Star Pill 1F, 6-9-13 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo TEL: 03-6264-5063