[Loft] A large collection of instant noodles at Ginza Loft! “Ginza 2-chome Ramen Yokocho” will be held! Ramen bowls and cooking utensils that give you a real feeling

From December 26, 2021 (Sun) to January 16, 2022 (Sun), Ginza Loft will offer "Ginza 2-chome Ramen Yokocho," which is a collection of instant noodles such as miso, pork bones, and chicken plain hot water for each soup. It will be held . In addition, there are authentic ramen bowls for deliciously eating ramen at home, "tebo" used for draining noodles, commercial seasoning cans, cutters for easily making white onions, and garlic squeezers. We have cooking utensils that you can enjoy making traditional ramen.

Overview of "Ginza 2-chome Ramen Yokocho"
Period: December 26, 2021 (Sun) -January 16, 2022 (Sun)
Sales floor: Ginza Loft 1st floor special venue
Products: Approximately 200 types of instant noodles (salt, miso, soy sauce, pork bones, seafood, chicken plain hot water, spicy / ethnic, vegan), 100 types of ultimate ramen bowls, 100 types of ultimate astragalus, approximately 20 types of cooking utensils, etc. Total 420 Type development

Product example: * All prices include tax
<Recommended instant noodles by type of soup>

[Miso] New hair crab flavor Hokkaido ramen miso flavor 1 serving (Minakawa noodles) 324 yen

[Miso] Sapporo Ramen Yoshiyama Shoten 2 meals (Kubota-an) 594 yen

[Soy sauce] Yufu noodles Duck dashi soy sauce ramen Yuzu kosho 2 servings (Yufu noodles) 648 yen

[Pork bone] Tokushima ramen Okuya 2 meals (Kubota-an industry) 594 yen

[Chicken plain hot water] White ramen rich chicken plain hot water for 1 person (Takeichi noodles) 302 yen

[Vegan] Samurai Ramen (white) 2 servings (Higashimaru) 334 yen

[Vegan] Organic vegan soy sauce ramen (wind and light) 496 yen

<100 selections of "ultimate ramen bowls and lotus">
Pursuing a ramen bowl that is easy to use at home, we have collected 100 types of ultimate ramen bowls that not only have a shape and weight that affect the taste, but also have been devised for storage. In addition, we have 100 types of ultimate rangers that are particular about functionality and design as well as pots.

● White mat: Ramen bowl 2,530 yen, Ranger 1,100 yen

● Ear bowl Tora: Ramen bowl 3,630 yen, Ranger 1,210 yen

● Platinum rough sea: Ramen bowl 22,000 yen, Swelling 1,980 yen

<Easy at home! Cooking utensils that you can enjoy making authentic ramen >
● Stainless steel wooden handle round bottom 3,190 yen <br /> A deep bottom colander with a handle. You can even drain the water with a colander and hot water.

● Commercial seasoning can large 1,254 yen

● White-haired green onion cutter White (Shimomura Kogyo) 1,298 yen <br /> A special cutter that allows you to easily make white-haired green onions by simply pulling it.

● Select 100 Garlic squeezed (Kai) 1,980 yen <br /> You can easily peel or squeeze the thin skin of garlic without getting your hands dirty.

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