Registered Tangible Cultural Property Japan’s oldest existing beer hall Beer Hall Lion Ginza 7-chome store 88th anniversary

Roast beef at a thank-you price on the day of the anniversary of April 8

Sapporo Lion Co., Ltd., a group company of Sapporo Holdings Limited, celebrates the birthday of "Beer Hall Lion Ginza 7-chome Store", which will celebrate its 88th anniversary on April 8, 2022 (Friday), and thank you for your daily support. We will hold an event as "Thanksgiving for the founding".

■ Toast at the oldest existing beer hall in Japan

The Ginza Lion Building, which was registered as a nationally registered tangible cultural property (building) on February 17, this year, was built in 1934 (Showa 9), and the beer hall lion on the first floor is the oldest existing beer hall lion in Japan. It is a beer hall.
Since its foundation, the interior has remained almost the same, and it has been loved by many customers as a "beer hall that always welcomes you no matter how many times you visit" and a "beer hall full of memories" on April 8th (Friday) this year. ) Will celebrate the 88th anniversary of its founding.

Assortment of 5 kinds of sausages

■ The traditional "Ginza roast beef" is a thank-you price of 888 yen (976 yen including tax)! Around April 8th, the popular menu will be at a thank-you price for the 88th anniversary!

The limited time and quantity of "Ginza Roast Beef (regular price 1,958 yen including tax)" is a popular menu that is inevitably sold out every day. It has been on sale for over 20 years and goes well with draft beer. This traditional taste, "Ginza Roast Beef," will be on sale only on April 8th (Friday) at a thank-you price of 888 yen (976 yen including tax).
In addition, until April 7, we thank Sapporo draft beer black label oversized mug for a thank-you price of 888 yen (976 yen including tax), and on April 9th (Sat) and 10th (Sun) after the founding date, we thank you for assorting 5 kinds of sausages. It will be offered at a price of 1,888 yen (2,076 yen including tax).

Cherry-blossom viewing beer hall

■ Very popular! Cherry-blossom viewing beer hall

At the Beer Hall Lion Ginza 7-chome store, we are holding a "Ohanami Beer Hall" with a large cherry blossom decoration inside the store for a limited time until April 17th (Sun). This is the oldest beer hall in Japan that is celebrating its 88th anniversary, and is a limited-time event where you can enjoy cherry blossom viewing that is typical of Japan.

When it was founded in 1934

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* The service may be canceled without notice due to instructions from the government or local government.

At Sapporo Lion, we are thoroughly implementing infection control measures so that our customers can enjoy eating and drinking with peace of mind.

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