[Steak restaurant] “BLT STEAK SUMMER fair” held at BLT STEAK GINZA

Original Burger Sale "Burger Week" x Summer Special Menu "SURF & TRURF BBQ Plate"

Heijoen Co., Ltd., which operates the high-end yakiniku chain “Heijoen”, will hold the “BLT STEAK SUMMER Fair” at the steak restaurant “BLT STEAK GINZA” from Monday, August 1st.

"BLT STEAK GINZA" offers course meals that use plenty of seasonal ingredients, and has been well received mainly by business people who use it for dinner and entertainment. From August 1st (Monday), we will sell "Burger Week" and "SURF & TRURF BBQ Plate" under the name of "BLT STEAK SUMMER Fair".

"Burger Week" is an arrangement of hamburgers made with 100% USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) rated prime grade beef unique to BLT STEAK. “BLT Melt Double Cheese Burger”, which is popular every year with melted cheese sauce in front of customers, “BLT Prime Beef Burger” where you can fully enjoy the taste of meat, and “Wagyu Burger” which was popular during Golden Week this year. Coredo Muromachi Terrace” will sell 5 types of burgers, including “THE Wagyu Burger”, which can only be tasted at lunchtime from August 6th (Sat) to August 14th (Sun).

In addition, the summer special menu "SURF & TRURF BBQ Plate" will be offered only at dinner time from August 1st (Monday) to September 16th (Friday). “Surf & Turf,” where you can enjoy steak and lobster at once, is one of the staples of American steakhouses. This summer, you can enjoy two types of BBQ plates: the "SURF-BBQ Plate" with plenty of seafood, and the "TRURF-BBQ Plate" with a 1.3kg extra-large Tomahawk steak.

We will continue to provide delicious food and high-quality service, aiming to be a restaurant that will be loved for a long time in the city of Ginza where many restaurants are crowded.

Address: Royal Crystal Ginza 8F, 5-4-6 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061
Phone number: 03-3573-1129
Hours: Lunch 11:30-15:00 (LO 14:00) / Dinner 17:00-21:00 (LO 20:00)
Reservation: https://www.tablecheck.com/shops/bltsteak-ginza/reserve
*Business hours may change suddenly due to social conditions.


Period: Saturday, August 6, 2022-Sunday, August 14, 2022 Lunch time 11: 30-15: 00 (LO 14: 00)
Contents: Sales of “BLT Melt Double Cheese Burger”, “BLT Prime Beef Burger”, “BLT Elvis Burger”, “THE Wagyu Burger” and “BLT Fish Burger”

*From the left of the photo
This is a tribute to rock star Elvis Presley's mother's favorite taste, "Elvis Sandwich". The saltiness of the thick bacon, the sourness of the sour cream, the sweetness of the butter-sautéed banana and peanut butter all make for an addictive flavor.

A melting cheese sauce made with Steppen cheese, also known as German mozzarella cheese. The 2 beef patties that are grilled to a golden brown are made with the highest USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) rated prime grade beef, lettuce, tomato, onion, and jalapeño sandwiches for accents of flavor, just like steak. It is a full-fledged burger that combines the rich melting cheese, the aroma and taste of the meat, and the sauce that is served in front of the customer when it is served.

Wagyu Burger × BLT STEAK ¥2,000
"Wagyu Burger" Coredo Muromachi Terrace store and BLT STEAK
200% Wagyu burger with 100% A5 Wagyu patty and 100% A5 Wagyu homemade bacon.

You can enjoy the contrast between the fluffy cod and the crispy batter of the fish burger with fresh domestic cod. The smoked tartar sauce and jalapeño give it a different flavor and texture, so you won't get tired of it until the very end.

100% USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture) rated prime grade beef is used as a fragrant patty grilled in a STEAK special kettle imported from the US just like the steak. Tomatoes, lettuce, and onions are sandwiched between them to create a full-fledged prime burger unique to BLT STEAK.

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Period: Monday, August 1, 2022 to Friday, September 16, 2022 Dinner time 17:00-22:00 (LO21:00)
Contents: Sale of “SURF-BBQ Plate” and “TRURF-BBQ Plate”

"Surf & Turf", where you can enjoy steak and lobster at once, is one of the staples of American steakhouses. For this year's BLT, you can enjoy two types of BBQ plates, "SURF-BBQ Plate" and "TRURF-BBQ Plate".

Fisherman's Plate ¥22,000

A dish worthy of the name "Fisherman" where you can fully enjoy lobster, oysters, scallops, soft shell shrimp, octopus and seafood.

You can also enjoy grilling seasonal summer vegetables.


Next to Prime Dry-Aged T-bone Steak, we offer Prime Dry-Aged Tomahawk Steak in extra-large size of 1.3kg.

In addition, from BLT standard side dishes, onion rings, sautéed maitake mushrooms, and edamame hummus, which incorporates seasonal ingredients like BLT STEAK GINZA, are assorted.
Please enjoy the plate unique to the steak house.

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BLT STEAK, one of the world-famous steak restaurants in the United States and abroad, opened its flagship store "BLT STEAK NY (New York store)" in 2004. Since then, BLT STEAK, BLT PRIME, BLT BURGER We have more than 15 BLT brand restaurants and various other branded restaurants around the world. The BLT brand has been recognized with 2 stars from The New York Times, The New York Post, The Daily News, 3 Stars from Crane's New York Business and Esquire magazine's Best New Restaurants.

Modern American steakhouse BLT STEAK is a classic steakhouse with a bistro feel. We use the USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture) certified prime grade, the highest grade, for our proud beef that has been naturally dried in our own aging warehouse to retain the best tenderness, flavor and aroma. Using a steak kiln imported from the United States, the steak is baked at a high temperature of 925 degrees to lock in the flavor. Finally, you can enjoy the steak finished with herb butter with your favorite BLT original sauce. https://bltsteak.jp/

·Company Profile

Company name: Heijoen Co., Ltd. Representative: Junyuki Kaburagi, President and CEO Founded: December 1970 Established: March 2012 Location: 1F, 3-15-5 Ayase, Adachi-ku, Tokyo
Capital: 45,000,000 yen Business description: Restaurant business Brand: Yakiniku Heijoen / Tokyo Yakiniku Heijoen / Tokyo Yakiniku Ichitoya / All-You-Can-Eat Wagyu Hall of Fame Nikuya Yokocho / BLT STEAK / Wagyu Burger / All-You-Can-Eat Hormone Tsukihoru Openings: 38 in Japan Stores, 1 overseas store (as of July 28, 2022)