MOTHERHOUSE’s food brand “LITTLE MOTHERHOUSE” opens its first specialty store in Ginza

A factory shop with a chocolate workshop

LITTLE MOTHERHOUSE, which has the philosophy of “from developing countries to the world”, will open a factory shop with a chocolate workshop in Ginza, Tokyo. As a new base for production and sales, we will deliver the appeal of rich food ingredients from developing countries.

Exterior of the factory shop

A new business format with 3 spaces: studio, shop, and cafe

The new factory shop will be the brand's flagship store with three functions: production, sales and cafe. It will be the first store as a LITTLE MOTHERHOUSE specialty store.

The store has three spaces: production, sales, and a cafe.

The workshop space where products are produced and developed is glass-enclosed, so you can always see the production process. The shop space is centered on the standard product “Irodori Chocolate”, and has a lineup that is easy to use as a gift. In addition, the cafe space offers limited sweets that can only be eaten here. Carefully selected coffee (produced in Indonesia) and tea (produced in Sri Lanka) can be taken out.

A carefully selected drink menu can be taken out

In addition to the food menu, the interior of the store is full of attention to detail, such as using Indonesian wood, and was created with the aim of creating a space where you can relax while feeling the atmosphere of the production area.

Cafe space offering limited sweets menu

“Irodori Chocolate” has been renewed and appeared

Irodori Chocolate “Ouka”

Based on white chocolate, the popular “Irodori Chocolate”, which allows you to enjoy 12 different flavors, has been renewed to be even more delicious. New flavors such as fragrant and mellow pistachio, shikuwasa with a refreshing sour taste, and mascarpone with the umami of cheese that enhances the sweetness. Enjoy a variety of flavors, whether you choose by taste or color.

[Shop space handling products]

“Irodori Chocolate” 1,296 yen each (tax included)
A tablet-shaped white chocolate made with an original formulation. With the theme of the four seasons of Japan, you can enjoy 12 different flavors. Both the contents and the package have a beautiful gradation color, and it is a popular signboard product as a gift or souvenir.

Irodori chocolate with 12 different flavors

"Traveling financier (6 pieces)" 1,998 yen (tax included)
A baked confectionery set that you can enjoy different tastes with cacao nibs from Indonesia, coffee, cinnamon from Sri Lanka, coconut, etc.

Traveling Financier (6 pieces)

[Café space offer menu]

"Traveling sweets set" 1,320 yen (tax included)
An original plate of chocolate using cacao from Indonesia, coconut financier from Sri Lanka, and a set of carefully selected coffee and tea.

[Store overview]

Exterior of the factory shop

(Japanese notation: Little Mother House Chocolate Factory Shop)
Opening date: Friday, September 30, 2022
Hours: Shop 11:00-19:00 / Cafe 12:00-18:00
Closed: Mondays and Tuesdays (closed the following weekday if Monday is a public holiday)
Address: 3-9-11 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Pulp and Paper Hall 1F
Phone: 03-6264-3031

A food brand from Motherhouse that started in February 2021. Based on the philosophy of "From developing countries to the world", we develop and sell original products that highlight the rich food ingredients and culture of developing countries. As the first step, we are developing products using Indonesian cacao in collaboration with the chocolate brand “Dari K (Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture)”.

[About Motherhouse]
With the philosophy of "creating world-class brands from developing countries", we deliver the potential of "developing countries" to customers around the world through "manufacturing". Since its establishment in 2006, we have been manufacturing in six countries, including Bangladesh, Nepal, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, and Myanmar, making use of the materials and cultures of each country. As of September 2022, we have 38 stores in Japan, 4 stores in Taiwan, 1 store in Hong Kong, and 2 stores in Singapore.

【Company Profile】
Company name Motherhouse Co., Ltd. Location NSK Building 2F, 2-27-3 Taito, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Established March 9, 2006 Capital 27,950,000 yen Business description Apparel products and miscellaneous goods planning, production, quality guidance in developing countries, sales representative Eriko Yamaguchi in developed countries