Japanese culture festival “Hinomaru Festival 2022” will be held in Hibiya / Ginza area on 11/20 | Let’s Walk the Streets in Kimono ~ Let’s walk around the city wearing kimono

The Hinomaru Festival Executive Committee will hold the 3rd Hinomaru Festival on Sunday, November 20, 2022. This festival is an event where you can feel familiar with Japanese culture and tradition, "Hinomaru". The main event is the Hinomaru Parade, in which various performers parade through the city with the Hinomaru in hand. Wear a kimono and enjoy walking around the center of Tokyo while experiencing various Japanese culture and performing arts. [URL: https://hinomarufes.com/ ]

<Overview of Hinomaru Festival>

  • Name: Hinomaru Festival 2022
  • Date: Sunday, November 20, 2022, 13:00-15:00
  • Organizer: Hinomaru Festival Executive Committee
  • Official website: https://hinomarufes.com
  • content
    • 1. Opening event (Hibiya Park Concert Hall) 13:00-13:50 (doors open at 12:30) scheduled
    • 2. Hinomaru Parade (Hibiya Park Concert Hall – Tokiwabashi Park, about 2.9km) 13:50-15:00

*This event will be held with careful attention to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection. Please note that the event may be postponed or canceled depending on the infection status and requests from the government and local governments. Please see the official website for details.

■ Opening event <br /> There will be performances and opening ceremonies by various artists only for this day. Get in the mood before the parade!

■ Hinomaru Parade <br /> Starting from the Hibiya Park Grand Music Hall (Hibiya Noon), the parade will take about an hour to travel 2.9km through the Yurakucho/Ginza area and Tokyo/Nihonbashi area to Tokiwabashi Park. This year as well, the parade will be livened up by performers such as the high school flag-bearing corps, powerful live performances of Japanese drums, marching bands, and the Awa Odori dance. As usual, many people in gorgeous kimonos will participate. Let's have fun walking together with the small Hinomaru flag!

■ About the Hinomaru Festival <br /> This festival was held for the first time on November 17, 2019, to celebrate the enthronement of His Majesty the Emperor and usher in a bright new era of Reiwa. The event has been well received every year and has been decided to be held for the third time this year.

Since ancient times, Japan has been called the "land of harmony," and people have lived in harmony with each other. Our wish is that now is the time for all Japanese people to unite as one with the spirit of "Wa", support and help each other, and build a bright future.
It is also about preserving the wonderful traditions and culture of Japan that we have inherited from our ancestors and handing them down to the next generation.

Holding up the Hinomaru, the symbol of Japan, we will move forward powerfully toward the future.
With that in mind, we are holding this year's Hinomaru Festival.

■ How to participate in this event <br /> Anyone can participate if you apply in advance.
Please apply from the website.

[General Participation]

POINT 1: Join the parade in kimono!
[Limited number of people] Kimono rental, dressing, and hair set plan (men and women) are available. Enjoy the parade while wearing a kimono and enjoying Japanese culture!

POINT 2: Enjoy the Hinomaru Festival 2022 on a special open-top bus ! In addition to being able to watch the parade from the second floor, this is a special course that goes around famous places in Tokyo such as Ginza and Tokyo Station.

POINT 3 Participation in teams and groups is also possible!
Participation in teams and groups is also very welcome! The fun is sure to double with the outfits! If you would like to perform, please apply from the performer recruitment.


We are looking for performers who can liven up the Hinomaru Festival together! Stage performances at the opening event and performances at the Hinomaru parade are possible. Please fully demonstrate your daily thoughts and accumulated energy in the middle of Tokyo! If you didn't have a chance to appear in the corona misfortune, please apply for this opportunity.


We are looking for sponsors and partners who can support the event. You can use it as a place to appeal your company to parade participants and people along the road.

For details, please contact us from our website → https://hinomarufes.com/

■ Hinomaru Festival Executive Committee <br /> The Hinomaru Festival Executive Committee is an organization that manages the Japanese cultural festival "Hinomaru Festival" and the "Rediscovery of Japan's Best Things Photo Contest". The members are mainly in their 20s and 30s, and consist of people who are active in various industries and industries.

■ November 21, 2021 – 2nd “Hinomaru Festival 2021”
While the future is uncertain due to the corona crisis, I want to bring smiles to many people by raising the flag of the Hinomaru, which symbolizes the sun. In addition, we held the Hinomaru Festival for the second time in two years with the aim of supporting cultural activities by providing a place for performers who have no place to work due to the corona crisis. With the cooperation of everyone, we were able to hold the event safely and securely with thorough measures against infectious diseases.

[Second time]

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