[Seiko House Ginza Hall (former Wako Hall)] “Natural history with thoughts on the change of time – Kazuo Takiguchi -” will be held from May 25 (Thursday)

Ceramic artist Kazuo Takiguchi will hold his sixth solo exhibition after three years.

At the Seiko House Ginza Hall (formerly Wako Hall), from May 25th (Thursday) to June 4th (Sunday), "Natural history with thoughts on the change of time – Kazuo Takiguchi -" will be held.

We are pleased to announce the 6th solo exhibition of Kazuo Takiguchi, a ceramic artist living in Kyoto.
Mr. Takiguchi, who has won numerous awards such as the Ceramic Society of Japan Award and the Kyoto Prefectural Cultural Award for Merit, pursues his own pottery art with his reliable technique and diverse expressiveness. Approximately 100 adorable works that sensitively capture the changes of the times and incorporate their feelings into ceramics will be gathered together. A group of works inspired by canned food opens the door to a heartwarming and nostalgic world that makes everyone smile.
Please enjoy the familiar 12 zodiac signs, 12 constellations, cow cows, weavers, and the seven gods of good fortune woven together, as well as a natural history made of small pottery at the venue.

Crescent sound box For the banquet of those who inherit the year (18.6 × 24.9 × height 13.8 cm)

Constellation large can box Constellation stories packed in a large can (18.9 x 22.5 x height 13.8 cm)

Mansion People who live in a red brick mansion (15.3 x 16.5 x height 18.3cm)

(Above) Oribe-yaze box Heading for a paradise of birds in the greenery (11.1×19.5×H9.3cm) (Bottom) Oribe-Yaizu small box A traditional carpentry tool box (5.7×13.2×H6.3cm) )

(Front) A piece of blue-white cloud (15.3 x 16.5 x height 18.3 cm) (Back) Bubbling blue-white cloud (24 x 34 x height 43 cm)

Kazuo Takiguchi Biography
1953 Born in Kyoto Prefecture
1989 Received the Grand Prize at the Japan Ceramic Art Exhibition and Chichibunomiya Cup
1990 MOA Museum of Art Mokichi Okada Award for Excellence in Crafts
1991 Received the Gotoh Memorial Tokyu Cultural Award New Artist Award and the Japan Ceramic Society Award
1992 Graduated from Royal College of Art (UK)
2003 Submitted to "Flowers of Contemporary Ceramic Art" (Ibaraki Ceramic Art Museum)
2004/08/13/16/20 Solo exhibition at Wako
2013 Kyoto Prefecture Cultural Award Distinguished Service Award

"Natural history with thoughts on the change of time – Kazuo Takiguchi -"
May 25th (Thursday) – June 4th (Sunday)

Venue: Seiko House Ginza Hall Seiko House Ginza 6F, 4-5-11 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Contact: Wako (03) 3562-2111 (representative)
Business hours: 11:00-19:00 (until 17:00 on the last day)
Closed: Open all year round Admission: Free Sponsor/Wako

◎ Wako Hall has changed its name to "Seiko House Ginza Hall".
We will send various messages to the world, such as exhibitions related to the Seiko Group business in general and co-creation with artists.
Business hours and events are subject to change without notice.
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