“La Terrazza Don Pérignon Lounge” on the top floor of Bvlgari Ginza Tower will open again this year!

The rooftop terrace “La Terrazza Don Pérignon Lounge” located on the top floor of the Bvlgari Ginza Tower has opened for a limited time this year as well.

On the terrace that opens from 12:00, you can enjoy Italian dolce and drinks from lunch time and afternoon tea time. In the evening, after the sun goes down, you can enjoy a champagne aperitivo, the Bvlgari Ginza Bar's signature "Bvlgari Cocktail", or the season's recommended Italian highball, and other classic Italian cocktails arranged in a modern style. We offer a wide variety of cocktails. Please spend a special time in an exclusive space where your heart will be liberated.

Open for a limited time until the end of October

Business hours: 12:00-22:00 (LO 21:30)
Closed: Sundays and Mondays
Business hours may change without prior notice due to weather conditions.
Address: Bvlgari Ginza Tower 11F (rooftop), 2-7-12 Ginza, Chuo-ku
Please contact the following for details.
Contact: Bvlgari Ginza Bar 03-6362-0510
HP: https://www.bulgarihotels.com/ja_JP/tokyo-osaka-restaurants/tokyo/la-terrazza-dom-perignon-lounge
Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bulgarilucafantintokyo/

This is not a Japanese highball (left) / Bvlgari cocktail (right)

[Bvlgari Japan Co., Ltd.] From the press release

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