Japan’s first new sensation! “Fried Sandwich” will open for the first time in Ginza, Tokyo on Friday, December 8th!

~Unprecedented fried sandwiches and low-carbohydrate fruit sandwiches born in Fukuoka. ~

Fruit Sandwich Three, which came from Kama, a small town in Fukuoka, will breathe new life into the gorgeous street corner of Ginza! A shop that captures the hearts of customers and has long lines makes its debut in Tokyo at Age.3, the much-talked-about fried sandwich specialty store. It's a visually pleasing sweet that bursts with colorful flavors on crispy fried bread. For just 450 yen, you can have an adventure with 22 flavors. The simple deliciousness of whipped cream only costs 100 yen! We are waiting for you in the wonderful city of Ginza. Pre-opening on Friday, December 8th, grand opening on Wednesday, December 13th!

Modern food culture is increasingly demanding more entertainment than just a meal. Among them, FRUIT SAND THREE, a fruit sandwich specialty store based in Fukuoka, is offering “fried sandwiches'' that are full of surprises and deliciousness. This fried sandwich, which originated in the small town of Kama City in Fukuoka, has moved to the next stage in Ginza, taking customers' food excitement to a new level.

A new world of sandwiches opens up through frying

FRUIT SAND THREE's fried sandwich is truly a masterpiece of food art. The outside is crispy and fried, and the inside is filled with fluffy low-carbohydrate cream and rich fruit and sweet flavors. The contrasting textures harmonize exquisitely in your mouth, doubling the pleasure of eating. Fried side dishes are also very popular. Also worth noting is the low-carb approach. Using Lakanto, our fried sandwiches are made with a focus on health and deliciousness, and are a masterpiece that you can enjoy without feeling guilty.

The most delicious fruit sandwich ever

The fruit sandwiches provided by FRUIT SAND THREE are mainly made with fresh fruit from Kama City, Fukuoka. The exquisite harmony of carefully fried bread and fruit in the fried sandwich invites the eater to a new world of deliciousness. It goes beyond the framework of a fruit sandwich and condenses unprecedented surprise and excitement into every bite.

I want you to taste freshly fried food at the store.

The appeal of fried sandwiches is the freshly fried texture and the deliciousness of the warm bread and cool whipped cream. I would like you to try the deliciousness of the fried sandwich at our store. The Ginza store, Kama City main store, and Youme Town Iizuka store are all open. Why not grab some low-carb fried sandwiches and fruit sandwiches and share their deliciousness and fun?

–Ginza store
– Address: 1-24-11 1F, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
– Phone: 070 1317 7334
– Business hours: 11:00-19:00 (closes when supplies last)
– Business days: every day
– No regular holiday

The appeal of our fried sandwiches is amazing, and we have a lot of people visiting our store through SNS. I'm very happy to receive compliments from influencers and YouTubers, such as, “The combination of crispy and fruit is perfect!'' and “It's healthy, yet satisfying!'' We aim to continue to be the best fruit sandwich and fried sandwich shop in Japan that excites our customers.

The extremely popular Oreo sandwich is ranked No. 1 in Japan by Rakuten Hometown Tax Donation.

The hometown tax return gift, which is very popular at stores, has achieved the top Rakuten sweets ranking in Japan. At the Ginza store, not only fried sandwiches, but also popular products from the existing store will be renovated to look more like Ginza.

Invitation to unknown tastes with fried sandwiches <br />The fried sandwiches from Age.3, a store specializing in fried sandwiches, are like magic that invite you to an unknown world through eating them. Exploring new possibilities of fruit and the surprise and excitement that can be brought out by frying it. That first bite will open the door to a new culinary journey. Would you like to experience that magic too?

[ANCHOR Co., Ltd.] From the press release

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