[Tokyo Midtown Hibiya] “Sweet collaboration of strawberries and chocolate” will be held from January 12th (Friday) to March 14th (Thursday), 2024

At Tokyo Midtown Hibiya, for a limited time from January 12, 2024 (Friday) to March 14, 2024 (Thursday), the fair "Strawberry and Chocolate" will be held, where a wide variety of strawberry and chocolate menus will be available at restaurants within the building. We will be holding a sweet collaboration.

From winter to spring, when strawberries are in season, Tokyo Midtown Hibiya offers a menu of sweets and drinks that use plenty of strawberries. In addition to eye-catching parfaits and cakes made with strawberries, we offer an attractive lineup of collaborations with Japanese ingredients, dessert drinks, and strawberry-flavored alcohol.

Furthermore, this year, in addition to strawberries, many sweets using chocolate will also be available for Valentine's Day and White Day. From adult sweets where you can enjoy the rich aroma and depth of cacao, to parfaits from popular chocolate shops and chocolate drinks made with Dandelion chocolate and high-quality red cocoa, there are exciting sweets made with strawberries and chocolate that are unique to this season. Experience co-starring at Tokyo Midtown Hibiya.

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・Now is the season! Fascinating strawberry sweets

◆Strawberry Holic 2,970 yen
Pâtisserie & Café DEL'IMMO / B1F

A parfait for strawberry lovers that combines strawberry confit, red wine jelly, milky ice cream, and strawberry ice cream.
*Availability period: From mid-January

◆Sweet heart scones (2 pieces)
Eat-in: 2,255 yen / Take-out: 821 yen

TEA ROOM KIKI Tea & scone specialty store/B1F

A cute heart-shaped scone baked with plenty of rich strawberry chocolate. Each item is handmade with love.
*Available from 11:00 to 20:00 *Eat-in includes free tea

◆Amaou Zenzai 616 yen <Limited quantity>
Suzukake / 1st basement floor

Special zenzai made with red beans from Tokachi, Hokkaido. Amaou strawberries are topped with zenzai that has a light flavor with less sweetness.
*Available period: Until mid-February *Takeout only

◆Q Soft serve ice cream and strawberry parfait 1,100 yen <Limited quantity>
Q CAFE by Royal Garden Cafe / 6th floor

Creamy soft serve ice cream made with pasteurized milk and topped with fresh strawberries. Our store-limited parfait has a cute appearance.
*Available from 15:00

◆Strawberry and hojicha parfait 2,090 yen

A parfait made with seasonal strawberries, roasted green tea, and white bean paste for a Japanese taste. You can enjoy the balance of sweetness and sourness to the very end.

・Enjoy the strongest combination “Strawberry x Chocolate”

◆Apple pie with berries and chocolate sauce 700 yen
Susan's MEAT BALL / B1F

Enjoy the fluffy whipped cream with a variety of berries and chocolate sauce.

◆Strawberry vegan gateau chocolate 1,089 yen
Mr.FARMER / Basement 1st floor

A healthy and good-for-you vegan dessert that combines a gorgeous-looking gateau chocolate with a gentle sweetness and tart strawberries.

◆Chewy donut sandwich ~Strawberry & Chocolate~ 355 yen
boulangerie Bonheur / basement 1st floor

Chewy donuts made using the hot water method are filled with strawberry cream and topped with chocolate!

◆Phuket fondant chocolate with strawberry sauce 1,980 yen

Homemade fondant chocolate served with sweet and sour strawberry sauce. Enjoy the combination of chocolate sweetness and refreshing sourness.

◆Strawberry and chocolate duo with a glass of oolong tea Lunch: 5,170 yen / 7,700 yen Dinner: 8,434 yen / 11,880 yen Available with each course
morceau / 2nd floor

The rich taste of chocolate, the sweet and sour taste of strawberries, and the aromatic aroma of oolong tea combine to create a heart-warming dessert.

・Enjoy a moment of bliss with sweet chocolate.

◆Chocolate whipped lassi 790 yen
DIYA / 2nd floor

Chocolate whipped lassi made with rich cacao aroma and deep bitter chocolate.

◆Low-carbohydrate pound cake Cocoa Eat-in: 330 yen / Take-out: 324 yen

A pound cake made with soybean flour that is low in carbohydrates yet has a firm sweetness. The chocolate flavor is topped with sweet and sour dried raspberry.

◆Saburozaemon Water Matcha Chocolate 500 yen <Limited Quantity>

A luxurious and popular original sweet that matches the slight bitterness of matcha with the sweetness of chocolate. Please enjoy the exquisite texture.

◆Chocolate (HOT / ICE) 490 yen~
DEAN & DELUCA CAFE / 1st floor

A chocolate drink made with Dandelion chocolate and high-quality red cocoa that is not too sweet and has a good aroma and flavor.

◆Chocolate fraise 2,000 yen
STAR BAR / 3rd floor

A sweet strawberry and chocolate cocktail that is perfect for this time of year, made with strawberry and fresh cream liqueur and cacao liqueur.
*A separate cover charge of 1,100 yen will be charged.

*All prices include tax *Please contact each store for details *Contents and prices are subject to change

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