-Expressing the traditional techniques and craftsmanship of Provence-L’Occitane cafe is also the first store in a commercial facility L’Occitane GINZA SIX shop Atelier de Provence

Grand Opening on Friday, April 12, 2019

A lifestyle cosmetic brand with approximately 3,000 stores in more than 90 countries worldwide, L'Occitane Japon Co., Ltd. is in the Ginza area's largest commercial facility GINZA SIX on April 12 at the L'Occitane GINZA SIX store Atelier de Provence. We will open on (Fri).

Born in Provence, surrounded by a vast land and rich nature, L'Occitane creates a new lifestyle based on plants. Under the concept of a completely new "atelier", the new store expresses the traditional techniques of Provence and craftsmanship that have been inherited by L'Occitane. The in-store workshop offers a place where you can experience the rich Provence lifestyle and the craftsmanship of L'Occitane through workshops and wrapping services tailored to your needs. In addition, you can create a store that is integrated with the L'Occitane Cafe, which will be the first store in a commercial facility, and you can enjoy not only the product but also the food culture with a sense of the world of Occitane's world.

* Store image

To commemorate this opening, L'Occitane creates a new lifestyle from plants, and Pierre Herme Paris creates a world of taste, sensibility, and joy in the patisserie world. "Champs 86" opened at 86 at Parish Champs Elysees, a flagship store that combines two brands. We will release the fragrance series “86 Collection (Catorvansis Collection)” that was born there. "

L'Occitane Cattlevansis Collection

A collection created by combining the imagination of Pierre Erme, who is known as the "Picasso of the patisserie world", and the plant knowledge cultivated by L'Occitane, and maximized the attractiveness of the material with his artistic sense Inspired by nature, memories, travels, and encounters there, it is a collection of unprecedented scents that creates a new sense that has never been imagined. A total of 6 items including the Cattlevansis Collection Mandarin Imotel (90,200 yen including tax, 16,200 yen), where the iconic Hanai Motel was born with the fresh smell of citrus fruits such as Mandarin.

Cattlevansis Mandarin Imotel

In addition, at L'Occitane Cafe, we will develop an original menu only for the theme of "Atelier". We have prepared a carefully selected menu, such as plate-style parfaits based on framed pictures, and an appetizer plate placed on an original plate shaped like a wooden pallet, and we look forward to your visit.

Parfait Jeanne 2,000 yen (tax included)
Yellow color parfait beautifully finished with mango, seasonal yellow fruits, mango sorbet and nougat ice cream on 2 kinds of cream of lavender and almonds etc.

Parfe Jeune

Aperitif Palette 2,000 yen (tax included)
Homemade blini, mini baguette with natural yeast, 5 kinds of appetizers on a pallet-type original plate. Enjoy a light meal or Provence Rose wine.

Aperitif Palette

L'Occitane GINZA SIX store Atelier de Provence 〒 104-0061 6-10-1, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo GINZA SIX B1F
TEL: 03-6280-6461
Opening hours: Both shop and cafe 10:30-20:30 (Café last order 20:00)
URL: jp.loccitane.com


<br /> shining sun and blooming flowers rich Provence wrapped in nature of the L'Occitane. Born in 1976, L'Occitane is a lifestyle cosmetic brand that proposes the life of Provence through skin care, body care and fragrance products using carefully selected plant materials. Since its launch as a pioneer in skin care based on plant raw materials and essential oils, its high-quality items have been developed in approximately 3,000 stores in over 90 countries, and are loved by people with celebrities and other people around the world. You

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