【Hotel Gracery Ginza】 Breakfast Buffet TO-FU de Breakfast is delicious.

Hotel Gracery Ginza is holding a breakfast buffet entitled "TO-FU de breakfast made by Tofu Meister" at the hotel's restaurant, Bonsalute (3F), Monday, 1 July 2019. (Until August 31)
This time, I would like to report to the Hotel Gracery Ginza, because I had a nice breakfast buffet.

■ We talked with Mr. Hitoshi Kato, the chef at Hotel Gracery Ginza, and Haruno Yamaguchi, a tofu meister, about the breakfast buffet this time.

Hotel Gracery Ginza Chef-General, Hitoshi Kato (left) and Tofu Meister Haruno Yamaguchi (right)

Q: How did you come up with this TO-FU de breakfast project?

Tofu Meister Mr. Yamaguchi

I think that tofu has the image of "white and sober food", but you can make the sober tofu creamy or add an arrangement.
This project was born from the thought of Tofu Meister, who wants to make amazing tofu dishes that will delight customers with "Is this tofu?"

Q: Have you ever had any trouble making this tofu menu?

Hotel Gracery Ginza-Chef-Kato

We offer about 12 kinds of tofu dishes, but what I struggled with is the moisture of tofu. Depending on the tofu, the mouthfeel changes when the water is high, so which one is the best? It took time to make a choice.
In addition, how much do you use the smell of soybeans? I also used my mind to get a good balance of

Q: If you have a message from Tofu Meister Mr. Yamaguchi who wants to tell you something about this TO-FU de breakfast, can you tell me?

Currently, there are many tofu shops being crushed.
As a tofu meister, I am working with the idea that I want to support the tofu shop as much as possible .
If you are interested in tofu through this kind of occasion, and if you are able to reaffirm the attractiveness of tofu, "Tofu is delicious!" I think.
There is also a menu for young children to appreciate, so it would be great if you could refer to them when making food at home.

■ We introduce some TO-FU de breakfast menus recommended by the editorial department

ア レ ン ジ Arrange tofu dishes to be painted on bread.
There are two types of Okinawa Tofu and white sesame hummus, tofu, cream cheese and walnut dip.

I will be with the bread.
On the left is humus of Okinawa tofu and white sesame, and on the right is dip of tofu, cream cheese and walnuts.

・ The flavor of white sesame and cumin spreads slightly in the mouth in the hummus mouth of Okinawa tofu and white sesame.
It does not make you feel tofu, and it also has excellent compatibility with bread.
It's refreshing and it's a refreshing taste that's perfect for the morning.

・ Tofu ・ cream cheese ・ It is a menu that was born from the inspiration of the chief chef Kato who paid attention to the goodness of dip cheese of cheese and walnut and tofu.
The sweetness of oligosaccharides and raisins, the texture of walnuts is fun.
This is also great with bread.

ア レ ン ジ Arranged tofu dishes ideal for dressing for salads.
It is Banya cauda of tofu.
Creamy tofu is added to anchovy, garlic and olive oil to make it a mellow finish.

We will have plenty of tomato, lettuce and onion salad.

You can taste the tofu's fluffy feeling, and a good balance of garlic and anchovies.
It is a taste that children who dislike vegetables also like vegetables.

3 Three kinds of arranged tofu dishes with orange-flavored grated gadogado salad, deep-fried gadogado salad, Takano tofu and tofu stewed, and shrimp with avocado and kale.

Serve on a plate.
In the foreground, braised Takano tofu and tofu, right: gado-gado salad with pork and deep fried, left: tableware orange flavor with shrimp, avocado and kale.

・ You can enjoy the texture of Takano Tofu and boiled Takano Tofu.
And the winter bream will melt in your mouth.

・ Gado-gado salad of pork and deep-fried chicken Originally, the menu for Indonesian cuisine is a menu for summer that is arranged in a Japanese style.
It has a pleasant taste of white sesame seeds, deep fried crunchy texture, and crisp texture of bean sprouts.

・ Ogres with avocado and kale in a bowl Ogre-flavored ouare is a French salad dish using the world's smallest pasta called couscous.
In this menu, powder is used instead of couscous.
I was also surprised at the idea of using orange for tofu.
When I ate it, the orange, shrimp and okara entangled in the mouth,
Finally, you can enjoy the refreshing aftertaste of orange.

豆 Soy milk coffee jelly

After-meal dessert, I received soya milk coffee jelly.
The coffee used here is said to have been made using the restaurant Bonsalute's drip coffee.
Soy milk and fresh cream mellow and caramel-added coffee jelly's deep bitterness are intertwined in just the right way.
And the texture is solid.
It is recommended for those who like sweets and those who like coffee.


What did you think?

Hotel Gracery's breakfast buffet TO-FU de breakfast, full of dedication, good food and a rich feeling not found in other hotels.
There are a lot of delicious tofu dishes other than the menu introduced this time, so please visit us once and taste the many tofu dishes.
The moment you ate it, a surprise called "Hey!" Is waiting for you.

By the way, this breakfast buffet can be used not only by guests but also by the general public.
Some of our customers stop by after returning from the marathon and feel free to enjoy the breakfast buffet.

【Hotel Gracery Ginza Breakfast Buffet TO-FU de Breakfast】

■ Period: Monday, July 1, 2019 to Saturday, August 31
■ Time: 7:00 to 10:00 (Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays until 10:30)
■ Fee: Adult 2,160 yen / child (6-12 years old) 1,080 yen / child (3-5 years old) 540 yen ※ All tax included
■ Example of menu
・ Lasagna with tofu and sardine meat
・ Tofu Senjyo Chample Okinawa style
・ Island tofu ・ チ ・ ・ Okinawa flavored boiled pork with pork
・ Gado-gado salad with pork and deep-fried chicken
・ Caprese of tofu and sea grape from Okinawa prefecture
・ Vietnamese salad of chopped daikon radish and tempeh ・ blue papaya
・ Banya cauda of tofu
・ Humus of Okinawa tofu and white sesame
・ Soy milk coffee jelly
・ Others
※ We may change contents by convenience and day of stocking.
※ In addition to the above, we also have many regular dishes.
■ Homepage: https://gracery.com/ginza/breakfast/565a502529a1cca/

【Tofu Meister ・ Haruno Yamaguchi】
Tofu Meister has been active in various fields such as events and media appearances, magazine and book supervision, and recipe provision to companies etc.
"Tofu fair" Dreamia Club "recipe contest" associate grand prix, "Tofu & soy foods fair Tokyo soybean wholesale trade cooperative booth" administration supervision, Tofu Meister Award award.
Book " Haruno Yamaguchi easy! Delicious! Aesthetic creation" Tofu "recipe .
Currently working as a Bonsalute staff.
Haruno Yamaguchi's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/%E5%B1% B1 % E5 % 8 F % A3 % 81 % AF% E3 % 82 % 8 B% E3 % 81 % AE / ? hl = ja