From the Tokyo Hiroshima brand shop TAU, we will deliver “Orizuru” with peace of mind to the “Orizuru Tower” in Hiroshima’s “Orizuru Tower”.

Period: August 3 (Sat)-15 (Thu), 2019 Location: Hiroshima Brand Shop TAU (1-6-10 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo)

At the Hiroshima brand shop TAU, in order to disseminate information about the appeal (peace) of Hiroshima, we have prepared a special origami in the TAU based on the cooperation of the Orizuru Tower. Decided to deliver it to the wall of Orizuru.

Orizuru wall

The idea of peace gathered from all over the world is put into the “Orizuru” and accumulated, and the “Orizuru Wall” will be completed. By all means, let's deliver “Orizuru” to “Orizuru Wall” from TAU.
In addition, TAU will display 12 photo-bombed buildings selected as buildings that you would like to visit in Hiroshima at “Hiroshima Momogatari” and sell peace-related goods with the motif of “Orizuru”. The We ask for your introduction and coverage in the media.

Period : August 3 (Sat)-15 (Thu), 2019 10:30-20:00
Location: Hiroshima brand shop TAU 1 floor to 2 Kaikaidan special corner (Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 1-6-10)
Contents : Purchase exclusive origami (100 yen (tax included)) for Orizuru Tower, fold the Orizuru and place it in the Orizuru Tower paper bag. “Oizuru” will be put into “Orizu no wall” at a later date (delivered).
* Purchase of exclusive origami is donated to the A-bomb Dome Preservation Fund through the Orizuru Tower.

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★ <Orizuru Tower (1-2-1, Otemachi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima City)>

Orizuru Tower Rooftop Observatory “Hiroshima no Oka”

Tower that follows the Atomic Bomb Dome

“Orizuru Tower” where you can experience Hiroshima
Located next to the world heritage site “A-bomb Dome”, “Orizu Tower” is a facility where you can experience the charm of Hiroshima's past, present and future. From the rooftop observatory “Hiroshima no Oka”, which is the biggest attraction of the tower, you can see the Atomic Bomb Dome, the Peace Memorial Park, the restored Hiroshima cityscape, and Miyajima as far away.
In addition, select shops and cafes that have local specialties on the 1st floor, and the “Orizuru Plaza” on the 12th floor can be folded into the “Orizuru” or enjoy valuable experiences that can only be found here. You can enjoy a special experience that can only be obtained at the Orizuru Tower.

★ <Orizuru wall (approx. 55m)>
“Orizuru wall” can be said to be the symbol of “Orizuru Tower”. The “Orizuru Tower” folded with origami paper is put into the “Orizuru Wall”, and the “Orizuru Wall” will be completed by piling up the thoughts and prayers gathered from all over the world.