You can leave it empty-handed and pick it up at home! Expand to 10 Orihi Keasy Web Shops!

"ORIHICA" developed by AOKI Co., Ltd. introduced the easy web shop at the Nocti Plaza Mizonokuchi store in advance, which allows online shops and stores to work smoothly together for more comfortable and convenient shopping. We are introducing the "Web order service", which is one of the services of Easy Web Shop, which allows you to purchase products at the online shop and receive them at home at 10 stores.
* Web order service target stores Nocti Plaza Mizonokuchi Chofu Parco store Atre Kawasaki store Atre Oimachi store Kinshicho Termina store Yaesu Underground mall Maronier Gate Ginza store Tokyo Dome City LaQua store MARK IS Minatomirai store Aobadai Tokyu Square store * The store is closed There is a possibility. For details, please check the shop list of ORIHICA online shop.

■ What is Easy Web Shop? "Easy Web Shop" is a store that supports three online services.
➀ “Web Order Service” You can purchase at the store from the wide variety of online shops and receive it at home.
② “Store pick-up service” You can pick up items purchased at the online shop at the store.
③ "Store Reservation Service" You can reserve the items you care about at the online shop.
■Introducing "Web Order Service" to 10 stores <br /> Despite the increasing use of online shops due to the recent restraint of going out, ORIHICA has also received a favorable reception for "Easy Web Shop". Therefore, as the first step toward the expansion of all Easy Web Shops, we will expand the number of target shops for the Web Order Service to 10. With the "Web Order Service", you can purchase products from the online shop at the store, so you can choose from a wider variety of products than at the store. In addition, you can receive back-ordered items and items with corrections at home instead of at the store, so it is a convenient service even if it is difficult to come back to the store or you hesitate to go out. ORIHICA will continue to expand the number of target stores and work to improve convenience for customers.

■ "Web Order Service" details
① You can choose from a wide variety of products.
Because you can purchase products from the online shop at the store,
While consulting with staff about unclear points and coordination of products,
You can buy it, and you can also choose a size and color pattern that is not in the store.
② You don't need to come back to the store to leave.
You can send items from the online shop purchased at the store to your home, including repairs, so you don't have to go home empty-handed to return to the store.