From “Funkel Ginza Square”, thanks to all the people who are fighting Corona and ale, “Ajisai Blue Garden” video distribution start

Donate money to the Japanese Red Cross Society according to the number of times you watched the video. We are also holding a "# Funkel Blue Button" campaign with respect

FANCL's flagship store, FANCL Ginza Square, has been delivering a video of "hydrangea blue garden" with the theme of sending thanks and ale to everyone who fights against the new coronavirus from Friday, May 29th. I will. In addition, we will make a donation to the Japanese Red Cross Society to support various activities of the Red Cross, including prevention of the spread of new coronavirus infection, in line with the number of views.

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Sky Garden, the top floor of FANCL Ginza Square, holds several limited-time events colored with seasonal flowers several times a year, and the "hydrangea garden" held at this time of year every year attracts many customers. I will. However, this year, due to the influence of the new coronavirus, the event was canceled, and instead, a video of the Sky Garden colored with "blue" hydrangea was produced.

"Blue" is a color that expresses gratitude to healthcare professionals fighting against the new coronavirus, and the blue light-up started in London, England. Now, activities to dye "blue" are spreading all over the world. We will deliver a beautiful "blue" hydrangea video in the hope that we will send thanks and ale to as many medical staff as possible. At the same time, we will carry out support activities according to the number of views from May 29 (Fri) to July 31 (Fri). We hope that many people will enjoy the beautiful "blue" hydrangea and cooperate with us.

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[“Funkel Blue Button” campaign also held]
From Friday, May 22, we are running the "#Fankel Blue Button" campaign in honor of medical personnel fighting against the new coronavirus. Please post a "blue" photo that shows gratitude to healthcare professionals on Instagram with the hashtag of "#Funkel Blue Button". We will create an ale message for everyone who fights against the coronavirus with the posted photos, and we will disseminate it on the official Instagram of FANCL Ginza Square in early July.

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In addition, we will present our products to 10 people by lottery among those who participated.
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■Campaign participation method:
① Follow FANCL Ginza Square official Instagram (@fanclginzasquare) ② Post a blue photo with "# FANCL blue baton" ■ Campaign period: May 22 (Fri)-June 28 (Sun)