Finally the finale! A surprisingly “super bespoke” product is now available! “Fujimaki Department Store 8th “Super Bespoke” Thanksgiving” 3rd product pre-release started!

Starting with rare leather Boston tote, special original color Nambu Ironware, new leather shoulder bag, Daitori will be Fujimaki new brand super rare bespoke Damascus watch!

The EC site "Fujimaki Department Store" where you can find gems with the theme of "Japan" is celebrating its 8th anniversary. To commemorate this, we are holding the "Fujimaki Department Store 8th Anniversary Event 8th Extra Bespoke Thanksgiving" with all the gratitude we have so far. Some of the products in the first and second stages are sold out immediately and are very well received. In the 3rd edition starting from June 18, we will introduce a surprisingly super-custom product that could only be realized if it was the 8th anniversary!
The "Fujimaki Department Store 8th "Super Bespoke" Thanksgiving", which started in April, is finally in its third installment. Don't miss the gem that is suitable for the finale! (Third: Thursday, June 18-Sunday, June 21)

The concept of this time is " super bespoke "
A story that creates a hot collaboration of craftsmen and Fujimaki staff.
Every day is a new product! You can enjoy just reading and reading!

The third product will be on sale from Thursday, June 18!
We will deliver the product information that is inevitably sold out ahead of time.

The 3rd edition of the founding Thanksgiving Day that started in April is finally here! A surprisingly bespoke super-special product suitable for the finale! Do not miss!

  • <Third bullet> A surprisingly super bespoke product has arrived! June 18th (Thursday) to June 21st (Sunday)
  • [Ultra rare leather! Only 24 points can be made! ]

    Released on June 18th (Thu) [TOFF&LOADSTONE] Tide Boston Tote Bag Fujimaki Department Store Bespoke Fjord Goat

    Fujimaki-like "ideal tote" is completed here! Masterpiece "Tide" appeared in super-special order

    Boston Tote "Tide" once praised by buyers, "I want to choose this without hesitation if I have only one bag in my life". The 8th anniversary super bespoke model is now available in the super popular series that has become indispensable at Fujimaki Department Stores! The thick and soft "Fjord Goat" is luxuriously used, and the tote is soft and thick. A masterpiece just like Fujimaki's "final version of the ideal tote" has been created. Due to the rare original leather, only 24 items can be prepared at the first time. Don't miss this chance!

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    [This Fujimaki limited color is a gorgeous summer color! ]

    On sale June 19th (Fri) [OIGEN] [Set] Nanbu Tekki teapot / Maromi Arare (sunflower) & bottle floor / Arale 14cm set

    "Super bespoke" that only the innovator of Nanbu Tekki could have made a single "sunflower" on the table for tea time

    A teapot with an unprecedented color that is familiar to the dining table, but at the same time brightens quickly. It will be a memorial to those who have it. "OIGEN," which brought an innovative color expression to the world of Nanbu Tekki, which has a long history and tradition, has fulfilled such a difficult task! "Sunflower" colored teapot that expresses the natural texture one by one by craftsmen. Have the best tea time while adding flowers to the table.

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    [New leather is fully introduced! ]

    Released on Saturday, June 20 [HMAEN] Body Shoulder Bag RIZZO

    A new frontier called "New AEN Leather" An exquisite "super bespoke" bag for adults!

    "What material is suitable for the 8th anniversary, and what is the best material for the design?" ". Not only is it soft to the touch and rich in color, it's a perfect balance between the body and shoulder bag. "I always use it when I go out if I notice it" It is a new royal road bag that seems to continue such days.

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    [Fujimaki new brand is here! ]

    June 21 (Sun) [MUSHA] Damascus steel mechanical watch "SAMURAI" Fujimaki Department Store bespoke

    "Super bespoke" equipment of a man who fights in the present age! A beautiful watch with a Damascus steel blade pattern

    An amazing gem from Seki City, Gifu Prefecture, which is the hometown of swordsmiths and one of the world's best producers of cutlery! The "Damascus steel" used for high-grade knives is used for the dial. This watch, which combines the mysterious blades that fascinates the world with Seki's technology, is a super bespoke model only at Fujimaki Department Store. Especially the beautiful patterns created by Seki's craftsmanship are a must-see. Equipped with high-end watch class specifications such as domestic self-winding movement, it boasts a convincing quality as a watch. This is a man's equipment that makes you feel better just by wearing it. Visit "SAMURAI," a famous sword that inspires modern samurai!

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    The first and second products are now very popular! *Some products are sold by reservation as the initial quantity is sold out. Please note.

    Irimonta 's finest bespoke fabric [derive de beaudessin] Paisley shoulder bag Fujimaki department store bespoke model

    Co-starring popular models x popular leather [m+] Mini wallet millefoglie 2 P25 Fujimaki Department Store Bespoke Croco-stamped cowhide

    Fashionable Rain Shoes [WOOD VALLEY] Ladies Rainbit Loafers Fujimaki Department Store Bespoke Model

    First quantity sold out immediately! Overwhelming Fujimaki Blue!
    [Made in TSUBAME] Curry Spoon Fujimaki Department Store 8th Anniversary Model

    First quantity sold out immediately! Overwhelming individuality evolved further [CARRY NEST] wallet bag PASSPORT NEST / Bizkaji rucksack 3 BACK NEST Fujimaki department store bespoke model

    Wearing the pride of Japan [Urushi Art Hariya] Mt. Artigiano Fuji Pins Bespoke Fujimaki Department Store

    The gems that you can choose without a doubt [Luck trial "super bespoke" mystery bag]

    <Few remaining! > Bags that are too popular. Re-appearance!
    [TIDE] Tote bag SETOUCHI

    <First quantity sold out immediately! >Overwhelming profoundness x view of the world [Nabeya Glass Crafts Company] Planet Rock

    A gem that locks in convenience!
    [Com-ono] Chrome shrink leather multi-purpose Fujimaki department store bespoke model

    <First quantity sold out on the same day! > From the feet to the "smart" that looks deep in your heart [Yamato Kobo] Panama Woven Mens Seta Bespoke Navy Color

    First brand! Leather material shoulder bag!
    [DOUBLE LOOP] JOURNEY 2 Boarding Pocket Shoulder Fujimaki Department Store Bespoke Model

    Unusual collaboration of "Okinawa Aloha" and "Tokyo Umbrella"!
    [RAMUDA x PAIKAJI] Aloha Pattern Haresame Combined Folding Umbrella Fujimaki Department Store Bespoke Collaboration Model

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