The world’s only handmade design with over 100 types is here! The “PB Academy Atelier” where you can purchase and manufacture accessory parts is finally open!

H.I.S. Co., Ltd., which owns a communication school "PB Academy" that can obtain qualifications such as handmade, opened "PB Academy Atelier" on September 25, 2020, where you can purchase parts that have not arrived in Japan.

The PB Academy atelier is an "online site where you can meet the original designs of more than 100 kinds of handmade accessories, which are the only ones in the world, and purchase and make whole parts as a kit", including parts that have not arrived in Japan.


■ Background behind the birth

Handmade writers and those who like handmade had such problems.

"The design I make will be the same every time."
"I want to go overseas, but I can't."
"I bought too many kinds of parts and my budget was over."
"Even if you buy it, there will be excess parts"

Therefore, PB Academy, which has supported more than 16,000 people to obtain qualifications, is different for solving such problems and for "delivering the abundance of world design to Japan," which I felt when purchasing overseas. The PB Academy atelier is born here from the idea that "accessories that match your personality will be born."

■ Online presentation of "Atelier of PB Academy"

Please see this video.

■ Characteristics unique to "PB Academy Atelier"

① You can meet parts that are not in stock in Japan

② You can meet the world's only 100 types of designs

③ You can purchase the entire design as a kit (= no effort to purchase parts from scratch!)

All the designs gathered in the PB Academy atelier are designed by the designers of PB Academy who have been involved in the handmade and beauty industry overseas for more than 30 years, and made from carefully selected parts overseas. Therefore, the accessory designs we offer are the only ones in the world that can only be found in the PB Academy atelier.

■ Concept of "Atelier of PB Academy"

"Choose a design that suits each person here."

How do you feel when you wear accessories that fit your heart?
We believe that wearing accessories that fit your heart can bring joy, confidence, and courage to the innocent heart that you originally have.

And I want to cherish the brilliance of the inner beauty of each person.
That's why I imagine a person wearing accessories and choose a design.

"What color and shape will that person give off an inner glow?"
"What kind of time do you spend with this accessory?"

From the carefully selected design only here
Let's deliver the inner brilliance to the other party.
That is the atelier of PB Academy.

■ What is a qualified "PB Academy"?

PB Academy is a correspondence school where you can obtain qualifications centered on handmade products. With the vision of "making people who want to live by what they like shine," it is a place where you can face your favorite things and deepen your learning in your favorite places and times.

◆ Has the number of courses that can be acquired as Japan's top class "certified instructor qualification"

◆ Achievements of more than 16,000 participants ・ Satisfaction with attendance 91%

◆ It is very popular with people who want to become writers and teachers, who want to make accessories, who started by self-education but are not confident in technology, and who want to challenge something!

■ Company profile

Company name: H.I.S. Co., Ltd. Location: Ginza Six 13F, 6-10-1, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061
Inquiry phone number: 03-4330-9076
Representative Director: Shouma Hirata Business: PB Academy (correspondence education)