A fantastic space appears in the terrace garden of Ginza Mitsukoshi! Terrace garden winter illumination

You can experience AR with Santa Claus popping out during Christmas

■ November 9, 2021 (Tuesday) -February 15, 2022 (Tuesday) 4:00 pm to 11:15 pm
■ Ginza Mitsukoshi Main Building 9th Floor Ginza Terrace Terrace Garden

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Ginza Mitsukoshi's "Terrace Garden" provides relaxation and healing to people of all ages who gather in the city of Ginza. It is a relaxing space that spreads 31m above the ground and allows you to rest comfortably. The lawn plaza and seasonal vegetation add color, and tables, chairs, and benches are installed. It is a space where you can enjoy sandwiches taken out at the cafe while interacting with nature in the sun.
During the period from November 9th (Tuesday) to February 15th (Tuesday), such a terrace garden will be surrounded by warm and calm illuminations. Enjoy the fantastic illuminations of the terrace garden, a relaxing spot in the city.

Terrace garden in the daytime

・ Santa Claus pops out! Fun AR experience

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From November 9th (Tuesday) to December 25th (Saturday), you can enjoy an AR experience in which Santa on a jet plane flies around the terrace garden by scanning the two-dimensional bar code installed at the venue with a smartphone.

Overview of Winter Illumination ■ Venue: Ginza Mitsukoshi Main Building 9th Floor Ginza Terrace Terrace Garden ■ Date: November 9, 2021 (Tuesday) -February 15, 2022 (Tuesday)


* Admission may be restricted from the perspective of preventing the spread of coronavirus infection.
* Business days, business hours, scheduled events, etc. may change due to various circumstances.
For details, please check the Ginza Mitsukoshi website.

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