Flower shop “Eatery Flower boutique” where you can experience “flower tea” and “rose cheese” while choosing flowers 8/19 (Fri) 8/20 (Sat) 8/21 (Sun) re: ROSE Ginza held at

Collaboration between Edible Flower Research Institute and flower artist Masashi

The Edible Flower Research Institute (operated by EDIBLE GARDEN, an edible flower specialty store that does not use 100% chemical pesticides), which creates a “delicious flower experience” that goes beyond decoration, has a pop-up flower shop titled “Mobile Flower Shop Project”. Collaboration with Masashi, a flower artist who holds guerrilla events. "Eatery Flower boutique" where you can experience "flower tea" and "rose cheese" while choosing your favorite flowers re: ROSE Ginza (Ginza 7-7-12, Tokyo) It will be held at Ta Building 1F).

8/19 (Fri), 8/20 (Sat) and 8/21 (Sun) from 12:00 to 20:00.

Edible Flower Laboratory Official HP: https://eflab.jp/
Instagram of flower artist Masashi: https://www.instagram.com/1222_masashi/

Choose flowers, love them, and eat them. An experience to taste flowers using the five senses from Ginza <br /> Edible flower research institute that is working on creating a creative and new flower eating experience "delicious flower experience". We will continue to collaborate with creators in various industries in pursuit of creativity outside of decoration that maximizes the potential of flowers. This time it is a collaboration with young flower artist Masashi. Using the flowers purchased for this event, we will create a custom-made bouquet for those who visit us. Along with that, we prepared special “flower tea” and “rose cheese” using edible flowers during the waiting time. Choose flowers, love them, and eat them. We will deliver a new flower experience that uses all five senses.

Flower tea rose tea (770 yen, tax included)

Rose cheese topped with rose jam (550 yen, tax included)

Flowers can be purchased individually

Flower artist Masashi will create a bouquet for you after choosing the special flowers purchased for this day.

Flower artist Masashi will create a bouquet just for you. Flowers can be purchased individually (the amount varies depending on the type of flower), so please feel free to come by. Drink and bouquet sets start from 5,500 yen (tax included).

Flower art by Masashi

Experience flower tea and rose cheese while choosing flowers in a space surrounded by flowers

There are two flower drinks prepared for this day. "Rose tea" and "Roseberry soda" using edible roses. You can enjoy it with your eyes, taste it with your tongue, and enjoy the lingering scent that comes out of your nose. In addition, we have prepared a rose jam and cheese pairing that uses plenty of fragrant edible roses produced in Japan. The cheese I chose for pairing was "Salvac Cremasco". It is characterized by the gentle sweetness derived from milk, the richness that is as strong as the acidity of rose jam, and the balance of sourness that is close to rose jam. Selected by the cheese craftsman at the cheese shop LAMMAS (6-12-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo Hills Residence A 1F).

Pairing cheese "Salvac Cremasco" and rose jam

Domestic rose fragrant rose jam used by Michelin-starred restaurants

No fragrance is used. You can enjoy the scent of real edible roses. Ingredients: Rhubarb, Sugar, Rose, Lemon Juice. The acidity is a composition that complements the scent of roses.

Commitment to rose jam "What should I do to enhance the wonderful scent of domestic roses? ], I was particular about pursuing thoroughly. The rose alone has a wonderful aroma, but the core of the deliciousness is weak. We couldn't just rely on sugar, so we combined rhubarb, which has a good aroma, balances sweetness and sourness, and has a natural consistency. In order to make the sweet scent of this rose even more pleasant and refreshing, we also added a small amount of lemon to bring out the scent of this rose that is not just sweet.

Background of making rose jam <br /> An edible rose with a wonderful fragrance that is unique in the world. How can I convey this beauty to many people? I thought from the beginning, and made a jam that you can enjoy the petals as they are. Of course, I could have used just the scent, but I felt that the best way to make jam would be to use the texture and flavor of the petals, since the roses are edible. We hope that this rose jam will be an opportunity to enjoy delicious flowers, and that it will be loved not only in Japan but also in the world.

Eatery Flower boutique event overview Store name
re: ROSE Ginza ■Address 7-7-12 Ginza, Tokyo Keida Building 1F
■ Schedule
8/19 (Fri) 8/20 (Sat) 8/21 (Sun)
■ Business hours
■ Price Rose tea: 770 yen (tax included)
Roseberry soda: 990 yen (tax included)
Pairing of cheese and rose jam: 550 yen (tax included)

■Profile of stakeholders
EFLab (Edible Flower Laboratory)

EFLab (Edible Flower Research Institute) is a team that realizes creative and new flower food experiences. We will develop new flower cultivars using the world's first scientific technology and discover their qualities from component analysis. Furthermore, together with creators who can maximize the original value and potential of flowers, we will create unexperienced tastes unique to flower food. From “eatable” to “taste”, which was just a decoration. We will present a surprising experience brought about by smell, sight, and taste.

EFLab official website: https://eflab.jp/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/eflab/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/E_F_Lab

Eatable flower shop "EDIBLE GARDEN"

The only 100% chemical pesticide-free edible flower specialty store in Japan. Supervised the cultivation of various edible flowers, including the world's first year-round edible roses, at welfare facilities for people with disabilities, with "hygiene standards more than 1,000 times the standard" and "maintaining freshness for more than twice as long". They are also used by Michelin Guide star restaurants, and the wages for users of welfare facilities for the disabled are twice the national average. In addition, while researching the nutritional value and aroma components of edible flowers with the university, I am challenging the development of flower food culture.

Edible flower shop EDIBLE GARDEN official website: https://ediblegarden.flowers/


Flower artist. In order to deliver the value of flowers that he himself felt to many people, he is holding pop-up flower shops in various places under the title of "mobile flower shop project". The custom-made bouquets and arrangements are unique designs full of vitality and give form to the wishes of our customers. In addition, we are also working on the social problem of flower loss, and we are also working to save the lives of flowers by using and distributing flowers that were destined to be discarded as decorations for flower cars. there is In addition to that, he pursues his own expression while performing multi-expression activities.
From this summer, he will start selling drinks using edible flowers using a kitchen car as part of his mobile flower shop activities.

Instagram of flower artist Masashi: https://www.instagram.com/1222_masashi/

<About the operating company of the Edible Flower Research Institute>

dot science Co., Ltd. is a group of experts who work on solving problems in the food field, mainly composed of chefs, marketers, and scientists. The future of our "food" is what we are looking at from the social environment where various things change from moment to moment. We will continue to search for a future where producers who make good products can continue their business for 100 years, while changing it to suit the times, centering on traditional foods.

■ Component analysis branding https://rebranding.science/
■ EFLab (Edible Flower Laboratory) https://eflab.jp/
■ Edible Garden EDIBLE GARDEN https://ediblegarden.flowers/
■ Fraglace Eating Ice Cream https://fraglace.jp
■ Atarashii Himono with updated dried fish https://himono.design/
■ Ultimate Mochi THE OMOCHI https://theomochi.com/

Company name: dot science Inc. Capital: 2,900,000 yen Address: 12-29 Yochomachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0055
Phone number: 03-4540-4271
Representative Director: Ryo Ozawa

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