Special event items that are available at a total of 27 shops are also available! LUMINE Yurakucho “AROUND me Sustainable” held for the first time

A workshop using crayons and Ross flowers made from upcycled color cosmetics and a pop-up marche with the theme of sustainability will be held for a limited time! September 22nd (Thursday) to October 31st (Monday)

Lumine Yurakucho, operated by Lumine Co., Ltd., will hold "AROUND me Sustainable" on the theme of sustainability from September 22nd (Thursday) to October 31st (Monday). In autumn, when customers and shop staff feel and think about sustainability together, everyone takes a new step. We have prepared an event where you can discover sustainability in our lives.

In Lumine Yurakucho, we will start disseminating information on the sustainable efforts of each shop on a special site, workshops using crayons and rose flowers that are upcycled color cosmetics, and shop Marche that handles products made from a sustainable perspective. You can enjoy many events that can only be experienced. In addition, we will also hold pop-up events and live distribution at stores so that you can feel sustainable from the LUMINE Yurakucho shop.


[Theme] AROUND me Sustainable
[Period] September 22, 2022 (Thursday) to October 31, 2022 (Monday)
[Special website] https://www.lumine.ne.jp/yurakucho/sdgs * Released at 10:00 on Thursday, September 22, 2022
[Lumine Yurakucho Official Instagram] @lumine_yurakucho
[Details] *Subject to change without notice.

POINT1: Feel sustainable through new experiences! Participatory event 1. Workshop using crayons and Ross flowers made from upcycled color cosmetics.

POINT2: Experience sustainability while shopping! Shop event 1. Pop-up event at the shop inside the building 2. Sustainable shop Marche and Agri Marche event Cute! Delivering sustainability through shopping, which is actually connected to sustainability.

POINT3: Let's think about sustainability with the shop staff! Instagram live distribution <br />Distribute an Instagram live where you can enjoy shopping while learning about sustainability.

POINT4: Learn about the shop's sustainable initiatives!
Deliver sustainable information on the special site, LUMINE Yurakucho official Instagram.

・Contents 1: Feel sustainable from new experiences! participatory event

We will hold participatory events where you can actually experience sustainability, such as workshops and collection of old clothes.

Workshop event ①
"Let's make an original postcard with crayons made from upcycled color cosmetics"

Using crayons "Hello Yon", which are upcycled color cosmetics, you can create postcards by coloring illustrations drawn by illustrator Yu Oshima.

[Date and Time] October 8 (Sat) 11:00-12:00/14:00-15:00/16:00-17:00/18:00-19:00
[Capacity] 6 people each time [Place] Lumine Yurakucho Lumine Passage (Lumine 1/3F down escalator side in case of rain)
[Participation fee] 2,000 yen (tax included) *Please pay in cash on the day [Reservation method] September 22nd (Thursday) 11:00 ~ Reservation starts on Lumine's app "ONE LUMINE"

<Reservation conditions>
Customers who have downloaded the LUMINE app "ONE LUMINE" and registered "LUMINE Yurakucho" in the "Lumine registration frequently visited"

Workshop event ②
"Let's make an art canvas using Ross flower"

Create an art canvas by pasting a discarded flower (Loss flower) on a canvas with an illustration.

[Date and time] October 10 (Mon/holiday)
[Capacity] 6 people each time [Place] Lumine Yurakucho Lumine Passage (Lumine 1/3F down escalator side in case of rain)
[Participation fee] 2,000 yen (tax included) *Please pay in cash on the day.
[Reservation method] September 22nd (Thursday) 11:00-Reservations start on the LUMINE app "ONE LUMINE"

<Reservation conditions>
Customers who have downloaded the LUMINE app "ONE LUMINE" and registered "LUMINE Yurakucho" in the "Lumine registration frequently visited"

Used clothes collection event <br /> It's been years since I bought it, and it's been too long to wear. We will collect it in Yurakucho.
Collected old clothes are transformed into a recycled board "PANECO". Things you thought you wouldn't use anymore will be reborn.

PANECO® is a recycled board made from more than 90% of clothes that are still usable but discarded.
We aim to regenerate fashion that enriches our lives into something with high design.
This board can be reborn as a board by crushing it after use.

*Workshop events 1 and 2 are on a first-come, first-served basis. In addition, it may be canceled depending on the situation.

・Contents2: Experience sustainability while shopping! shop event

Various shops will open for a limited time, as well as pop-up events at the shops in the building.

Pop-up event by shop in hall

<Limited time event shop>
■ Lumine 1
B1: Gelato Pique, Juicy Rock, Babylon, Frey I.D., Rouge Vif Racre
1F: IPSA, Cosme Kitchen
2F: L'Occitane
3F: Emi, Cafe & Books Bibliotheque, Nose Shop, Rive Droit
4F: Kyui, Snidel, Lily Brown, Mira Owen
6F: Anteshukure, heart dance
7F: Cotomono Marche, Natural Kitchen and, Ethical Beauty Lab Hair Counseling Shop Lumine 2
B1: Auparadis, Melvita
1F: Kiehl's, Goldie Ash P.France

Lumine Agri Marche <br /> “Lumine Agri Marche” will be held for two days only, aiming to build a sustainable relationship between producers of production areas and customers in the Tokyo metropolitan area! People who have connections with producers and production areas all over the country,
We will open a store with “seasonal vegetables, fruits and groceries made with love” and “a story of deliciousness”.
[Date and time] October 1st (Sat) 11: 00-20: 00 / 2nd (Sun) 11: 00-19: 00
[Location] Lumine Yurakucho Lumine Passage

Shop Marche event <br /> With the keyword of sustainability, we will hold a shop Marche that develops various items such as accessories and miscellaneous goods!
Shops that think about a comfortable society and the earth will gather.

[Date and time] October 15th (Sat) and 16th (Sun) 11:00-19:00
[Location] Lumine Yurakucho Lumine Passage (Lumine 1/3F escalator side in case of rain)

・Contents3: Let's think about sustainability with shop staff! Instagram live distribution

The shop staff will carry out an Instagram live distribution with the theme of sustainability. The items introduced here can be purchased not only at stores, but also at home.

Be kind to yourself and the earth. Care items that care for yourself [Date and time] October 4 (Tue) 21: 30 ~
[Distribution shop] LUMINE 1/1F Athletia Be kind to the earth while caring for yourself. Care items for sustainable living

I love my favorite one for a long time. This autumn/winter trendy coordination made with standard items [Date and time] October 5th (Wednesday) 21:30-
[Distribution shop] Lumine 1/B1 Frey I.D. Love your favorite outfit for a long time. How to mix and match trendy autumn and winter outfits with standard items

*You can watch from LUMINE Yurakucho official Instagram.

・ Contents 4: Learn about the shop's sustainable efforts!

We will introduce sustainable initiatives on the special website and LUMINE Yurakucho official Instagram.
On the AROUND me Sustainable special site, in addition to event information during the period,
We will introduce the sustainable efforts that the LUMINE Yurakucho store shops are doing on a regular basis.
In addition, LUMINE Yurakucho official Instagram introduces limited-time items with photos.
In addition, we will introduce the sustainable initiatives that LUMINE Yurakucho LUMINEST is doing.

*Luminest: A hospitality specialist who puts into practice the Lumine philosophy of "the Life Value Presenter, looking beyond the customer's thoughts and fulfilling their expectations" and proposing new life values to customers. He is a proud representative of LUMINE Newman with high customer service skills and mindset. Shop staff who are certified through a strict examination every year play an active role as "Lumi Nest".

<Request to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection>
Please cooperate with the following matters when visiting our store.
1. Please cooperate with wearing a mask and cough etiquette when visiting the store.
2. Please help us disinfect your fingers before entering the store.
3. In order to avoid the "three Cs", we will limit the use of some facilities in the building.
4. Please keep a distance from other customers when using the cash register and facilities in the facility.
5. Please refrain from coming to the store when you are unwell.
6. In order to avoid crowding in the building, please visit the store with a small number of people and use it for a short time.
*We may limit the number of people entering the store when it is crowded.

【Related Links】
[Special site] https://www.lumine.ne.jp/yurakucho/sdgs
[Lumine Yurakucho Official Instagram] @lumine_yurakucho

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