“Season of Love” Chocolate sweets for the overflowing “love”. Why not find your “love” at Ginza Mitsukoshi?

February's annual event "Ginza Sweets Collection 2023", Suikore. Various events will be held at each venue, mainly at the event venue on the 7th floor of the Ginza Mitsukoshi New Building, which will be held from January 26th (Thursday) to February 14th (Tuesday), 2023.

This year's theme is "Season of Love". Love for chocolate and sweets, love for friends, family and partners, love for yourself as a reward, love that pastry chefs and chocolatiers put into sweets. We will introduce a number of sweets suitable for the season full of love. We have gathered a lot of chocolates and sweets using chocolate, including Ginza Mitsukoshi limited items.

Ginza Mitsukoshi New Building 7F Exhibition Hall [General Exhibition Period] Thursday, January 26 to Tuesday, February 14 * Ends at 6:00 pm on the last day * January 25 (Wednesday) is a special offer for MI Card members Invitation day.

Main building 7th floor Ginza Chandelier Sky January 18th (Wednesday) to February 14th (Tuesday) *Ends at 6:00 pm on the last day New building 9th floor Terrace room January 25th (Wednesday) to February 14th (Tuesday) *Ends at 6:00 pm on the last day *Last order ends 30 minutes before the end of each day Main Building B2F Ginza Sweets Park Ⅰ・Ⅱ・Ⅲ January 25 (Wednesday) – February 14 (Tuesday)
Main Building B2F GINZA Stage February 4 (Sat)-February 14 (Tue)

* “Ginza Sweets Collection 2023” site URL: https://www.mistore.jp/shopping/event/ginza_e/sweets_collection_51
We can purchase some products in Mitsukoshi Isetan online. January 4 (Wednesday) 10:00 a.m. to February 2 (Thursday) 6:00 p.m. *Sales and delivery times vary depending on the product.
* Mitsukoshi Isetan Valentine 2023 Online Store URL: https://www.mistore.jp/shopping/feature/shops_f3/valentine_sp

・Ginza Mitsukoshi recommended chocolate

For those who say, "There are too many chocolates to choose from," we will introduce our recommendations that represent this year's lineup, including new products from popular brands and brands that will appear for the first time at Ginza Mitsukoshi.

◇ This chocolate is a luxurious gift ◇

[First exhibition at Ginza Mitsukoshi]
<Dominique Bouchet> Bon Bon Chocolat ¥4,536 (Made in Japan/9 Pieces)

Assorted boxes by Dominique Bouchet, the chef of a hideaway French restaurant in Ginza with the image of an apartment in Paris. Bonbon chocolates with a fascinating taste that invites “péché mignon = small sin / debauchery”, such as hometown ingredients, memories of memories, and original cuvée champagne, are packed in a beautiful box with a ballerina, the icon of the restaurant.
New building 7th floor exhibition hall

<Maison Cacao> Aroma fresh truffle AMAOU 4,104 yen (made in Japan / 6 pieces)
"Aroma Fresh Truffle" is a new type of truffle that has more water content than the brand's pronoun "Aroma Raw Chocolate" that melts in your mouth. Rich and smooth chocolate overflows from the crisp and thin coating, and you can enjoy the "freshness" and "freshness" of chocolate. For Amaou, we use large Amaou from Tomono Farm in Fukuoka, which we met at Tabisuru Maison. White chocolate made with 100% natural cocoa butter from Colombia. The coating is thinly coated with gorgeous bitter chocolate that tightens the taste.
New building 7th floor exhibition hall

◇ Glittery cute, friend chocolate & reward chocolate for yourself ◇

[First exhibition at Ginza Mitsukoshi]
<Flower, Sake and Chocolate> Little girl's rest 1,620 yen (made in Japan/8 pieces included)

"Flowers", "liquor" and "chocolate" that satisfy your heart. Pink flowers, red fruits and red wine. This is the perfect box for when you want to pamper yourself to the fullest in the world of sweet maidens. A variety of chocolates such as Kirsch, sweet red wine, and Amaou strawberries are packed with gorgeous flavors inspired by rose and sweet pea flower cocktails.
New building 7th floor exhibition hall

<Shodai Bio Nature> Petal Camellia 4,301 yen (made in Japan/120g included)
Valentine's new chocolate with the image of camellia petals that bloom beautifully in the cold winter and give hope for spring. Deep red, pale red, white, yellow, camellias of any color, their flower language is likened to modest love and beauty.
New building 7th floor exhibition hall

◇ Marriage with “Anko”, not just chocolate ◇

[First exhibition at Ginza Mitsukoshi]
<UNFINI> An chocolate terrine 3,240 yen (made in Japan/1 piece)

<Anfini> is a chocolate tree produced by Morihachi, a Japanese sweets shop that has been in business for 390 years in Kanazawa. "Morihachi" homemade strained bean paste made with Noto Dainagon adzuki beans, Japanese sake from Ishikawa Prefecture, and French chocolate are kneaded into a terrine that is filled with white chocolate. After the gorgeous taste of chocolate, the gentle flavor of red bean paste spreads.
New building 7th floor exhibition hall

・Only available at Ginza Mitsukoshi! limited edition

[Ginza Mitsukoshi Limited]
<Desiree> Limited assorted chocolate 2,187 yen (Made in Belgium / 10 pieces)

Ginza Mitsukoshi limited assortment of 10 types of chocolate, including 3 new types, in an anniversary box for the 120th anniversary of the brand. Purchasers will receive a mini chocolate box (1 truffle and 2 bar chocolates).
New building 7th floor exhibition hall

[Ginza Mitsukoshi Limited]
<Régalez Vous> Chocolate pie 864 yen (made in Japan / 1 piece) *Limited to 100 points each day
<br /> Chocolate pie using Manjari from Valrhona. A crunchy pie crust made with 100% butter and cacao is filled with cream made from Valrhona chocolate, and the craftsmen serve it hot and freshly baked at the store. Take this opportunity to taste the fragrant chocolate pie that melts butter.
New building 7th floor exhibition hall

[Ginza Mitsukoshi Limited]
<Nois de Bourg> Macadamia chocolate cake 1,944 yen (made in Japan / 1 piece)

Butter cake with almond-flavored chocolate chips. Luxuriously topped with fragrant roasted macadamia nuts and coated with milk chocolate.
New building 7th floor exhibition hall

・Feel like you're on a trip…Enjoy directly imported chocolate

[Ginza Mitsukoshi Limited]
<Bernacion> Tablet Noir Praline Noi de Caju 4,428 yen (Made in France / 1 sheet)
A cashew nut praline is enclosed in a 55% dark chocolate tablet.
New building 7th floor exhibition hall

<Philip Bell> Disc Caramel Mint 4,104 yen (Made in France/1 box)
Mint flavored caramel is enclosed in a thin disk of dark chocolate. You can feel the scent of fluffy mint. Chocolate and Calamansi flavors are also available at the venue.
New building 7th floor exhibition hall

[First exhibition at Ginza Mitsukoshi] <Albin Guilmet> Chocolate Assorted Mini Boat ¥2,592 (Made in France / 8 pieces)
An assortment of 8 pieces selected from the store's standard bonbons, such as Piedmont hazelnut praline and Haitian cacao ganache.
New building 7th floor exhibition hall

・<Cacao Sanpaka> Eat-in appearance!

<Cacao Sampaka> has built a school in collaboration with a local cocoa producer group in the State of Man, Côte d'Ivoire, the world's largest cocoa producer. We support human resource development, which is important for cocoa production. At the venue, we will also have a panel exhibition of this situation.

<Cacao sampaka>
Left: Chocolata Imperial 660 yen (made in Japan / 1 cup)

A rich chocolate smoothie made with plenty of Spanish cacao powder and 64.5% cacao couverture.
Right: Jaratz cacao 550 yen (made in Japan/1 piece)
A cacao-flavored chocolate soft-serve ice cream that uses a generous amount of fragrant cacao powder. It has a rich but refreshing aftertaste.
New building 9th floor Ginza Terrace Room

・ <Fujiya> together! Smile Switch! Let's give love. Valentine in GINZA

The "Smile Switch Club" was launched at Fujiya in September 2022 and anyone who likes cake can join. This year as well, with the theme of the activities of the Smile Switch Club, we have prepared products and projects that will make everyone happy. We enliven Valentine of Ginza Mitsukoshi. At the Valentine's event presented by the Fujiya Smile Switch department, why don't you give Smile Switch and give "I love you" too? This is an event that people who like cake, who like Peko-chan, and who like Fujiya can enjoy.

[Ginza Mitsukoshi Limited]
<Fujiya> Koisuru Petit Gateau Selection 2,268 yen (9 pieces)

This is a cute assorted cake that will make you want to eat.
■ Main Building 7F Ginza Chandelier Sky

*A heart will be placed in the ○ part of the product name.

[Ginza Mitsukoshi pre-sale]
<Fujiya> Milky can (smile switch part design) 660 yen each (9 capsules included)
A milky can designed with Peko-chan wearing the original jersey of Smile Switch. All 10 designs with motifs of Fujiya's sweets and beverages will make you want to collect them.
■ Main Building 7F Ginza Chandelier Sky

* Depending on the congestion situation, the number of items that can be purchased per person may be limited. Please note.
※Please pardon the case of run out.
*All prices include tax.
*For food products, the standard tax rate (10%) and the reduced tax rate (8%) are mixed.
*Product content, materials, manufacturing location, design, price, and raw material production area may change due to circumstances. Also, due to various circumstances, there may be no arrival.
※The image is an image.
*The contents of the event may be changed or canceled due to circumstances.
* Depending on various circumstances, we may limit the entry of customers. Please note.

[Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings Ltd.] From the press release

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