[Seiko House Ginza Hall (former Wako Hall)] “Creation of Crafts and Kôgei-Living National Treasure Exhibition-” will be held from April 6 (Thursday)

37 important intangible cultural property holders (Living National Treasures) in six craft fields: pottery, dyeing, lacquer, metalwork, woodwork, and dolls.

At the Seiko House Ginza Hall (formerly Wako Hall), from April 6th (Thursday) to 23rd (Sunday), "Creation of Crafts and Kôgei – Living National Treasure Exhibition -" will be held. This is the 8th exhibition held every spring, bringing together the works of important intangible cultural property holders (Living National Treasures) in the fields of crafts such as pottery, textiles, lacquerware, metalwork, woodwork, and dolls. We will exhibit more than 100 masterpieces by 37 artists from each craft field.

We are pleased to announce the 8th exhibition of "Creation of Crafts and Kôgei -Living National Treasure Exhibition-".
"Living National Treasures" is a common name for "Holders of Important Intangible Cultural Properties", and while they have been honing their craft skills over a long period of time, they have created their own unique styles and have become leading figures in their fields.
This time, 37 artists from 6 fields of crafts: pottery, textiles, lacquerware, metalwork, woodwork, and dolls will be exhibited. From each work, you can see the artist's high level of skill and attention to detail cultivated over a long period of production activities, such as the way materials are used, the comfort when actually used, and the beautiful modeling. We will exhibit more than 100 gems of works by artists who continue to pursue their own expression and are at the forefront of their respective craft fields.

Ceramics Akihiro Maeda White porcelain beveled pot (diameter 22 x height 27.8 cm)

[Exhibiting Artist] Ceramics Akihiro Maeda (white porcelain)
Jun Isezaki (Bizen ware)
Sekisui Ito (Mumyoi ware)
Manji Inoue (white porcelain)
Imaemon Imaizumi (overglaze porcelain)
Kozo Kato (Black Seto)
Osamu Suzuki (Shino)
Kiyoshi Hara (iron glaze pottery)
Zenzo Fukushima (Koishiwara ware)
Minoru Yoshida (underglaze gold)

Dyed and woven by Shigeto Suzuta Woodblock printed sarasa obi "Ivy pattern"

[Exhibiting Artist] Dyeing and Weaving Shigeto Suzuta (Woodblock Sarasa)
Yasumasa Komiya (Edo Komon)
Junki Tsuchiya
Nagao Futatsuka (Yuzen)
Yoshiko Murakami (pongee weaving)
《Special Exhibit》Fukumi Shimura (pongee weaving)

Lacquer art Mae Fumio Chinkin Hiranatsu "Yaku" (Diameter 8.5 x Height 6cm)

[Exhibiting Artist] Fumio Lacquerware (Chinkin)
Hayato Otani
Isao Onishi (lacquer lacquer)
Shosai Kitamura (mother-of-pearl)
Kunie Komori (lacquer lacquer)
Kiichiro Masumura (lacquer lacquer)
Kazumi Murose (Maki-e)
Kazuo Yamagishi (Chinkin)
Yoshito Yamashita

Metalwork Yukie Osumi "Flower" (7×10.3×H19cm)

[Exhibiting artist] Metalworking Yukie Osumi (Forging)
Mineishi Okuyama (forged metal)
Morihito Katsura (engraving)
Nobuo Tamagawa (Forging)
Mamoru Nakagawa (engraving)

Wood and bamboo work Ryozo Kawakita "Keyakizukuri embankment weight" (21.6 x 23.4 x height 22.8cm)

[Exhibiting artist] Wood and bamboo work Ryozo Kawakita (Woodwork)
Soho Katsuki (bamboo craft)
Kenji Suda (Woodwork)
Noboru Fujinuma (bamboo craft)
Akira Murayama (Woodcraft)

Doll Nobuko Akiyama "Phantom Blue Poppy" (Height 34cm)

[Exhibiting artist] Doll Nobuko Akiyama (costume doll)
Komao Hayashi (Paulownia doll)

"Creation of Crafts and Kôgei -Living National Treasure Exhibition-"
April 6th (Thursday) to 23rd (Sunday)

Venue: Seiko House Ginza Hall Seiko House Ginza 6F, 4-5-11 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Contact: (03) 3562-2111 (representative)
Opening hours: Please see the website for the latest opening hours.
Closed: No days off Admission: Free

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