[Coverage report] Scale up of “ART AQUARIUM MUSEUM GINZA” of goldfish art! Many new aquariums appear, enter the world of fantasy with the largest “Tenku Rium” in the hall

Permanent exhibition “ART AQUARIUM MUSEUM GINZA” (Ginza Mitsukoshi 8th floor) where you can enjoy the culture of “goldfish appreciation” that has continued since the Edo period with modern art colored with light, music and fragrance.

Currently , a special project "Summer Art Aquarium Exhibition 2023 -Goldfish in Ginza-" is being held (until September 26, 2023) where you can feel the coolness of summer, such as lush green leaves and wind chimes. It is a perfect spot for

About a year ago, when I interviewed the exhibition when it opened in May 2022, I was told that 5 new aquarium tanks, including one of the largest in the museum, "Tenku Rium," appeared in conjunction with this special event. So I decided to visit again.

Compared to the time of opening, the number of aquarium works has almost doubled!
The number of types of goldfish increased from about 60 to about 100
, making it quite gorgeous. We will report on the state of the latest exhibition.

* Click here for an article covering the opening[Venue report] “ART AQUARIUM MUSEUM GINZA” opens at Ginza Mitsukoshi! A fantastic art space with dancing goldfish spreads out

Fantasy beauty, traditional beauty… 5 new tanks that color goldfish in various forms of beauty

Among the five new works "Tenku Rium", "Temari Rium", "Goldfish Stone Lantern", "Shin Andon Rium", and "Inome Rium", the masterpiece "Tenku Rium" has a particularly strong presence. .

"Tenku Rium" that makes large flowers bloom

The structure, in which small tanks are arranged to surround the large tank in the center, resembles the main exhibition "Ooku" when the exhibition was held in Nihonbashi, but it is expressed in "Tenku Rium". is "an imaginary flower blooming in the sky" .

Among the works of art that sublimate the traditional beauty of Japan, such as stone lanterns and paper lanterns, this exhibition stands out. is.

"Tenku Rium" has an original aroma blended with a refreshing and mysterious scent.

Blue, red, yellow, orange, green, purple… As the lighting changed one after another, I was fascinated by the sparkle of water dripping from the flowers and the beauty of the goldfish gracefully wagging their tails.


The “Temaririum”, which is based on the motif of a traditional Japanese playground equipment called a ball, is also very gorgeous. Eighteen large and small handball tanks, woven in a geometric pattern with colorful threads, decorate the walls in a rhythmical arrangement. The goldfish peeking through the beautiful patterns is also very interesting.


At the exhibition, original music by Mr. Cornish, a highly popular composer who was selected as the music composer for the TV anime "Pocket Monsters", is playing, but this time, new works will also be played in the exhibition areas of "Tenku Rium" and "Temari Rium". announcement. The immersive feeling is heightened with a musical production that feels fleeting but vital.

"Goldfish Stone Lantern"

The “ Goldfish Stone Lanterns'' placed in front of the “Goldfish Waterfall '' further strengthen the mysterious world.

"Goldfish Waterfall" is a popular space-type work that has existed since the opening, expressing a waterfall in a multi-layered water tank that undulates. According to the person in charge, "I want to create a space where you can feel the expanse of nature even though it is inside the building (indoor)." It was said that it was installed in the form of adding the work that was done.

"Goldfish Stone Lantern"

Domestically produced granite is used for the “Goldfish Stone Lantern”. The firebox of the lantern was a water tank, and the bright red goldfish swimming in it reflected like flickering flames.

"Shinandon Rium"

"Shin Andon Rium" with the motif of andon, and "Inome Rium " with the motif of the Inome window, a pattern that has long been used in Japan to ward off evil and bring good fortune. , attracts visitors with its bright and quiet appearance .

In particular, "Inome Rium" has a cute heart shape, and the gorgeous aquarium of "Tenku Rium" is reflected in the background, so it is sure to be a great photo spot.

"Inome Rium"

In addition, although it is not a new aquarium work, I would like to introduce the "Shojirium" and "Goldfish shelf decoration" that have been added since the opening.

"Shoji Rium"

"Shoji Rium" is a work that is inspired by a shoji with a part of the door frame made of glass called " Yukimi Shoji". While there are many aquariums that are colorfully lit up, it is eye-catching that it is intentionally subdued in a subdued monotone.

"goldfish cabinet"

"goldfish cabinet"

In the “Goldfish Decoration Shelf” , goldfish are swimming in a water tank made of Edo Kiriko, a traditional Japanese craft, surrounded by bonsai. Edo Kiriko is the work of Mr. Yukinobu Nemoto, an up-and-coming artist whose theme is "from crafts to art". I was fascinated by how the elegant and delicate cut sparkled every time the goldfish moved.

Cool off in the summer heat

The exhibition entertains visitors with a variety of tastes for each season, but currently the entire hall is dressed in summer as part of a special summer project.

"Goldfish Waterfall"

"Lantern Rium"

At the top of the "Goldfish Falls" introduced earlier, green leaves grow thickly, creating a natural summer scenery with the sound of the babbling water. From a distance, the dripping tank looks like a block of ice, and just looking at it makes you feel cool.

The 10-meter long space “Chochin Rium,” in which spherical water tanks resembling paper lanterns are lined up like a path, was hung with many wind chimes , and it was full of summer.

"New Goldfish Review" If you look closely, you can see that the kimono belt is used for decoration on the side, which is a secret appreciation point.

In addition, the "New Goldfish Product Review" , where you can enjoy the unique colors and beauty of the goldfish up close from both the top and the side of the low square tank, has lotus flowers in refreshing summer colors. I'm coloring.

“New Goldfish Review” Adorable pink “Muse”

Many of the tanks in the exhibition don't know the name of the goldfish inside, but I'm glad that each tank has a name such as "Muse" or "Sakura Ryukin". point.

When you get close, the goldfish will peek up to the surface of the water, stare at each other, and perform various other gestures.

"New goldfish evaluation" "Sakura Ryukin" with beautiful red and white colors and a transparent body

By the way, the exhibition also has all four kinds of goldfish designated as natural monuments: "Tosa Nishiki", "Nanjing", "Iron Fish" and "Jigin". In the "New Goldfish Product Review", there are three types swimming except for the "iron fish". Among them, the "Tosa Nishiki" is known as the "Queen of Goldfish". Please look for it when you visit.


“Flowerrium” , a collaboration work with flower arrangement artist Shogo Kariyazaki, where you can enjoy the synergistic beauty of ikebana and goldfish, vivid sunflowers symbolizing summer seemed to give visitors power.

"ART AQUARIUM MUSEUM GINZA" has evolved more gorgeously

"Goldfish Corridor"

"Collection of Goldfish"


"Bamboo Grove of Goldfish"

In addition, a total of 15 aquarium works (approximately 150 aquariums and a total of 5,000 goldfish) will be exhibited, including "Goldfish Corridor", "Goldfish Collection", "Origamirium", and "Bamboo Grove of Goldfish". The same exhibition. At the time of opening, there were only 8 cases, so it's about doubled.

According to the story, the only thing that has disappeared since the opening is the "Round Window Digitalium", which is a photo spot, and it has evolved into an exhibition where you can have a more in-depth viewing experience.

"Omen Collection"

"Utagawa Kuniyoshi Collection"

In addition, there are special exhibitions where you can appreciate the beauty of Japan itself, such as masks and ukiyo-e prints, as well as original goods that can only be obtained here, such as collaboration products with well-established stores and creators that represent Japan.

In my case, it takes about an hour to go around slowly. The venue space is not that large, but I felt that it was a spot where I could spend a fulfilling time with a high degree of density.

A rainbow-colored ring that appeared when the goldfish moved. The appearance of the goldfish changes considerably depending on the shape of the tank, so I was looking at each tank while finding pleasure in each tank.

Escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and enter a fantastic art space that has been scaled up. This summer, how about visiting the evolved ART AQUARIUM MUSEUM GINZA, where you can see a wide variety of goldfish, from royal roads to rare breeds?


Admission fee WEB ticket 2,300 yen https://ticket.artaquarium.jp/
Same-day ticket 2,500 yen (Same-day tickets are sold on the 9th floor of Ginza Mitsukoshi New Building)
location Ginza Mitsukoshi New Building 8th floor (Entrance is on the 9th floor) (4-6-16 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo)
business hours 10:00-19:00 (Subject to change)
closing day Closed on the same days as Ginza Mitsukoshi *There may be irregular closures due to maintenance. Please check the official website for details.
Notes ・You cannot enter with strollers, suitcases, or pets.
・There are no lockers for luggage.
Official site http://artaquarium.jp/
Official SNS Instagram https://www.instagram.com/artaquarium_tm_official/
Twitter https://twitter.com/artaquarium_tm
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/artaquariumofficial
organizer AQUA ART RELATIONS Co., Ltd.

*The content of this article is as of the time of the interview (June 29, 2023). It may differ from the latest information, so please check the official website for details.

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