[Free admission] Honey-filled event “Honey Festa 2024” to be held in Ginza this summer from July 26th to 28th

Approximately 100 kinds of honey from Japan and around the world will be gathered here! Sweets and alcohol made with honey will also be on sale. You can sample and buy them. There will also be workshops that both children and adults can enjoy, and a honeybee tour (this year will be the 9th time).

The Japan Honey Meister Association, a general incorporated association that manages honey qualifications, will be holding the "Honey Festa 2024" event in Ginza on the weekend just before Honey Day (August 3rd), where you can learn about the various uses of honey and purchase honey from various regions. Please come and enjoy three days filled with honey!

[Thoughts on the Honey Festival]

Do you think all honey tastes the same?
In fact, honey comes in different colors, aromas, and flavors depending on the plant it comes from and the region where it is harvested.
We want people to rediscover the deliciousness of honey and become more interested in it. That is the wish of the Japan Honey Meister Association.
If there was a place where people could gather all kinds of honey and compare the tastes, wouldn't it increase interest in honey? That's the idea behind the Honey Festival . Honey is a natural food produced by bees. Delicious honey can be a catalyst for making your daily life more delicious.

[Features of Honey Festa 2024]

Now in its ninth year, this event aims to promote honey by allowing people to 1) experience the deliciousness of honey and 2) experience various ways to use honey , thereby reaffirming the good qualities of honey and encouraging them to incorporate it more into their lives.

1) You can sample and purchase honey and honey products from Japan and around the world
With around 100 types of honey from Japan and overseas gathered together , it is also a place to introduce lesser known honeys. Another attraction of this event is that you can sample and taste the products before you make a purchase , and you can buy honey from Japan and around the world while listening to sellers and producers such as import companies and beekeepers talk directly to you . In addition, mead liquor, sweets made with honey, honey cosmetics, etc. will also be on sale.

2) Workshops to learn how to use honey <br /> We will hold workshops to learn about the various ways to use honey in food and beauty products (Saturdays and Sundays only; tickets will be on sale online from June 28th)

3) Public Vote for the Delicious Honey Contest <br /> The 7th Annual Honey of the Year contest will select the most delicious honey available in Japan. At the same time, a public vote will be held (held only on Saturdays and Sundays, with numbered tickets distributed on the day) in which visitors can taste the honeys that will advance to the final round and vote for them.

[Honey Festa 2024 Overview]

[Location] Ginza Phoenix Plaza (2nd and 3rd floors of the Pulp and Paper Hall, 3-9-11 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo)
*2 minutes walk from Ginza Station, A12 exit *Within a few minutes' walk from Higashi-Ginza Station, Ginza 1-Chome Station, Hibiya Station, and JR Yurakucho Station

[Date and time] Friday, July 26, 2024 14:00-20:00 [Sales only on Fridays]
July 27th (Sat) 10:00-17:00
Sunday, July 28th 10:00-16:30

[Admission Fee] Free [Organizer] Japan Honey Meister Association [Supported by] NPO Ginza Honeybee Project

[Event Details]
●Honey Workshop / Paid (reservations required) *Held on July 27th and 28th (venue: 3rd floor)
A class taught by a certified instructor of our association will introduce various ways to use honey. It is an experiential class where you can actually make things and sample and taste them.

[Held on Saturday, July 27th]
・Test with ricotta and blue cheese! Marriage with three types of honey ・Make honey lemonade tea ・Make honey dressing ・Learn more about mead (honey wine) – tasting included *Instructor: Japan Mead Association

[Held on Sunday, July 28th]
・Make pastel lantern art with roses and bees ・Make honey-colored amino acid glass heart soap ・Make candles with beeswax sheets ・Honey & Aroma Glowing Skin Hand Serum

●Rooftop Honeybee Tour / Fee required (reservations required) *Held on July 29th and 30th You will be able to actually see the honeybees that produce Ginza honey.
Lecturer: NPO Ginza Honeybee Project

*Pre-applications for the workshops and honeybee tours will be accepted online.
[Advance application acceptance period] June 28th (Friday) 10:00 ~ July 19th (Friday) 17:00
Saturday https://0727honeyfesta2024.peatix.com
Sunday https://0728honeyfesta2024.peatix.com
Please note that on the day, you can apply from 10:00 at the course reception on the 3rd floor only if there is space available (cash payment only).

■Honey Festa 2024 page https://83m.info/apps/note/2024-honeyfesta/

7th Annual Honey Contest Honey of the Year General Voting / Free (Numbered tickets will be distributed from 10:00 on the day)
* Held on July 27th and 28th (venue: 3rd floor)
Visitors to the event will be able to taste the honeys that made it to the final round of the 7th Annual Honey of the Year contest to select the tastiest honey available in Japan, and vote for them. The honey you choose may win a prize! (Results of the final round will be announced on August 3rd)

Honey sales (venue: 2nd and 3rd floors)
Honey and honey products from Japan and around the world will be on sale. Rare honey, honey sold by beekeepers themselves, honey sweets, honey liquor, etc. will be on sale. (As of May 23 , 43 organizations are planning to sell about 100 types of honey .)

[Participating groups (in alphabetical order)] As of May 23 *Participating groups and types of honey may be subject to change or addition. *Marked as * are first-time participants.

■Domestic honey *The prefecture names indicate the main honey-producing areas

Yamanashi Prefecture Honey (cherry blossom, apple, wisteria, acacia, wildflower, chestnut)

●NPO Umeda Honeybee Project <br /> Osaka Prefecture honey (multi-flower honey), honey financier, honey cosmetics

●Kito – the gift of nature –
Wakayama Prefecture Japanese honeybee honey (Wakayama), pickled plums

●NPO Ginza Honeybee Project <br /> Flower honey from Ginza, Tokyo (April to August), soba pasta

●Koikeya Beekeeping Garden <br /> Toyota City and Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture
Honey Life (Flower honey, harvested in May-June) Higashiyama Honey (Flower honey, harvested in May-June) Mori no Melody (Flower honey, harvested in May-June)

●Sakata Beekeeping Garden <br /> Nagano Prefecture honey (acacia, chestnut, hairy vetch, apple), baked goods made with honey, bee-patterned handkerchiefs, etc.

Sapporo Odori Municipal High School Honeybee Project <br /> Hokkaido acacia honey, linden honey, early summer flower honey (early July)

● Takei Farm <br /> Chiba Prefecture, Shizuoka Prefecture, Hyogo Prefecture, Okinawa Artichoke honey, corn, mangoes and other vegetables and fruits

Setagaya-ku, Tokyo Honey, horse chestnut honey, buckwheat honey

Chiba Prefecture honey (produced in Chiba Prefecture, flower honey), flavored honey, honey gelato

●Honey CROSS
Aichi Prefecture, Hokkaido Kuroganemochi honey from Aichi Prefecture, marmalade made with honey, clover honey from Hokkaido

Honey Specialty Shop Revive Hori Bee Farm <br /> Gifu Prefecture Soyogo Honey, Yamazakura Honey, Uwamizu Sakura Honey, Haze Honey

Tawaraya Honey<br /> Acacia, cherry, and mandarin honey from Hyogo, Wakayama, and Aomori prefectures

Hirota Bee Farm <br /> Yamaguchi Prefecture Karasu Sansho Honey, etc.

14 types of honey from all over Japan (buckwheat honey, acacia honey, linden honey, etc.)

Beekeeper's Daughters [Sugamo Bee Farm & Kusui-do]
Iwate and Shimane honey, domestic cheese, honey beer

One Honey Project Co., Ltd. Ehime Prefecture, Australia, Hawaii Ehime Prefecture loquat honey, Australian Jara honey, Hawaiian Kiawe honey

■ Honey from overseas *Countries listed are the main honey-producing areas

Estonian creamy honey, flavored honey, heather honey

African Square <br /> Ethiopia, Madagascar, Malawi Madagascar honey (Lychee), Ethiopian white honey (Schefflera), Malawi honey Dzalaniyama Forest Reserve (Miombo forest honey)

HELIOS greekproducts
Greece Greek thyme honey, acorn honey, fir honey, Erato vanilla

MYM International Inc. <br /> Georgia
WILD JARA HONEY (contains honeycomb, traditional method), WILD JARA HONEY [NOBLE] (contains cold-pressed honeycomb), JARA MEAD (organic mead)

Kyrgyzstan's white honey specialty store, Jebekjor <br /> Kyrgyz Republic white honey, three sisters of honey, bee pollen, bee bread, sea buckthorn honey, propolis honey, royal jelly honey, etc.

Traskin Import <br /> New Zealand Manuka Honey

●Toaen Co., Ltd. <br /> Taiwan, Japan
HONEY BEVI (honey vinegar), Taiwanese longan honey, Taiwanese lychee honey, Japanese acacia honey, etc.

Dog Cafe <br /> North Macedonia, Chiba Prefecture North Macedonia grassland flower honey, forest flower honey, Chiba Prefecture Isumi City flower honey

●Tretes Co., Ltd. <br /> Estonia, Argentina, New Zealand cream honey, organic honey, Manuka honey

Nana Honey <br /> Taiwanese longan honey, longan plum honey, medicinal honey

●Mamano Chocolate & Amazon Honey <br /> Ecuadorian Amazonian stinger honey (Tetragonisca angustura, Melipona grandis, Melipona iburnea, Melipona yota)

Mielizia (Nihon-Futsu Trading Co., Ltd.)
Italian Orange Organic Honey Lavender Organic Honey Acacia Honey with Black Truffle

Honey House
Slovenian fir honey, linden honey, propolis honey candy

Beene Beene <br /> Austrian and Spanish sunflower honey, fir tree honeydew, spice honey

Field On Co., Ltd. <br /> Kyrgyzstan and Sri Lankan passet honey, oregano, thyme and sage honey, organic black tea

KOBUTASHA, a honey specialty store in the Kingdom of Brunei
Kingdom of Brunei Darussalam, Japanese wild giant bee honey, stingless bee honey, stingless bee soap, domestic Japanese honeybee honey, etc.

Boina Marana Kyrgyz Esparset White Honey

Mitsurindo<br /> Malaysian and Indonesian stingless bee honey (flower honey, acacia, calliandra)

Realfood.jp Ltd. <br /> Australian Leatherwood Honey, Blackberry Honey, Mido Honey

■Mead *Region names indicate main country of origin


●Mead Dearlet Field Brewery <br /> Made in Japan
DFB Mead's "Chichibu Hyakka", "Citrus Mead", and "Tropical Mead"

Japan Mead Association (General Incorporated Association )<br /> Domestic mead from all over Japan


●Wrapping shop <br /> Bee-patterned accessories, bee-patterned covered buttons, bee-patterned magnets, etc.

● Sonnunbek's shop <br /> Canelés, bee-related goods, bags

Tohto Consumers' Cooperative Association <br /> Information on joining the co-op, pudding and yogurt tasting

Foods from Akita Prefecture, Inaniwa udon, smoked daikon radish, apple juice, etc.

*Participating organizations, types of honey, etc. may be subject to change or addition.

<About the Japan Honey Meister Association> https://www.83m.info
We run courses to acquire the honey qualifications "Honey Advisor" and "Certified Instructor", which cover a wide range of knowledge on learning about honey and honeybees and using honey in daily life from cooking to health and beauty. We also hold courses on how to use honey and describe the taste of honey in words. In February 2009, we started the "Honey Meister Training Course", and in May 2012, we became the Japan Honey Meister Association, a general incorporated association.

<Contact Information> Japan Honey Meister Association
TEL: 03-5244-9783 (Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10am – 5pm except public holidays)

From the press release of the Japan Honey Meister Association

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