[Venue Report] “Art Aquarium Museum GINZA” opens in Ginza Mitsukoshi! A fantastic art space where goldfish dance

"ART AQUARIUM MUSEUM GINZA" , where you can enjoy goldfish swimming in a beautiful aquarium with the production of light, sound and scent, opened on May 3, 2022 on the 8th floor of the Ginza Mitsukoshi New Building!

I participated in the preview held the day before the opening, so I will report on the state of the venue.

* [Added on July 15, 2023] Many new works were added in June 2023, so I covered the exhibition again. Please take a look at this article as well! ⇒
[Coverage report] Scale up of "ART AQUARIUM MUSEUM GINZA" of goldfish art! Many new aquariums appear, enter the world of fantasy with the largest "Tenku Rium" in the hall

Exhibition view

Exhibition view

Exhibition view

"ART AQUARIUM MUSEUM GINZA" opens at Ginza Mitsukoshi!

ART AQUARIUM is an exhibition where you can enjoy a fantastic Japanese world view, specializing in goldfish art . Since its first holding in 2007, it has held limited-time exhibitions in Japan and overseas, and in 2020, a permanent museum called "ART AQUARIUM MUSEUM" will open in Nihonbashi, Tokyo. Throughout the year, we have provided visitors with seasonal experiences.

The theme of the "ART AQUARIUM MUSEUM GINZA", which moved from Nihonbashi to Ginza and opened with a completely new content , is "Hundreds of Flowers ~ Evolving Art ~" . Many new works have appeared in the venue where colorful flowers are blooming in a gorgeous fantasy world, and popular works that have been exhibited so far have been upgraded!

When we talked to Mr. Takumi Hasegawa of Amuseum Parks Co., Ltd., who was in charge of the development and design of the facility, he said, “Previous art aquariums used to look at tanks as works of art and take the form of looking around. The big difference is that it has evolved into an experience-based and immersive work that incorporates the space into a single work .”

I went around the venue of "ART AQUARIUM MUSEUM GINZA"!

Go down the escalator on the 9th floor and enter.

The venue itself is on the 8th floor of the new building of Ginza Mitsukoshi, but to enter, you had to go up to the 9th floor and take the escalator down.


"Ginza Mandoro"

Once you pass through the noren curtain at the entrance, you will first be greeted by the Ginza Mantoro, a series of historic hanging lanterns that the museum independently collected. Next is the space-type work "Goldfish Corridor" that expresses the corridors seen in temple architecture. Columnar tanks with many goldfish dancing were lined up in an orderly manner and lit up in various colors. It's like stepping into the world of a non-human, and it makes you feel refreshed.

"Goldfish Corridor"

Large columnar tanks have existed in Art Aquariums so far, but when they are arranged in a corridor like this, the atmosphere is different and wonderful.

The table on which this cylinder was placed was a mirror, and when I looked into it, the cylinder was reflected, and I was drawn in by the illusion that it continued to the bottom of the ground, or rather, it was floating in the air. So that's what you mean by experiential and immersive works.

"Goldfish Corridor"

A delicate and mysterious original music composed by Mr. Cornish played at the venue, and at this stage, I was already able to fully enjoy the extraordinary atmosphere.

"Goldfish Collection"

"Goldfish Collection"

Next is "Goldfish Collection (Collection)". It's a familiar exhibition in the art aquarium, but the light production is new. As you proceed while being healed by the living art of goldfish dancing gracefully one by one, the spatial work “Goldfish Waterfall” will appear.

"Goldfish Waterfall"

As the name suggests, it is a moving work that is inspired by a waterfall, and water tanks with different widths are arranged with steps, and water flows from the top. By illuminating the running water quietly dripping from the tank with pale light, it creates a tranquil and solemn impression.

"Goldfish Waterfall"

It's nice to see it from the front, but when you pass through the curving tanks, the light and water flow sparkle, making it even more beautiful. It's cool to the eyes, and it's a perfect exhibit for the cool breeze of the coming season.

The following "New Goldfish Review" is a square-shaped version of the "Goldfish Review," which was previously developed in a circular tank. Introducing the varieties of goldfish that have continued to increase through breed improvement in 24 tanks.

"New goldfish evaluation"

The space seems to spread infinitely thanks to the mirrors placed on the left and right sides of the space. It seems that it expresses the infinite possibilities of goldfish breeds. This is the first floor of Ginza Mitsukoshi New Building, so it's not a very large space, but the mirrors are doing a good job in various places, so you don't feel cramped.

"New goldfish review" The swollen cheeks are so cute…!

In the "New Goldfish Evaluation", it's fun to observe the appearance of the goldfish up close, just like how goldfish are evaluated. I thought that the upper part was also made of glass, but it only looked like smooth glass with water filling up to the edge of the tank. Be careful not to touch the surface of the water by bringing your face too close when looking into the goldfish.

Among them, there is also a variety that has a surprising appearance that makes you wonder, "Is this child a goldfish too!?" Please look for your favorite. By the way, it seems that there are about 60 kinds of goldfish in the whole venue.

"New Goldfish Review" Hiding and flocking. If you are lucky, goldfish may appear on the surface of the water.

"New goldfish review" I found a cute girl with a pattern like eyebrows. Gradually, I can recognize their faces, and I am attached to them.

In the back is a large work "Origamirium" with origami as a motif. The form is reminiscent of ART AQUARIUM's popular Oiran series.


There are many origami goldfish hanging on the left and right sides of the aquarium. Is this a production that makes the space itself look like an aquarium, or makes you feel like goldfish are swimming around you? The beautiful yet mysterious atmosphere is irresistible.

"Lantern Rium"

In the next area, ART AQUARIUM's first aerial work, Chochin Rium, will appear, inspired by festival lanterns. Guided by lanterns, you will be greeted by the mysterious scenery of the “Bamboo Grove of Goldfish.”

"Bamboo Grove of Goldfish"

There are two types of columns, one with swimming goldfish and the other with glittering light bubbles. The water tank is designed like bamboo, so the green color fits nicely, but the impression of the space changes as the color changes from red to purple to blue.

"Bamboo Grove of Goldfish"

I tried taking a selfie without using the smartphone's flash or night mode at the timing when the aquarium of "Bamboo Grove of Goldfish" shines brightly, but I was able to take a picture bright enough to see the facial expression. The venue has bright and dark areas, and the amount of lighting depends on the timing.

Shooting without smartphone + flash at "Bamboo forest of goldfish". (Sorry for not being able to frame the goldfish well…)

For the first time in the history of ART AQUARIUM, ART AQUARIUM MUSEUM GINZA will exhibit collaboration works with artists active in various fields. At the time of opening, as the first collaboration, the work "Flowerrium" by Shogo Kariyazaki, a representative flower arrangement artist in Japan, has appeared.

"Flowerrium" A 360-degree view from any angle is a picture.

The small world of goldfish that looks like a vase has been scaled up by Mr. Kariyazaki. The Japanese art of ikebana and goldfish are in perfect harmony, and I lost track of time as I gazed at the bold yet meticulously constructed beauty.

At the end of the exhibition, there is also a shooting spot called "Round Window Digitalium". There is a transparent organic EL device where the goldfish moves according to the movement of the person standing in front of you, so please set up your smartphone and take a commemorative video.

"Round window digitalium" There is a dedicated stand where you can set up your smartphone, but if you set it up properly, it will shift like this, so be careful!

Also, at the venue, illustrations created by top illustrators with the theme of Art Aquarium will be exhibited. In the future, we will start selling limited prints and limited NFT art. The fact that you can not only enjoy art but also purchase it is a point that has evolved at ART AQUARIUM MUSEUM GINZA.


What about goldfish health management? I asked the person in charge of facility development.

As for my impression of experiencing "ART AQUARIUM MUSEUM GINZA", compared to the venue in Nihonbashi, which was the largest exhibition ever, the scale itself has shrunk, but it was worth seeing. (Since I was wearing a mask, I regret that I didn't know what the scent of the venue was like…)

Above all, it was impressive that the goldfish was swimming freely !

Immediately after the museum opened in Nihonbashi in 2020, there were various negative topics about goldfish health management, and I was wondering what would happen with this opening…

According to Mr. Hasegawa, who was in charge of facility development, "At the 'ART AQUARIUM MUSEUM GINZA', the environment of all tanks is thoroughly maintained in a state where the burden on the goldfish is minimal, and it is always possible to respond according to the situation. We have professional biomedical management staff and a backyard.”

Even though goldfish were born for ornamental purposes, in past art aquariums, where they were clearly squeezed into small spaces to please people, I sometimes thought, "It looks like it's going to be painful…". For that reason, I was very relieved to hear that they had improved various problems by making use of the lessons learned from the last time, and to actually see the goldfish swimming energetically.

Some people may feel that they would have liked to see more goldfish swimming in the gorgeous scenery, but this exhibition, which takes care of the health of the goldfish and captures the beauty of the goldfish itself, is much better than before. I find it attractive.

Directly connected to the Ginza Mitsukoshi subway station, the newly opened “ART AQUARIUM MUSEUM GINZA” is located in an easy-to-visit location. Please come and visit us.

In addition to the Art Aquarium, the beauty of Japan such as masks and goldfish mother-of-pearl decorated the venue.

In the souvenir area, there are many products that can only be obtained here. Check it out!


*Please check the official website for ticket prices.

Opening date May 3, 2022 (Tuesday/holiday)
location Ginza Mitsukoshi New Building 8F (4-6-16 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo)
business hours 10:00-19:00 *Last reception time is 18:00
(Subject to change)
closing day Closed on Ginza Mitsukoshi (In addition, it may be closed irregularly due to maintenance, etc. Please check the official website for details.)
access 9-minute walk from JR Yurakucho Station (Central Exit/Ginza Exit) Directly connected to Ginza Station on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, Marunouchi Line, and Hibiya Line, etc.
How to enter Take the escalator in the new building or the elevator in the main/new building to the 9th floor and enter from the 9th floor Ginza Terrace in the new building.
Notes ・Admission with strollers and pets is not allowed.
・There are no luggage storage lockers.
Official site http://artaquarium.jp/
Official SNS Instagram https://www.instagram.com/artaquarium_tm_official/
Twitter https://twitter.com/artaquarium_tm
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/artaquariumofficial
organizer AQUA ART RELATIONS Co., Ltd.
Planning and production Amuseum Parks Co., Ltd.
operation Amuseum Parks Co., Ltd.
cooperation Isetan Mitsukoshi Ltd. Ginza Mitsukoshi

*The content of this article is as of the date of publication. It may differ from the latest information, so please check the official website for details.

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