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[Interview Report] Roses destined to be discarded will be reborn! Enjoy the charm of ethical roses at “re: ROSE” in Ginza

A corner where you can ask the shops and facilities in Ginza about the best things, people, places, and commitments [Our favorite! ]. The shop that introduced us this time is a concept shop "re" that opened on June 24, 2021 and was designed by "ROSE GALLERY", a luxury rose specialty store with its main store in Ginza, aiming to eliminate "flower loss". : ROSE " . "Re: ROSE" with the concept of "I will not abandon a single rose." In 2020, as a result of the cancellation and postponement of various large and small events due to the Corona disaster, a large number of flowers that had lost their

“Ogure Ito Exhibition Oh! Great Exhibition” autograph session will be held at the Tokyo venue! Tickets will be on sale from Saturday, June 26th!

© Ogure Ito / Shueisha © Ogure Ito / Kodansha © Ogure Ito / Maijo Otaro / Shueisha © Nishio Ishin / Ogure Ito / Kodansha Both the event key visual and the autograph session bonus illustrations are drawn for this exhibition! The exhibition "Ogure Ito Exhibition Oh! Great Exhibition" by manga artist Ogure Ito, who is currently serializing a comicalized version of "Kamonogatari" based on a powerful tag with Mr. Nisio Isin in "Weekly Shonen Magazine". Will be held in Matsuya Ginza, Tokyo from August 13th (Friday) to August 31st (Tuesday) (after that, it will be touring nationwide such as Miyazaki Art Center in Miyazaki Prefecture). Through the four

The long-established chocolatier “Salon Droyale” from Japan, which was selected as one of the “100 Best Chocolatiers in the World”, has opened a flagship store in Ginza, Tokyo.

The long-established chocolatier, which was selected as one of the "100 Best Chocolatiers in the World" at the world's largest chocolate festival "Salon du Chocolat", has opened a flagship store in Ginza, Tokyo. Japan won the "Les Meilleurs des Meilleurs" (the Best of the Best) award at the world's largest chocolate festival "Salon du Chocolat" and was selected as one of the "100 Best Chocolatiers in the World" The long-established chocolatier "Salon du Chocolat" from Japan. Founded in 1935 under the high-class and sophisticated image of the "Royal Salon" in Europe and France, which is also the origin of the store name, it is a pioneer of Japanese chocolate with

Guidance for Galerie Tamaga “Japanese Eight People Exhibition that Fascinates Paris”

This time at Galerie Taménaga Tokyo store From July 10th (Sat) to August 15th (Sun), we will hold the "Japanese Eight People Exhibition that Fascinates Paris". [Writer's corridor] ・ Saturday, July 10th, Takuya Osawa, Toshiyuki Kajioka, Maiko Kitagawa, Daiya Yamamoto ・ July 11th (Sun) Sohei Iwata, Naoya Egawa, Hiroko Otake, Kengo Nakamura greeting Last year, which was the first time, it is necessary to introduce contemporary Japanese writers who participate in'Nouvel Horizon Japon'(a new era exhibition in Japan) held at the Paris store every year in their home country of Japan. It was an exhibition that I felt. The exhibition in Paris has already counted five times, and it continues

“ZUKAN MUSEUM GINZA”, which is about a month away from opening, will be available for pre-sale at Lawson Ticket from 12:00 on June 15, 2021 (Tuesday)! !!

Additional information on the creatures you can meet at ZUKAN MUSEUM GINZA is also released Sasaki Holdings Co., Ltd., Shogakukan Co., Ltd., Aid DCC Co., Ltd., Drill Co., Ltd., Dentsu Co., Ltd., Sunnyside Up Co., Ltd., Asahi Shimbun Co., Ltd. Is a new type of experience-based facility "ZUKAN MUSEUM GINZA powered by Shogakukan no Zukan NEO" (hereinafter referred to as "ZUKAN MUSEUM GINZA"), which will open on July 16, 2021. The Lawson Ticket ( ) will start from 12:00 on the 15th (Wednesday). ・ Ticket sales information Pre-sale site: Lawson Ticket ( ) Sales start date and time: June 15, 2021 (Tuesday) 12:00 noon <About the flow

This is the only place you can get in Japan! Cute plush toy Orange Toys landed for the first time from Latvia

Plush toy fair will be held at "PAPEL" in Ginza until June 26th "PAPEL", a gift shop for adults who like high quality in Ginza, Tokyo, is holding an "Import Stuffed Toy Fair" that collects stuffed animals from overseas until June 26th. We have more than 40 kinds of stuffed animals of Orange Toys in Latvia, which will be the first landing in Japan. In addition, we are developing about 400 types of products centered on stuffed toy brands that are popular overseas, such as Bukowski Design, which are rarely available in Japan. Some products can also be purchased at the online shop ( [Main brands and price range] ・

“Ginza Friends Aozora City” June 27, 2021 (Sun) Held on the ground floor of Ginza Sony Park under the theme of

Discerning makers such as pesticide-free vegetables, homemade yeast baked goods, and charcuterie of game meat gather in Ginza "Kama Bread & Friends <Natural Bussankan>" (Tokyo, Tokyo), which is jointly operated by Monosasu Co., Ltd. and Food Hub Project Co., Ltd., and sells additive-free products, vegetables, and bread directly sent from all over the country. Ginza) will hold the third "Ginza Friends Aozora City" on Sunday, June 27, 2021. This time, under the theme of <Japanese farmers and makers>, various makers such as farmers who grow vegetables without pesticides, craftsmen who bake bread with homemade yeast, and cooks who make game delicious will gather. ・ The 3rd "Ginza Friends Aozora City"

MOONSTAR Factory Ginza Kei Sano Announcement of “Collecting the Fragments of the Moon and Stars”

MoonStar Co., Ltd. will hold "Collecting Moon and Star Fragments" at MOONSTAR Factory Ginza in collaboration with artist Kei Sano from June 26th (Sat) to July 11th (Sun), 2021. I will do it. Kei Sano has created works that combine a primitive and natural atmosphere with a civilized and urban taste, with lines that go back and forth between calligraphy and graffiti, and bold shapes and color combinations. In this exhibition, the scraps of shoes are used as fragments of the moon and stars, and even creatures to create two-dimensional and three-dimensional works. Materials that did not become shoes will appear at the venue with new life. During the event,

BOSS opens Japan’s first flagship store in Ginza

On June 26th, HUGO BOSS will open BOSS's first flagship store in Japan in Ginza, a gathering of luxury fashion brands in the famous downtown area of Tokyo. Metzingen, June 10, 2021. The store, which covers a total sales floor area of 480 square meters on two floors, is decorated with the brand's latest interior concept, and has a wide lineup of BOSS products and collections, from women's wear and men's wear to BOSS's original Made To Measure bespoke. BOSS Made To Measure will set up a dedicated space to provide special services tailored to each customer and an unparalleled shopping experience. The concept of the store is innovative and

Tabio brand flagship store “Tabio Japan GINZA SIX store” reopened on 6/11 (Friday)

Tabio Co., Ltd. operates and develops socks specialty stores such as "Tabio", "Tabio", and "Tabio MEN" nationwide, and plans and sells socks that combine delicate comfort and design unique to Made in Japan. The company will reopen "Tabio Japan GINZA SIX Store" as the flagship store of the Tabio brand on Friday, June 11, 2021. [About the Tabio brand] "Tabio" is a sock that targets sophisticated working adult women and develops Japan-quality legwear (socks) backed by reliable materials and craftsmanship in highly sensitive commercial facilities and department stores. It is a specialty store format. At Tabio Japan GINZA SIX, the flagship store of the Tabio brand, we are also focusing