[Interview Report] A new type of sweets from Fukuoka is now available in Ginza! Fried sandwich specialty store “Age.3” opens

“Age.3'', a specialty shop for “fried sandwiches'' , a new type of sweets produced by a fruit sandwich shop in Fukuoka with long lines, opened in Ginza in December 2023.

We have interviewed a popular restaurant that has already become a hot topic on social media and featured on TV, so we would like to introduce the appeal of the products along with a review of the actual food.

*All prices listed in this article include tax.

Delivering unprecedented surprises and excitement from Ginza! Fried sandwich specialty store “Age.3”

FRUITS SAND THREE , a fruit sandwich specialty store based in Fukuoka, has been featured in numerous media outlets and is known for its sandwiches filled with fresh seasonal fruit, mainly direct from local farmers, and homemade low-carbohydrate cream. This shop is popular for its “Oreo sandwich,'' which was ranked number one in the Rakuten sweets ranking as a tax return gift.

A new specialty that has recently appeared is the fried sandwich , and when I spoke to the store's representative, Mr. Nakajima, he said that he wanted to create a product that was more affordable than fruit sandwiches, which tend to be more expensive. This is said to be the impetus for product development.

Through trial and error, we wanted to create a product with less food waste, a texture different from fruit sandwiches, and above all, something that no one has ever tried before, resulting in an exquisitely crunchy meal that is prepared and served after receiving an order. It is said that Kanno Fried And was born .

It quickly became popular after its release, and we opened a store in Ginza with the desire to share this surprise and excitement with more people. The store has started with a new name, “Age.3,'' focusing on fried sandwiches.

Store exterior

About a 3-minute walk from Tokyo Metro Ginza-itchome Station, there is a small store with a wooden door as its landmark. Since it has only recently opened, there is a line every day, and when I visited for an interview, there was a steady stream of customers.

Store interior

The interior of the store has an industrial design and you can see the kitchen as soon as you walk in. Colorful products and posters decorate the inorganic gray space. Since we only serve takeout, there are no desks or chairs inside the store.

In addition to fruit sandwiches, we offer products centered on fruit and cream.

In the showcase at the counter, there are a variety of “fruit sandwiches'' with boldly sandwiched fruits that make an impact, the “Ginza Cookie Cream Sandwich Set,'' an improved version of the popular Oreo sandwich that makes it perfect for souvenirs, and gorgeous “pancake tins.'' There were a variety of other products besides fried sandwiches, such as macarons .

“Ginza Cookie Cream Sandwich Set” is recommended as a souvenir (set of 4, 1,300 yen)

“Pancake cans” that look cute (650 yen each, 3,980 yen for a set of 6)

There are about 30 types of fried sandwiches, including sweets and delicatessen, all priced at 450 yen.

The signature product, the fried sandwich, is ordered by looking at a poster posted inside the store or a menu board at the counter.

Fried sandwich menu list, 450 yen each (“whip” only 100 yen)

In addition to sweets such as “Chocolate Strawberry'', “Raw Pistachio'', “Bean Butter'', and “Raw Chocolate Matcha'' , we also have delicatessen items such as “Tsukimi Teriyaki'', “Plenty of Egg Salad'', and “Yaki Keema Curry'' , so you can enjoy the sweetness. You can enjoy it with people who are not good at things.

Currently, the most popular item is the crispy “crème brûlée,'' and for those who want to enjoy fruit, the “raw mandarin orange'' is recommended.

The price is basically unified at 450 yen (tax included), but the only "whip" without toppings can be purchased for an amazing cost performance of 100 yen (tax included), so it is said that whip is a favorite. Please check it out.

New products are also appearing one after another.

There are about 30 items on the menu at any given time, and new items are added on an irregular basis, so you can expect to encounter something new every time you visit.

How to prepare fried sandwiches

The bread part is a bag-shaped piece of bread cut diagonally with slits made, and frying begins only after an order is placed. In order to achieve a crispy and chewy texture, they are very particular about the frying time.

How to prepare fried sandwiches

The whipped cream that is stuffed into the fried sweets sandwich uses Lakanto, a calorie-free vegetable sweetener, instead of sugar, making it easy for people who are concerned about calories and sugar content to get their hands on it. Masu.

By the way, some products such as “Nama Chocolate Matcha'' and “Nama Chocolate Chocolate'' are made with special creams that have matcha powder and chocolate kneaded into the cream. You can't tell from the menu, so if you have any questions, please ask the staff.

It's wrapped in paper so you don't have to worry about getting your hands dirty.

When you receive your item, it will be wrapped in wrapping paper, and you will also receive a towel and, in some cases, a spoon (for menus that tend to spill, such as curry), so you don't have to worry. If you would like to purchase multiple items as souvenirs, we also have boxes available, so please ask the staff about this as well.

You can put it in a box if you wish.

Try the fried sandwich! The light cream that isn't too sweet makes it easy to eat.

This time, I bought “Jam Strawberry'', “Raw Chocolate Matcha'', and “Yaki Keema Curry''. There is Kyobashi Park in front of the store, and there are some benches set up, so if you want to taste freshly made food right away, you may want to use the park.

"Jam Strawberry" *Wrapping paper has been removed for photography.

Visual from the side.

When you pick it up, it's heavier than it looks.

First, I tried the "Jam Strawberry" which was topped with strawberries and strawberry jam. The contrast between the warm bread and the cold cream is wonderful, and the fragrant bread is definitely crunchy and chewy.

I'm impressed that they have thought of the perfect thickness so that you can fully enjoy the softness of the cream. In contrast to greasy bread, the cream is not too sweet and is surprisingly light and not sticky. The strawberry topping is thinly sliced, so I'm not the type who enjoys fruit, but the sweet and sour strawberry sauce stimulated my appetite and I ate it all.

"Raw chocolate matcha"

“Nama Chocolate Matcha'' is a cream made with plenty of matcha powder, sprinkled with matcha powder, and topped with raw chocolate for an accent. I had the impression that it was a menu completely aimed at adults, with a strong rather than slight bitterness.

"Yaki keema curry"

I thought that the “Yaki Keema Curry'' with a mild paste would be a mildly spicy curry with plenty of minced meat and a sour taste from the tomatoes, but I heard later that it actually uses vegetable meat. surprise! I didn't notice it at all and it was delicious. It seems that it was developed with the theme of "being gentle on the body and delicious." The bread is thinner than regular curry bread, so it is recommended for those who want to enjoy curry directly.

The store name “Age.3'' not only means “fried sandwich,'' but also reflects the desire to “visit three generations of parents and children.''

Will fried sandwiches, a new type of sweet that can be enjoyed by both adults and children, those who love sweets and those who don't, become Ginza's new specialty? Please be sure to stop by when you are strolling around Ginza.

■“Age.3” overview

address Sugiura Building 1F, 1-24-11 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Approximately 3 minutes walk from Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line/Ginza-itchome Station
business hours 11:00-19:00 *Ends as soon as materials run out
Regular holiday Closed during December, Mondays will be closed from January 2024. Please check the official website and Instagram for business hours during the year-end and New Year holidays.
Payment Method In addition to cash, cards and electronic money are also accepted.
telephone number 070-1317-7334
Official site https://age3-ginza.com/
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/age.3_ginza/
*The latest information will be posted on Instagram as soon as possible.

*The contents of this article are as of the time of reporting (December 21, 2023). Please check the official website for details as the information may differ from the latest information.

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