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[Seiko House Ginza Hall (formerly Wako Hall)] “Fusion of Crafts – This is the Answer” will be held from November 9th (Thursday)

[Seiko House Ginza Hall (formerly Wako Hall)] “Fusion of Crafts – This is the Answer” will be held from November 9th (Thursday)

The culmination of 10 years of work by artists who aimed to create "new crafts" by fusing different fields. Seiko House Ginza Hall will be holding "Fusion of Crafts – This is the Answer" from November 9th (Thursday) to November 19th (Sunday). This exhibition, the first in five years and the third in Wako, brings together eight artists active in the fields of lacquer art, bamboo crafts, ceramics, metalwork, wood carving, Japanese painting, digital art, and architecture, and fuses each other's materials and techniques. I will exhibit the works that I made. In 2014, lacquer artist Takashi Wakamiya and fourth-generation bamboo craftsman Chikuunsai Tanabe launched the "Fusive Crafts" project with

Experience “MANGA in New York” in Ginza! From Saturday, October 28, 2023 to Monday, November 6, 2023 “MANGA in New York presented by Ginza Sony Park Project” will finally be held in New York, USA from next Friday, the 27th! From Saturday, October 28, 2023 to Monday, November 6, 2023, you can experience the atmosphere of "MANGA in New York" at Sony Park Mini (Ginza, Tokyo). You can actually hold the original manga drawn for this exhibition, which can only be read at the New York venue, and enjoy videos of the local New York venue. "MANGA in New York" is a new experimental exhibition that will be undertaken by the Ginza Sony Park Project for the first time overseas, ahead of the launch of the

Yuki Shimizu’s solo exhibition “Room of Desire” will be held at the gallery “ART FOR THOUGHT” in Ginza, Tokyo.

This is the second installment of the exhibition series “the foundry”, which was newly started with the renewal in July of this year! “The Foundry” series started in July of this year with the renewal of the gallery. This series introduces young artists who are challenging themselves to create expressions that combine traditional Japanese crafts and contemporary art. Through e-commerce sites and promotions, we will promote our works not only to domestic but also international art fans. As the second planned exhibition in the series following Nodoka Yamaura's first solo exhibition, we are pleased to announce the solo exhibition “Greedo no Ma'' by Yuki Shimizu, a ceramic artist who has

Ukiyo-e exhibition will be held for a limited time at the Art Aquarium Museum featuring Edo pop art with Kuniyoshi Utagawa, a genius painter who is popular both domestically and internationally for his eccentric works such as goldfish.

Date: October 13th (Friday) – November 30th (Thursday), 2023 Art Aquarium Museum GINZA (location/Ginza Mitsukoshi) will be holding an ukiyo-e exhibition for a limited time from October 13th (Friday) to November 30th (Thursday), as part of a special autumn project titled “Genius Painter Kuniyoshi Utagawa and Edo Pop Art.'' It will be held in the area. In this special exhibition, we will display 36 works by Kuniyoshi Utagawa, a popular ukiyo-e artist from the Edo period who is known as a genius.We will introduce you to ukiyo-e, a traditional Japanese art that has continued since the Edo period, and the charm of the artist Kuniyoshi. . You can view it

Origami plane artist Takuo Toda [First solo exhibition] STAGE Ginza 10/29-11/4 Held for a limited time

To commemorate the development of 1,000 original origami planes, the number of books published, and the number of copies published exceeding 1 million, the first solo exhibition of origami planes will be held at STAGE Ginza ( ). This event will be held for a limited time only. “Takuo Toda: The World of Paper Planes!” Location : Gallery STAGE Ginza 1F, Ginza Nine Building 1, 8-5 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061 Period : 10/29-11/4 Time : 11:00-20:00 (*until 16:00 on the last day) Admission fee : Free Those who visit will receive a “Josho Kiryu Strap” as a gift! Workshops and sales of various original products <br />At the solo

Dive into Teiwat’s beautiful music world! A special collaboration event between “Genshin” and Yamaha will be held

“Genshin” “jacks” Yamaha Ginza store COGNOSPHERE Co., Ltd. is holding a collaboration event between the multi-platform open world RPG "Genshin" distributed by HoYoverse and Yamaha Corporation, a global musical instrument manufacturer that handles a wide range of pianos, wind instruments, audio equipment, etc. This event will be held at the Yamaha Ginza store in Ginza, Tokyo from Wednesday, October 11, 2023 to Monday, October 23, 2023. A special collaboration event with “Genshin” will also be held at Yamaha Music Nagoya store and Yamaha Music Osaka Namba store in the future. Genshin x Yamaha special site URL: In this collaboration, an event reminiscent of the world of games will be

Galerie Tamenaga “Maiko Kitagawa Solo Exhibition “Hana Kansho”” Information (October 28th (Sat) – Ginza, Tokyo)

Maiko Kitagawa depicts a monochrome fantasy world where animals and flowers live happily. This exhibition, his first solo exhibition at this gallery, will feature approximately 40 new works. Galerie Tamenaga October 28th (Sat) – November 26th (Sun), 2023 Maiko Kitagawa's solo exhibition “Hanakajo'' will be held at Galerie Tamenaga from October 28th (Saturday) to November 26th (Sunday). At our gallery, Kitagawa has gained popularity at numerous exhibitions both domestically and internationally, starting with his participation in the group exhibition "Nouvelle Ère du Japon III" at our Paris store in 2018. This exhibition will be a memorable first solo exhibition. Using only black dermatographs (oil-based pencils), Kitagawa continues to draw monochrome

“Stamp Rally Touring Ginza Galleries” starts on September 22nd – “Tokyo International Film Festival” opening ceremony invitation tickets and other gifts will be won by lottery

Sponsored by the Japan Council of Performers' Organizations (Geidankyo) and the Tokyo Art & Live City Initiative Executive Committee, the "Stamp Rally Around Ginza Galleries" will be held from Friday, September 22, 2023 to October 14, 2023 ( It will be held on Saturday. This is a stamp rally where you can visit galleries in Ginza and win wonderful gifts such as invitation tickets to the opening ceremony of the Tokyo International Film Festival and famous Ginza sweets. Official site Why not visit the galleries of Japanese paintings, Western paintings, and contemporary art gathered in Ginza? During the exhibition period, on Saturday, October 7th, a popular viewing tour (advance

[Seiko House Ginza Hall (formerly Wako Hall)] “Jihei Murase Urushi Work – Tradition and Future” will be held from October 12th (Thursday)

Urushi artist Jihei Murase will hold his second solo exhibition in Wako in three years. Seiko House Ginza Hall will be holding an exhibition called "Jihei Murase Lacquer Work – Tradition and Future" from October 12th (Thursday) to October 22nd (Sunday). Mr. Murase is the 7th generation woodturner and the 3rd generation lacquerer since the Edo period. When I go into production, I begin with the drawing, and handle the entire process of lacquer art myself, from making the wood to painting. As if guided by the voice of the tree, he hollows, cuts, and carves a piece of wood to create a shape. Sharpening his own sensibilities and being

[Seiko House Ginza Hall (formerly Wako Hall)] “Iron Painted Copper Painted Norio Kamiya Pottery Exhibition – Akimitsu Touka -” will be held from September 28th (Thursday)

The theme of this exhibition is "Shukou Touka". The exhibition features approximately 80 works, with a focus on works depicting grapes, which represent the autumn harvest. Seiko House Ginza Hall will hold the "Iron Painted Copper Painted Norio Kamiya Pottery Exhibition – Akimitsu Touka" from September 28th (Thursday) to October 9th (Monday). Tetsu-e (painting with iron) and Dosai (painting with copper). “Tetsu-e bronze painting'' is a difficult technique whose color changes depending on the conditions, but since his student days, Norio Kamiya has been particular about the soil of Mashiko, and has established an easygoing and free-spirited style by making full use of this technique. The theme of this exhibition,