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“Eat”, “Feel” and “Call out” the charm of Gumma! “GUNMA GUNMA Women’s Association” report report

“Eat”, “Feel” and “Call out” the charm of Gumma! “GUNMA GUNMA Women’s Association” report report

Gunma prefecture, "GUNMA GUNMA Women's Association" to be experienced by women living in the metropolitan area to experience the attractiveness of Gunma at Gunza's "Gunma General Information Center (Gunma chan)" · "Tokyo Gas Studio + G GINZA" It was held on February 4th. Twelve people selected by more than 70 applications to the girls' association participated. After the event, the participants will send out the state of the girls' society with "# ginzade gunma" with instagram or twitter. We also covered the editorial department of Kokosil, so I will tell you how it is. First of all we got together "Tokyo Gas Studio + G GINZA". It is a cooklab

Original menu using cheese from Hokkaido · Tokachi appeared! “Tokachi Festival” report report

“Tokachie Festival” which can enjoy a variety of menus using Hokkaido / Tokachi cheese is held at 52 stores in 11 facilities in Tokyo for 2/4 ~ 2/28. This event will be held for the second time this year, but this time there are 4 cheese makers of Tokachi and 25 cheese of all kinds participated. Each store will offer original menu using carefully selected cheese. Since the Kokosil editorial department covered three stores in Ginza, I will tell you how that situation is. BISTECCHERIA ENOTECA OSTERIA IL MORO ILMORO This shop in the 8th floor of the Ginza Vervia Museum is an authentic Italian restaurant handled by Takaiki chef

March 1, 2019 “Festival plum wine” will be released! Recording interview report

Asahi Shuzo Co., Ltd., known as the brewery of Junmai Daiginjo "Rosai", collaborated with the plum wine research association of the general corporation and commercialized a plum wine "Festival Plum wine" charged with sake. This time, Kokosil Editorial Division also participated in a new product presentation for media, so I will tell you how it is. The announcement of "獺 祭 梅 酒" was held at the festival store in Ginza. It seems because the plum wine research group 's proposal was made that this time a product that was not plum wine x Japanese sake was born. The plum wine research association is an organization established as a "kokusen"

Red flowers Peppers + chili peppers’ millet menu tasting report

Eating and drinking establishments that mainly offer "Nabe from Nagoya" and "Chicken Baked" · From the red, currently the trend Mahler menu (a spicy dish using peppers and peppers) serves as a Grand Menu Appearance. People who become addicted to distinctive hotness and umami successively! This time I tried the menu at the Ginza store. I will tell you how it is. First of all it appeared from a hen to red pot . Normally you can choose hot from a red pot from "Red No. 0" to "Red No. 10". The ordinary hotness is "Red No. 3", but this "Porco to Pot" is based on "Red No. 5" which

【Ginza Tsuya Bookstore】 David Hockney, a global painter representing modern times, Heihachiro Fukuda, the great masterpiece of Japanese paintings. Two-person exhibition connecting Europe, the US and Asia is held at THE CLUB

Left: David Hockney Untitled No. 12 from The Yosemite Suite, right: Hirachiro Fukuda iris Details: The art gallery THE CLUB of Ginza Tsuya bookstore (Chuo Ward, Tokyo) will hold a two person exhibition of David Hockney and Fukuda Heihachiro this time. UK's leading painter Hockney visited the "Kyoto Japanese Painting Exhibition" held at the Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art, when he came to Japan for the first time in 1971 and met the work of Fukuda Heihachiro. Fukuda's "Ren" and "New Yuki" are exhibited at this exhibition, Hockney was overwhelmed by its color usage and composition, and talked that he wanted to open Fukuda's solo exhibition at the Tate

【Matsuya Ginza】 Pelori on girls reward chocolate on the spot. Feast of domestic and foreign chocolate! Welcome to GINZA Valentine’s World !!

Duration: January 30 (Wed) – February 14 (Thu) Matsuya Ginza will hold the Valentine Fair from the 30th of Wednesday at the 8th floor event square “GINZA Valentine World” in the whole building. Matsuya Ginza Valentine Official Website This year’s concept is “Theme Park.” On the 8th floor main venue, we expanded popular chocolate tree bonbon chocolat selected from domestic and overseas, including baked sweets and Japanese confectioneries by area as a theme park. In addition, we focused on demonstration sales more than last year, 5 popular soft creams, other parfaits and waffles, collaboration tea ceremony etc. with two old Japanese sweets that you can drink Matcha or coffee

Linz Chocolat Cafe Valentine’s Seasonal Limit “Linz Strawberry Marshmallow Hot Chocolate Drink” Tasted

At Linz Chocolat Cafe, along with the warmth of chocolate, the "Linz Strawberry Marshmallow Hot Chocolate Drink" that the sweet and sourness of Strawberry Marshmallow spreads is being offered for a limited time (~ 2/15) for Valentine. For hot chocolate, you can choose one from two kinds, "Dark" which you can taste more cacao feeling and "Milk" you can enjoy a nice milky feeling, according to your preference. I tasted "milk" at the Linz Chocolat Cafe Ginza store this time. Above the hot chocolate is decorated with strawberry sauce and chocolate coba, with decorated strawberry marshmallows decorated with freeze-dried strawberries, and a lovely pink color is eye-catching. Only Ginza store

【Shiseido Gallery】 “Aesthetic of Art by Shinzo Fukuhara who changes everyday” Granby Workshop: The Rules of Production Shinzo Fukuhara / ASSEMBLE, THE EUGENE Studio II “report

At the Shiseido Gallery, "January 16th – March 17th, 2019," Granby Workshop by Shinzo Fukuhara who changes the everyday in the art "will be held at Shizuhara / ASSEMBLE, THE EUGENE Studio Ⅱ . ASSEMBLE (Assemble) is a British architect group. In addition to the field of architecture, we present today's social creative activities and new ways of art in a wide range of fields of art and design. Shizo Fukuhara, the first president of Shiseido, pursued the beauty and creativity found in society, everyday life, but ASSEMBLE who sympathized with the aesthetics came to Japan and the event of this time has come true. During this exhibition, ASSEMBLE will

Approximately 800 village chicks and 103 girls’ dolls gorgeous thirteen dresses appeared The 4th Hina dolls appreciation meeting held

– Expanded special Hina Festival menu at the Japanese restaurant in the hotel – Date and time of opening: January 15 (Tuesday) – March 3 (Sun) of the Heisei 1st place Venue: Mr. Soemoto Genichiro Ginza head office 2nd floor special establishment venue (entrance free) Mr. Suezune Genji Co., Ltd. Yoshikoan Co., Ltd. will hold the 4th Hina Dolls Appreciation Session from January 15 (Tuesday) to March 3 (Sun) at the special venue on the 2nd floor of Mr. Genichiro Souzaki, Ginza Main Store. We wish for the healthy growth of girls according to "Peach's festival", we will exhibit luxurious thirteen-stage chicken decoration and about 800 lovely sword chicks etc

“Tsubamesanjo style shop” open for a limited time on GINZA SIX! Media hospitality experience interview report

Tsubamesanjo is the area combined with Tsubame-shi and Sanjo-shi located in the center of Niigata prefecture. Metal processing technology has been developed since ancient times, and we are still producing high quality metalware. The Tsubame Sanjo Local Industry Promotion Center, which aims to revitalize local culture with its Tsubame Sanjo as a base for industry and tourism, is surrounded by 4th floor of the Ginza Six, the largest commercial facility in Ginza area <Niigata · Tsubamesanjo products We will open a pop-up store "Tsubame Sanjo style shop" with the concept of "life to be live" for a limited time period from Wednesday 26th December 2018 until January 15th (Tuesday) 2019